23 March 2015

Bargains of The Week - w/c 16.03.15

I've not posted a Bargains of The Week for ages now as frankly I just haven't had much time with running around after a 5 year old and a now 10 week old baby. Silly me thought I would just be able to get on with things as normal, how wrong was I! I'd completely forgotten how much time babies actually take up but of course I wouldn't change it for the world.

Anyway, last week I managed to snaffle some bargains here and there and thought it's about time I shared with you all so here's what bargains I've been purchasing.

Debenhams Kids Clothes
Some of you might have spotted Debenhams have a sale on at the moment and you're getting some right bargains, especially in their kids clothes department. I had a browse online as haven't had a chance to pop in to store, and spotted some really cute items for baby girl. I ordered around 6 items however 4 came back out of stock so only 2 were delivered, gutted! The 2 items of clothing that were delivered are super cute though. I managed to get the velour blue cat face sleepsuit for £3.00 when it should have been £10, and the knitted bear face dress was £4.20 reduced from £14. Really pleased with these and they're both size 6-9 months for when she's a little older. Best stocking up now when I spot the bargains, baby girl will be in these size clothes before I know it!

Sainsbury's Kids Clothes
My local Sainsbury's also seem to be having a bit of a clear out of their kids clothes at the moment and I managed to grab some more clothes for baby girl but sadly only one t-shirt for Logan. It seems the older he gets the less bargains I can get for him clothes wise. Not that he needs anymore clothes mind you but the t-shirt I found was a minecraft one and only £2.80 so I just had to get it.

For baby girl I purchased the 6-9 months spotty pink top for £1.25 down from £2.50, the 9-12 months bunny top also £1.25 reduced from £2.50 and the four pack of Christmas tops in a size 9-12 months for £5.00 reduced from £10.00. They're the perfect size for Christmas this year so very happy with that.

Sainsbury's Children's Books
We love books in our house and you might have even read my post of More Children's Books That Are Fun For Mum & Dad recently. One of the books I mentioned in that post was No Matter What and would you believe they have the board book copy in Sainsbury's at the moment for a pretty decent price. Can't remember exactly but I know it's cheaper than Amazon.

I also spotted this lovely book set (photo below) of Storytime with Sophie. It's a 2 book set in which both books are touch and feel so perfect for little ones. Makes a great present for any time of year but since Easters coming up it's a perfect present for then especially for babies who can't eat food yet/ don't like chocolate/ or can't have it for any reason. Luckily if you can't get to Sainsbury's this book set is also on Amazon for £4.00 with Prime delivery. Just type 'Storytime with Sophie' into the search bar and it should appear.

As you can see not many bargains last week but I'd love to hear of any bargains you've managed to purchase recently.

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