31 March 2016

Returning To Work

My maternity leave ended the first week into March and it was with a little apprehension that I returned to work the following week. I had been preparing myself for it coming, I just never realised how quickly it would come round. I'd been on maternity leave (with accrued holidays) for 14 months but time has flown by and here I am, back at work and strangely so far I'm quite enjoying it!

I'm only working part time but some of the perks include; getting a hot cup of tea without the fear of having it near a child or going cold, getting to eat my breakfast and basically all food to myself without sharing, not having to constantly clean up after my cheeky toddler when she decides to empty the kitchen cupboards, getting more than 5 minutes to myself to actually do something productive and even though it's a busy office it's actually pretty quiet compared to home and very peaceful in a way.

I'm glad I have the option to go back to work, I know a lot of people can't due to childcare, but it's something I really wanted to do. It's nice to have something to myself, a place where I'm not known as Mum but as Laura. I'm not saying I don't like being a Mum of course and a lot of you will understand that having something else to do other than Mum duties is good for the soul and keeps you sane.

I also like the fact I get to 'dress up' in office wear instead of my usual jeans and tee combo. When I was heading out to work this week Logan complemented me on my works dress saying "Oh Mummy, that dress is just beautiful!". I'm happy to say that comment was given freely and totally unprompted by me. It made my heart swell and set me up for a fab day. It also made me think I must make more of an effort around the house as I've never had that comment on any of my Mummy clothes before haha!

The dress that got the compliment!

30 March 2016

Review: Hatley Raincoats

Since the sun has been shining a bit more I’ve had to think about changing the kids winter jackets so they’re not getting too hot and sweaty when we’re out and about. This especially applies to Logan, he gets so hot so quickly and often doesn’t want to wear a jacket at all so finding him the right garment to wear can be tricky. Fortunately for us I was recently asked if Logan and Harlow would like to test out Hatley’s new raincoats. Of course I eagerly agreed and perused the new raincoat prints with glee. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Hatley but their designs are so vivid and eye catching, you can basically spot their range a mile off.

Here’s a little bit of background information directly from Hatley: “It started over twenty years ago with a sense of humour, a talented painter Alice Oldland, her restless husband John, and The Little Blue House gift store in the lakeside village of North Hatley, Canada. Alice, inspired by the countryside around her, had just finished a series of paintings depicting farmyard animals. Needing a venue to show her work, Alice opened a gallery above her gift shop The Little Blue House. John watched the paintings sell and thought he could create a line of aprons based on Alice’s artwork. John was right, the aprons sold and kept on selling. They quickly turned this cottage business into the company Hatley, supplying retailers with the best cow and pig aprons the world had ever seen. Cows and pigs gave birth to moose and bears, aprons led to gifts and clothing. Hatley thrived, but it was all so much work and John and Alice were looking for a life less complicated.

When retirement beckoned, John and Alice happily handed the reins to their three sons, Chris, Nick and Jeremy. Chris – the eldest decided he should be president, Nick – the only one who could draw became the designer, and Jeremy – the youngest, desperate to boss somebody around took over production. Restless like their father, the three boys quickly transformed and grew the company. They developed an extensive children’s line, created comfy women’s sleepwear and expanded into the gift market with napkins, kitchen textiles, mugs and much, much more. Hatley designs are now sold around the world, and the three boys continue to ensure that Hatley stands for the same principles on which it started: family, good design, quality and of course, loads of laughs.”

After much thought and drooling over the fab designs I asked if Logan could have the awesome Great White Sharks raincoat and if Harlow could have the Strawberry Sundae Baby raincoat. Both jackets are bright, bold and completely stunning – even more so in the flesh than online. The boys raincoats can be purchased in sizes 2-12 years and the baby raincoats are from 6-24 months. Logan received a size 8 years jacket as he’s getting quite tall and is in 7-8 year clothes at the moment (he’s 6 years old) and Harlow received a size 12-18 months. I remember purchasing a Hatley raincoat for Logan years ago from Selfridges in London and I knew the sizing was quite generous but the jacket literally lasted almost 2 years.

