23 April 2015

Common Breastfeeding Dilemmas

Breastfeeding is a beautiful natural thing to do, and if you can do it that's excellent and well done. It's bloody hard work so you should be congratulated often for giving it a go and sticking to it as well. However there's another side to breastfeeding that mums might not tell you about! It's not glamours but it is quite funny, well you can laugh about it afterwards anyway... so here's my list of common breastfeeding dilemmas to give you all a little chuckle.

I need to go pee pee!
Your baby's been breastfeeding for the past hour and you're completely and utterly bursting for the loo. You're starting to sweat now, you're not sure you're going to be able to hold it in much longer but do you dare de-latch a content hungry baby!!

Forgotten Something?
You're out for lunch or your sitting at home, your baby's getting hungry so you pop him/her on the boob to feed. You get distracted and don't notice your baby has popped off and whilst you sit eating with one hand and your baby has fallen asleep in the other hand you've some how forgotten you've left your boob out for the world to see! Not so bad if you're at home you say, well that may be the case unless you have to answer the door to the postman/ delivery driver/ salesman etc.

Flash!! Aahh Aahh!
As your baby gets older everything and anything is more interesting than staying latched onto the boob for a feed hence why you soon become know as the neighbourhood flasher.

Out of Reach
Baby's screaming for a feed but you're trying to get that last bit of washing squeezed into the machine or you'll forget again and won't have any clothes to wear. Lets face it you've put the washing off long enough now. You run for your baby quickly settling down on the sofa and having them latch on for a good feed. Trouble is you've left your iphone/ tv remote/ ipad/ everything too far out of reach and you don't dare disturb your hungry baby now. You're stuck staring at a blank tv and out of the window hoping something interesting will happen over the next hour.

And Relax
You've just sat down quite happily to feed your hungry baby and the door bell goes or the house phone (which is at the other end of where ever you're sitting) goes off. How do these people know you've just sat down to feed!? Why do they insist on disturbing you and your hungry baby. You have one of two choices - miss your important parcel/ phone call or risk a screaming hungry baby. Your call!

I'm sure I've forgotten to do something this morning before I left the house, no matter I'm sure it wasn't that important? Oh but it was because you've only went and forgotten to put breast pads in your bra! Que soaking wet bra/ top/ everything near your boobs, ugh!

Hmmm which to wear?
There's breastfeeding tops and then there's the tops you want to wear *sighs* So many nice tops in your wardrobe but none that are really suitable for breastfeeding at this moment so your stuck wearing the over sized unexciting stretchy tops that you'll need to access your boobs so there's no fiddling around when your baby's hungry. It's one more sacrifice you're willing to make though to make sure your baby is breastfed. Tell your nice tops you'll see them in about a year.

All that drama just for her xxx

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2 comments on "Common Breastfeeding Dilemmas"

Jenni on 8 May 2015 at 14:57 said...

Hehe these are so true, I remember waiting to see the dr when Boo was tiny and I was feeding her discreetly at the back of a pretty full waiting room and then our name was called! She wouldn't unlatch so I just walked through feeding her! (I think to everyone it just looked like I was cuddling her as I had two tops on - one under/one over so I think I got away with it!)

The Breastest News on 8 May 2015 at 16:10 said...

Lol good for you. I bet no one even noticed :) I was breastfeeding in the doctors waiting room one day too although when I unlatched Harlow she started crying, poor lamb was starving and what a faff to get her back on the boob! x

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