7 April 2015

Harlow's 3 Months Old!

Well how did that happen!? It feels like I've blinked and my baby girl is now 12 weeks old! It really feels like she was only born yesterday but I also have the feeling like she's always been here if that makes sense? She's just sort of fitted in to the family routine and her big brother has accepted her with open arms which is lovely. The other half and I didn't expect Logan to take having a new baby in the house so well with him being autistic and routine changes a challenge however he's been a complete star and taken it all in his stride. He's very accepting of her and tries to do all he can to stop her crying/ being upset. He'll try and give her some of his toys (mostly superhero mashers), he'll sit beside her and says "Sshh, sshhh, sshhhh!" or he'll share some iPad viewing with her which usually works as of course she's fascinated by the colours and movements. He loves to try and carry/ hold her as well which gives me slight palpitations but he's very gentle and the other half or I are always there to help him.

She's definitely developing her own little personality and the other half and I have discovered that she doesn't like to be put down anywhere for long and prefers to be carried around like a princess which means Mummy struggles to get anything done around the house these days. That's where the Boba Wrap comes in handy though, it's a life saver at the moment. I'm actually sat at the computer typing this post out with Harlow strapped to me haha!

At bedtimes she can be a little monkey. If she has a nap past 4.30pm then I struggle to get her in her bed for 7pm/7.30pm and then it's constant feeding until she settles by which time I'm knackered and just want to go to bed myself so no time to relax in the evenings. I do remember Logan being like this as well, I've just forgotten how blooming hard it was. I know it won't last forever but my goodness it's tough. If I'm lucky and get her napping right during the day then she'll be in bed and sleeping by 7.30pm ish and won't wake up till around 2am so I get some time but that's a rare occurrence.

As of last Wednesday she now weighs 12lb 0.5oz so she's putting on around 4.5oz a week which the health visitors said they were happy with. I was a bit concerned at first but she's feeding fine and filling her nappies as normal so all is well. I checked Logan's little red book to see what he weighed at 12 weeks and it was a whopping 15lb 9oz! He must have been a chunky baby.

Breastfeeding is still going well but at one point she only wanted to feed lying down next to me but lucky we've managed to get out of that habit. I was starting to panic there for a bit thinking I couldn't leave the house for long! We've ticked off the first set of immunisations which weren't too bad although I was starting to sweat as I hate hearing babies cry. The next set of immunisations is tomorrow but Logan also has an appointment which I'll need to take him to so Daddy gets to be the bad man and take Harlow for her jags.

Harlow has become quite the little chatter box recently and loves nothing more than a natter with Mummy, Daddy or Logan especially when she's having her nappy changed. For the past week or so she's been desperately trying to roll over which I was super surprised about. She hasn't managed it yet, she gets half way then has to give up but that doesn't stop her from some how moving around in her cot.

So there you go! These last 12 weeks have went so quickly and we're enjoying every minute as a family no matter how challenging breastfeeding and baby sleep can be, they're only young once.

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3 comments on "Harlow's 3 Months Old!"

Pippa Ainsworth on 11 April 2015 at 20:14 said...

Ah, she's so beautiful. I can't believe she is 12 weeks old already, it seems lik two minutes since her birth announcement.

The Breastest News on 12 April 2015 at 09:57 said...

Thank you. I know, I'm shocked at how quickly the time is going and how fast she's growing!

Ghostwritermummy on 19 April 2015 at 20:01 said...

Oh isn't she growing fast?? I send my sympathies re: the evenings. Elsie is terrible to settle lately and I get no home at all most says. It IS hard but it doesn't last long really.
Thanks foribking up to #MatenityMatters x x

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