As I’ve mentioned Logan is quite tall so I ordered the size 8 to accommodate. When he tried the jacket on though it’s very generous so I’ve had to roll his sleeves up. Maybe a size 7 would have suited fine but the size 8 still looks good with the sleeves rolled up and he’ll get maximum wear out of it. As for Harlow, she has the opposite problem to Logan. She’s small and petite weighing only around 21lbs at 14 months old so the 12-18 months raincoat is generous on her too. I’d rather the bigger size though so it lasts longer. I’ve just rolled her sleeves up as well and it looks fab. You can see this for yourself from the photos.

One thing I normally loathe about raincoats is that if you start to get a little hot the jacket becomes sweaty and literally sticks to you. Not so with the Hatley raincoats as these have a terry lining which is great for keeping the wind chill at bay and also to prevent major sticky sweatness in the jacket. Logan has often complained about other raincoats sticking to him, and he hates this, however he’s never once mentioned this when it comes to the Hatley coats.

The Great White Sharks raincoat can be purchased for a reasonable £35 and the Strawberry Sundae Baby raincoat for £33. They’re waterproof, have snap closure studs which are easy for little hands, PVC free, have hoods and are completely machine washable. The snap closure studs are great because they snap into place easily and hold their place without coming apart but when you want to take the raincoat off a quick pop pop and you’re done. As well as being machine washable these jackets are easily wiped. I’ve often seen Harlow with a chocolate or food stain on the sleeves or chest of the jacket and it wipes off no bother with a wet wipe. I’ve only had to wash if something’s been spilled or the jackets been really muddy from being dropped etc.

Overall Logan and Harlow love their new raincoats and everywhere they go with them on they always get loads of compliments. I wish they did them in adult sizes! For more information and to purchase your child their very own Hatley raincoat please visit www.hatley.com. You can also see what they get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello!

We received 2 raincoats in return for an honest review.

23 March 2016

Easter Egg Hunting with the National Trust

The Easter weekend is almost upon us (as well as the school holidays) so why not kick off the celebrations with a visit to one of your local National Trust venues for a fun packed Cadbury's Easter Egg Hunt! The Easter Bunny is set to deliver 362,592 chocolate bunnies to 271 National Trust places all over the country so more than plenty to go around.

For those down South the Easter Bunny has kicked off his 2016 schedule in style unveiling a show-stopping giant topiary bunny at Stourhead, in Wiltshire. The topiary bunny has been created to celebrate the ninth year of the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts. The hunts will be taking place at 271 National Trust locations over the Easter weekend (25-28 March). Everyone is invited to unleash their inner explorer at these adventurous hunts taking place across the country. It's sure to get the kids excited anyway, who wouldn't want to go on an Easter Egg Hunt!

There's one massive 8ft topiary bunny but the smaller topiary bunnies will be on display at Wimpole, Stowe, Killerton, Castle Ward, Fountains Abbey, Hardwick Hall and Tredegar House so if you're close by I'd definitely recommend going along for a little nosy.

A little bit about the National Trust: "it's a conservation charity founded in 1895 by three people who saw the importance of our nation’s heritage and open spaces, and wanted to preserve them for everyone to enjoy. More than 120 years later, these values are still at the heart of everything the charity does. Entirely independent of Government, the National Trust looks after more than over 600,00 acres of countryside, 775 miles of coastline and hundreds of special places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland."

For those of us up North there's the National Trust for Scotland which is also an independent charity set up in 1931 for the preservation and conservation of natural and human heritage that is significant to Scotland and the world. The Trust has gone on to become Scotland's largest membership organisation and a leader in conserving and promoting the nation's treasured places and collections so that they can be enjoyed by present and future generations.

Visitors to National Trust places across the Easter holiday weekend will be able to take part in these awesome Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts, with every child receiving a Cadbury chocolate treat for getting involved. It'll be a great day out and about in the fresh air and beautiful scenery, here's hoping for some good weather this weekend. Finger crossed!

Laura Appleby, Senior PR Officer at the National Trust, said: “The Easter Bunny certainly has been busy this year, with Stourhead the first of many stops across the country. “We are thrilled to partner with Cadbury to offer families the chance to celebrate Easter together, take on an Easter Egg Hunt and explore some of the special places cared for by the Trust. Visits over the Easter period are so important to us, as they will help enable our continued conservation work.”

With over 270,000 people getting involved in a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt last year, and over 3 million people welcomed to participating National Trust places over the Easter weekend, the charity is hoping for another great turnout.

