8 January 2016

5 Tips for Part-Time Working Mums

Since I'll be going back to the land of the working soon, part time of course, I thought it would be good to share my tips for the part time workers out there. I often see blog posts for stay at home mums or working mums but nothing really for the part timers like myself. No matter what category you fall into though they all have their challenges and unique attributes.

I've been a part time working mummy for the past couple of years now (excluding my years maternity leave) and it's not been all plain sailing. No matter what you do sometimes you never seem to quite get the right balance but hopefully with some help and guidance we can all get there in the end.

Here are my 5 tips for part time working mums:

Plan then plan some more
I'm a firm believer that planning is key in life and the more organised and prepared you are the more you'll get out of something. Keep a diary with you at all times whether it be a paper one or one you have in your mobile as this will be handy for organising and remembering childcare, doctors/dentists appointments, lunch dates, work deadlines etc. The more organised you are the smoother things should hopefully run, fingers crossed anyway.

Fill your none working days with fun
Sounds simple enough but try and have your none working days planned ahead of time so you know what you'll sort of be doing. These are the days you get to spend with the kids (when they're not at school) so make the most of them. Things like going for a walk/ bike ride in the morning or heading to the soft play to meet up with some mummy friends and play mates for your little one. Then after when the kids are tired you can get some jobs done and not have to feel guilty about sitting your child down in front of the TV for a minute whilst you clean the toilet!

Have time to yourself
Everyone needs time to themselves and you will especially. You'll be doing a juggling act between mummy verses working goddess every week and although work is secretly a little bit of a break from being mummy you'll still need some quality time to yourself to unwind and relax. If an opportunity to do this should arise then grab it with both hands as it may not happen again. I'm often guilty of doing jobs when granny takes the kids or even when the other half takes them out for a little while. I should really be sitting on my bum doing nothing but relaxing however I get itchy feet and just have to start my next job. The thing is the jobs will always be there but that 30 minutes quiet time won't be.

Set some rules
That is with your partner. You're not super mum and I have to admit I'm guilty of letting my control freak nature take over and run everything but your partner is also a contributing member to this family and setting rules and who does what etc will help in the long run. It'll mean you won't start resenting each other or arguing over who does what and who doesn't do enough or who does more. The sooner you do this the easier and more settled the family environment will be and it'll make you both feel like you're playing for the same team. It will really help especially if you're both juggling work and childcare, there's no point wasting energy falling out with each other.

Take the help
Here comes super mum again! If someone's genuinely offering to lend you a hand then take it. It could be anything from picking the kids up from nursery/ school, having the family round for dinner, offer of helping to clean the house, take the kids for an hour. Whatever it is we can all use a helping hand now and again so take it and don't feel bad about it. We've all been there.

So there you go and before I forget one of the most important things is to enjoy what you have. You're kind of getting the best of both in a way. A little bit of work and more time with your kids than some parents have the opportunity to get. So enjoy, kids grow up way too fast and they won't be young forever.

2 comments on "5 Tips for Part-Time Working Mums"

Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too on 9 January 2016 at 18:59 said...

Some great tips, I've been working part time for a number of years and the amount of planning you need to do is amazing

The Breastest News on 9 January 2016 at 20:15 said...

Thank you. I know, planning is ridiculous but doing it means we're all better prepared and can enjoy things more :)

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