21 January 2016

It Doesn't Always Have To Be Pink #3

Now that Harlow's a bit bigger she's finally in some new and very exciting clothes which I can't wait to share with you all. Continuing along the theme of No Pink, here's some more examples of lovely alternative clothing for your precious princess. I'm hoping to have a few of these features posted over the year so get in touch if you think your brand would suit.

Ginger and Hazel Co
This fab family run company from America makes lots of lovely handmade goodies for babies, kids and adults. Ginger and Hazel Co was actually inspired by the owner's (Juliette) twins who were born prematurely a few years ago. Ginger and Hazel are now a pair of happy go lucky, super cute, toddlers who inspire their mama on a daily basis to make some amazing relaxed and stylish pieces. Definitely check them out, their stuff is awesome.

Slugs & Snails
Who said tights had to be boring? They definitely aren't thanks to the awesome range from Slugs & Snails which are designed for both boys and girls. Slugs & Snails was born when Kathleen struggled to find any suitable tights for her baby boy. Being on top of a windy hill on the west coast of Ireland it made practical sense for Kathleen to keep her baby boy warm using tights. It wasn't until she couldn't find any boys tights that she decided to take matters into her own hands, hence Slugs & Sails was born. They can be purchased directly from the website or you can purchase through DaisyChainBaby.co.uk or FlorrieandMax.co.uk.

The colourful, vibrant and fun range of clothing that comes from Boys&Girls never fails to excite. I love their prints and it's good to see that they do some lovely unisex pieces, and since they go up to size 9-10 years I can get matching clothes for the kids. Harlow's had this little toucan dress for a while and you'll see that it's currently in the Boys&Girls sale on their website. In fact they have a lot of fab pieces in their sale, I'm going to check it out myself.

Little Green Radicals
Starting back in 2005 with a passion for fair trade and a quirky sense of humour, Little Green Radicals burst onto the scene with their gorgeous range of Fairtrade certified cotton clothing for boys and girls. They have a wide range of clothing with some truly unique designs. Harlow is always being complemented on her outfits when she wears their stuff. You can purchase directly from their website or have a google around as a few independent children's boutiques have sales on at the moment.

Now I know I'm cheating a little since this gorgeous bug playsuit from Piccalilly has some pink in it but I couldn't resist. Please note though that there's a blue and green version of this which I bought for Harlow when she was little and she wore it with pride. Piccalilly started back in 2006 shortly after the birth of Hannah's second daughter. She was made redundant but worrying times turned to positive opportunities and she embraced her new freedom from the 9-5 routine to set up Piccalilly. Their clothes really are lovely so do check them out.

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