To find your nearest hunt head to: easter.cadbury.co.uk/find-an-egg-hunt

Over 20 million people visit every year, and together with 4.5 million members and over 62,000 volunteers, they help to support the charity in its’ work to care for special places forever, for everyone. For more information and ideas for great seasonal days out go to: www.nationaltrust.org.uk and www.nts.org.uk.

This is a collaborative post.

16 March 2016

Review: Orchard Toys Things To Do Activity Book

Since I live in Scotland there's been more rainy days than dry recently and trying to find something for the kids to do can be a nightmare. It's hard to keep it fresh and exciting all the time without starting to repeat activities or Logan moaning that he's bored. This is when Orchard Toys stepped in and came to our rescue. They sent us one of their Things To Do Activity Books which is packed full of fun stickers and puzzles to keep school aged children occupied.

The Things To Do book has 24 pages with a fold out sticker page in the middle. On each page there's a different activity with the chance to place at least one sticker. Sometimes it's a gold star for when you've completed the activity to give yourself a little well done. Sometimes it's the missing shape such as a dog, sock, monster etc. If your child is familiar with the Orchard Toys characters then they'll love this activity book as it's full of them. Logan loved spotting the Greedy Gorilla and doing the Shopping List wordsearch.

This activity book is for ages 5+ and I completely agree. Logan is 6 and this book suits him really well since he can now read quite well and has practiced doing some of the activities in the book at school already, such as word searches, spot the difference, crossword etc. Although this book can be done by the child themselves I also found it quite fun to help Logan with the activity book. There were loads of opportunities for discussions and interaction, I've never seen Logan enjoy writing so much.

There's many educational benefits to this book which include; encouraging observational skills, encouraging number and counting skills, encouraging discussion, developing shape and matching skills, developing hand eye coordination and promoting language and literacy. It really is fab so much in fact I think I'll buy one for Logan's little friend as part of her birthday present for her party soon. At £3.99 it's a perfect add on, doesn't break the bank and is always handy to have to pluck out on a rainy boring day. The family and I have a few long car journeys coming up soon as well and this type of book is always handy to keep in the car.

The beauty of this book is that after your child has finished with all the activities there's still the added bonus of being able to colour in all the characters from each page so even more fun can be had. It's the book that keeps on giving. Oh and in case you get a bit stuck on any of the puzzles there's an answer sheet at the back of the book to keep you right.

You can purchase this awesome activity book directly from www.orchardtoys.com or if you do a quick internet search you'll see it's also available in other stores.

I was sent one Orchard Toys Things To Do Activity book in return for an honest review.

Family Fever

11 March 2016

Giveaway: Royal Rascals Baby Car Mirror

How often have you been in the car driving and your baby starts making a noise but you can't see them because they're in a rear facing car seat. It's so frustrating and completely distracts you from driving which is very dangerous so a baby car mirror is a parenting essential when driving the car with your baby in it. I had one for Logan when he was little and I got another one when Harlow was born, it really did make me feel more at ease.

Luckily for my amazing blog readers I have an awesome Royal Rascals Baby Car Mirror to give away. Here's a little bit about Royal Rascals in their own words: "As a 'parent-to-parent' company, we understand that ensuring your little ones are safe and sound is a full time job - which is why we created the Royal Rascals Baby Safe Mirror - to deliver absolute maximum safety for your baby when traveling while guaranteeing you peace of mind at ALL times."

The Royal Rascals mirror will help you quickly discover if your little one...
  • has been sick
  • has finally fallen asleep
  • is in direct sunlight
  • is out of harm's way
HOW will the Royal Rascals mirror guarantee your baby's maximum safety?
  • SAFETY YELLOW - grab a glance of your baby in a split-second without dragging your eyes off the road for longer than needed.
  • Shatterproof mirror - built tough so your baby is 100% protected ALL of the time.
  • Lightweight and convex - a large panoramic view with a frame that won't injure should it fall.
  • 360 rotation and tilt - a clear view of your baby at any angle.
  • Dual adjustable straps - fits any car and won't slip out of place or wobble during transit.
  • Optimum mirror size - not over or undersized - the best view of your baby without being a dangerous distraction while driving.
  • Soft touch frame - OK this isn't entirely about safety BUT it does mean it's pleasant to touch without the cheap plasticky feel!
So to be in with a chance of winning your very own Royal Rascals Baby Car Mirror just enter via the rafflecopter widget below.

