10 September 2015

Supermarket Shopping with Baby

Trying to get a supermarket shop done with a baby in tow is never easy. A lot of people would say well why not do it online and get it delivered? But if you're like me and you don't like the idea of someone man handling your fruit and veg then that's not an option. I like to see what I'm picking plus it gets you out of the house for a bit at least and there may be bargains to discover. So to make your life a little bit easier here are some of my tips for a supermarket shopping trip with baby.

Pick Your Time
Picking the best time to go can be crucial for a good trip and it'll vary from person to person. I find the best time for us to go is when I've just dropped Logan off at school in the morning. Harlow and I will drive through to our local supermarket, I'll hopefully find a parent and child space, give her a quick breastfeed in the car then we're off into the shop.

This is the best time for us as she's had her breakfast, has had a nice sleep so not grumpy, and is pretty alert and ready for a nosy at what everyone's doing. Like I said it might not work for everyone but it works for us so far which means I'll be sticking to this routine until things should change, i.e. Harlow has a meltdown.

Bring Snacks
Every parent will tell you that bringing snacks along for your baby to nibble on can be a life saver. Of course that's only if your baby is weaning and if not just make sure they have had a proper feed before entering the supermarket or it won't be pretty! Anyway back to snacks, stuff your changing bag with things like raisins, quavers, baby biscuits etc. Something you can easily hand over that'll keep them occupied but won't make so much of a mess.

A full contented baby is a happy baby and prevents escape from the trolley!

Make Them Comfy
Trolley's aren't the comfiest of things for your little one to sit in so I always take a fleecy blanket along for Harlow. I just pop it on top of the trolley seat first, making sure it covers the metal back, before putting Harlow in and whizzing round the shop. As well as keeping her comfy it acts as a little support for her back as she's still only small.

Write a List
To keep yourself on the super organised no time wasting track be sure to have a list written up the night before, at least, so you know what you're looking for. Try and stick to the list to make your shopping trip quicker plus it'll also save you pennies and stop you buying unnecessary items. Being organised means less chance of your baby upsetting your supermarket shopping plans.

Ask For Assistance
If you get to the till and need a hand with bag packing or putting items on the convener belt then just ask. A lot of the shop assistants are more than happy to help especially when you have a cute baby with you. When I did my food shopping last week I never even asked for help but had a lady on the till packing my bags and a manager putting my items from the trolley onto the belt. It was great and made such a differences, no crying baby waiting for Mummy.

I'd love to hear if you have any handy tips for getting your supermarket shop done with a baby in tow?

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2 comments on "Supermarket Shopping with Baby"

Mummy Fever on 10 September 2015 at 13:40 said...

With four children and 2 very small ones i tend to do online shopping but sometimes i do have to go in with at least 2 of them and possibly all four. We make a game out of it usually. i once had to do the xmas shop as i'd missed all the delivery times and made a game with picture cards for the older ones. Most of the time eating a gindebread gets me around at least half of the shop too :) #BrilliantBlogPosts

The Breastest News on 10 September 2015 at 18:59 said...

Mummy Fever - My you have your hands full! I don't blame you for doing online shopping. Making a game out of it for the older ones sounds good. Might do that if I ever need to drag my 5 year old along :) Thanks for commenting x

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