27 October 2015

Tops Tips for Surviving The First 6 Months

You may think you’ve done the hard part, you’ve just given birth no less (or your partner has) but now comes the tougher bit – surviving the first 6 months! Babies definitely don’t come with instructions so here’s a few little tips to hopefully keep you going.

Stock Up on Nappies
Sounds simple enough but make sure you’ve got enough nappies stock piled up for the first few months, you’ll be surprised by how many you actually use. Babies grow quickly too so don’t get lots of newborn or you’ll find yourself with surplus nappies and a dangerously naked baby poo bomb waiting to go off.

Pre-prepare Meals
If you can I highly recommend pre-preparing healthy homemade meals before baby arrives. Make things like lasagne, cottage pie, fish pie, soups, beef stew etc. It really does help as one, you’re so exhausted you can’t be bothered cooking anything, and two, you’ll get fed up of eating ready meals and rubbish all the time. Plus is you eat healthily you’ll feel much better for it, think maximise that post pregnancy weight loss.

Have a Cuppa
I love my tea and have at least 4-5 cups a day, sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me going and keeps me sane. Try taking 5 minutes to yourself and having a cup of Tick Tock’s Original Rooibos Tea which is naturally caffeine free. You’ll thank yourself later for taking some time out.

Family & Friends
If you’re lucky enough to have family and friends close by then make sure and take advantage in the early days. Everyone loves a newborn baby and wants lots of cuddles so rope in your nearest and dearest to come over whilst you take a shower/ have a bath or even get some well needed sleep.

Feeding Frenzy
Whether your breastfeeding or bottle feeding be prepared for you baby to want to feed all the time! They’re like little machines who’ll stop at nothing to get their milk so make sure you have everything you need within reaching distance. Think TV remote, your mobile, healthy snacks, glass of water etc. Once you’ve started feeding your little one you’re usually stuck for a bit so don’t feel trapped and be prepared.

So that’s my top tips for surviving the first 6 months with baby and of course, Good Luck!

This is a collaborative post.

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