Harlow's 14 Month Update

Time some how is managing to creep up on me lately and I can't believe Harlow is 14 months already! It's been a quick few months since Christmas and I can imagine this year will fly in. We've not been getting up to that much this past month however I did have to go back to work and worried about how the kids (and other half) would manage without me. Luckily I'm only working a couple of days but I shouldn't have worried. The other half is of course more than capable of looking after his kids and no one even missed me when I was gone haha. Looks like I can take more trips out on my own these days.

Harlow is still a little pint sized diva for her age but is now finally fitting into some of her lovely new 12-18 month clothes. It just depends on what shops they're from as some of the size 12-18 month clothes seem massive and some fit just fine. She of course still eats likes a horse so I've no idea where she puts it or why she's not the size of a house. She does move around a lot, I'm talking never sits still hardly ever, so that will definitely help.

Harlow's been meeting up with friends quite a bit, as well as attending all her little classes which has been fun. Now that I'm back at work I'll miss two classes but Daddy will be taking her to those instead thankfully. She had her first theatre experience recently when we met up with friends to go and see Peppa Pig. It was a really fab show but Harlow ended up falling asleep in the second half! I've never heard of Peppa putting kids to sleep but there you go.

As I've said she's quite the diva and her favourite diva tendencies include; turning on the cold water bath tap, throwing stuff down the toilet, running away with the black shoe polish, emptying drawers and cupboards, playing with cables, eating dog food etc. Anything she's basically not meant to do or touch she's on it. Miss cheeky madam that she is.

The walking has now stepped up a gear and instead of letting me carry her when we're out and about I now have to let her walk on her own everywhere. Sometimes she'll take my hand but most of the time she wants to be off exploring herself. She loves walking over drains, crunching leaves, trying to pick up litter, wading through puddles, turn and run the opposite way. She really does just never stop, wouldn't have it any other way though.

You might have spotted that we had a little family trip down to Leicestershire (I'd highly recommend btw) and this is where Harlow had her first visit to a zoo to see some animals. She wasn't that fussed really and was more interested in the soft play! She loved it when we visited Twinlakes Theme Park though and she got to go on some rides. We all can't wait for out next trip soon which is Legoland.

6 March 2016

My Sunday Photo - 06.03.16



5 March 2016

Review: Aura Print Business Cards

Business cards are something that have been on my to do list for a while as well as my other half. I've had business cards made for my blog in the past but nothing that was really note worthy so I was looking for something new and fresh. My other half, a.k.a scottishbeardman, as some of you might know is a bearded model and has really needed to acquire himself decent business cards for some time now. This is where Aura Print came in. They were looking for bloggers to review some of their business cards which really couldn't have came at a better time for us.

Here's a little bit about Aura Print in their own words: "At Aura Print, we know how important your job is to you. By listening to our customers over the last 16 years, we know how much you want your print work to look fantastic; that you don’t want to sit around waiting for it; and you want fair, transparent prices. We’re proud of our Yorkshire values. You can expect from us: honesty, integrity, straight talk, hard work, pride, quality and value. From business stationery and training literature to marketing and sales collateral, banner stands, exhibition material and more. Aura Print is here to provide you with both design and print, fulfilled and delivered with care, for every kind of printed matter."

I received 125 double sided Impakt Coloured Core 800gsm luxury business cards to review and so did my other half. I'll just start by saying I had no idea what gsm stood for however after a quick internet search is seems gsm stands for grams per square meter and the higher the gsm, on business cards, the thicker they will be. I'm told a good business card should be around 280gsm or higher so it doesn't look flimsy or fold easily. Right enough you don't want to have an amazing design on your business cards and then they get all crumpled and bent because you didn't pick a thicker card. With these 800gsm cards there's no chance of this happening. They're very sturdy (like a plastic card) and brilliant quality.

For my cards, at the start, I asked for an image of myself to be made into a cartoon sort of drawing but I was told that wasn't possible unfortunately. Aura Print did try and make me up some cards which resembled my blog colours but I just didn't like them at all, they weren't me. Aura Print took no offence in this though and I even had a quick chat with one of their designers, Mark, to see what we could do. In the end I went with a simple family photo that I had from our last photoshoot and for the other side I asked to keep it plain with black and grey writing. When I was emailed the proofs I was thrilled and gave the thumbs up to go ahead to print. 

Ordering from the Aura Print website is super easy and I even did a mock test myself to see how I would get on. For the Impakt Colour Core 800gsm luxury business cards you select your format (single or double sided), if you would like portrait or landscape, full colour or black and white, and then you get to pick the core colour of the cards. These cards a very thick so its nice to have a colour running through the middle, I choose sky blue which looks lovely on my simple cards. Last but not least you can either have Aura Print design you a card for an extra £22.50 or you can upload your own design online or send by email. Like I said I had my own photo but my other half had his own design to use.

So my other half's cards started off with a logo that Aura Print had designed. It was a silhouette of a long haired bearded man but because the hair was just a bit too long I asked if we could use our own logo instead. This was no problem for Aura Print and they styled the card up nicely with our chosen logo. They turned out pretty awesome if I do say so and the other half's been handing out his new cards left right and centre. Happy days!

The Impakt Coloured Core 800gsm luxury business cards, without asking Aura Print to design anything, will cost £42 (incl VAT) which works out at around 34p per card. I believe business cards make a definite first impression on what people can expect from you so it's worth investing a little more to get a decent quality product. I really like the fact that Aura Print also dispatch your order 2 working days after approval at no extra charge which means they arrive pretty quickly.

Overall the other half and I are very happy with our business cards and we both finally have something which we can hand out at events. They're stylish, eye catching and hopefully because of the quality people will actually hold on to them or pass them on to friends or interested parties.

Please check out www.auraprint.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what they get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello.

3 March 2016

Brilliant First Books for Babies & Toddlers

It's World Book Day today and what better way to celebrate than by sharing some books that are great for babies and toddlers. Some children aren't natural book worms so getting them, and keeping them, engaged in a book can be tricky at times. Harlow's still at the stage of wanting to flip the pages quickly and not really listen to the story so I always feel bright illustrations, interaction and less words to read normally keep her attention for a bit longer than she'd normally sit. So here's a few of our favourite books at the moment.

Usborne Baby's very first touchy-feely Colours Play book
This book has to be Harlow's go to book when she's interested in some kind of story. It has all the makings of a great first book from different textures and surfaces to bright colours, lift the flaps and minimal writing. Yes some of the flaps have been torn off and I've had to cello tape them back on but she loves it and it keeps her happy and amused for ages. There's lots of different versions of the touchy-feely books in the Usborne range, for example there's one that's dedicated to just animals and another which is lift-the-flap. They're priced at around £7.99 but I'm sure I got this in Dobbies Garden Centre when they had a sale on for £3.99.

Fisher-Price Chunky Board books
As well as story books I do love an educational book for babies and toddlers, it's sometimes a nice way to get them to learn their colours, numbers and shapes. Fisher-Price have a lovely range of chunky board books which are a lot thicker than the normal board books, and each page edge has been painted so hopefully less chance of damage from little chompers. Harlow currently has the Super Shapes and Jungle Colours book but it would be nice to get the others in the set. For the shapes book each shape has a coordinating animal and colour on one page and the opposite page is covered in that particular shape. Very eye catching. These books can be picked up for £3.99 but I can't remember if I got these cheaper somewhere or if they were given as a gift?
Feeling Great Just Like Me book
This is a fab little book all about emotions. It's a board book which has fold out flaps on each page so much sturdier than normal lift-the-flap internal pages. The book uses different animals to show different emotions and the baby in the book copies them with the saying "So do I!" It's a great idea and the illustrations are perfect, very bright and the fact your little one can fold out each page is giving them something to do whilst you're reading. Hopefully they'll come to enjoy the anticipation of waiting to fold out the page. I know Harlow quite likes doing this. This book is £4.99 but if you're lucky enough to live in Scotland and receive a Bookbugs bag for your little one then this book is included. There's lots of others in the series though so give Feeling Great Just Like Me books a little search online.

Usborne That's not my owl... book
I couldn't write a first books post without including the lovely That's not my books now could I. Logan loved them when he was little and Harlow's the exact same. They're short, bright and interactive and excellent first book for little ones. We're currently loving the That's not my owl... book but Harlow does have a few others she quite likes to pull out for a read now and again. That's not my reindeer... is another favourite. Retailing for £5.99 these books can normally be picked up for a little bit cheaper if you shop around.

Dear Zoo Lift-the-Flap book
Continuing with the interactive theme Dear Zoo is a classic lift-the-flap book and I'm sure I had it when I was younger. Harlow received a little mini one for herself in her Bookbug bag which was lovely and she's obsessed with lifting the flaps to reveal the animals constantly. There's lots of different versiosn of Dear Zoo out there from pop-up style to noisy book and even there's a little gift set so your wee one can keep their own lion. 

I'd love to know what your little ones favourite book is at the moment so please do share.

Laura's Lovely Blog

1 March 2016

Harlow's Birthday Clothes Haul

It's been well over a month since Harlow's birthday, did you see her awesome Cake Smash Photoshoot? She was a really lucky girl on the day and received some really cute clothes. I've been determined I'm going to write a clothes haul post to showcase some of the fab pieces she got so here it is! Read on to see what she was gifted, I'm quite jealous myself.

First up is this cute little outfit from H&M. It's not a set but the top and trousers really go well together and I've not dressed Harlow in something red for ages so this is perfect. The trousers are still a bit big at the moment but I can't wait till she's grown enough to wear this.

This cute little 2 piece set was bought for Harlow by my mum, it's too big just now but since it's a little mini skirt and matching short sleeved top it'll be the perfect summer outfit and even better if we manage to book a holiday abroad. She'll look so cute in this. It's from F&F at Tesco.

I love this gorgeous dress from NOSH Organics. I spotted it in the sale on DaisyChainBaby.co.uk and had to buy it for her. It's super soft and quite stretchy but far too long for her at the moment. I tried it on the other day and it looked like a nightie, she sort of resembled wee willy winky haha. She'll just have to wait till she's a bit taller before she can wear this comfy piece. 

You might have spotted this photo on my Instagram or Facebook and how sweet does Harlow look. She loves posing it up for the camera (she doesn't have much choice) and the massive bow on her head totally complements this cute outfit she received from Granny. It's from Matalan and would actually be perfect for the Easter weekend.

How sweet is this jacket from Dunnes! It's such a mini woman jacket I love it, I could even see myself wearing it. I wonder if they have adult ones to match? It's a size 12-18 months but still on the large side for Harlow. I'm hoping she'll be able to wear it soon though before the weather starts getting warmer. I'm sure she will as Scotland's typically freezing as usual at the moment.

This dress from Florrie & Max (handmade by Princess & The Frock) is gorgeous and perfect for a party. As you can see it hasn't been worn yet but as with most of the outfits I can't wait to get it on her. It's totally fit for a princess (which of course Harlow is) and would be perfect for summer, or winter with a long sleeved body suit and thick tights. 

As you might have seen from previous Siblings posts, Logan and Harlow have been getting on like a house on fire so I can't wait for her to wear this. Logan is a brilliant reader and I'm sure he'll be chuffed when he sees what this top says, he loves having a little sister. This piece is from Matalan.

Who says blue is just for boys? Here's Harlow rocking her awesome handmade fox dungarees from Florrie & Max. They were in the sale and I couldn't resist so she got them for her birthday. She had so many compliments when she wore them and they seem really comfortable for her, not to mention easy for me to put on.

The bunny details on this Next top are super cute and go perfectly with the harem style leggings which are also from Next. The leggings are quite big for Harlow but since the top is more for summer it doesn't really matter. There's plenty of time for her to wear this outfit, hopefully we do actually get a summer!

Last but not least Peppa Pig. Now it wouldn't be a little girls birthday without Peppa appearing somewhere now would it? Love her or hate her she's a firm favourite with the kiddos which means myself and my friend will be dragging ourselves along to a local theatre this week to expose our precious little ones to Peppa Pig. So what better attire for Harlow than this really girly Peppa Pig dress. Can't go wrong now can I! This was from Debenhams by the way.

These are just some of the cute outfits and clothes Harlow received for her birthday. Like I said she's been very lucky and has a wardrobe filled full better than Mummy. Hopefully this will stop me from buying her clothes for a while, that's if I don't see anything cute that is!


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