6 February 2015

Harlow's First Month

Well I can't quite believe that my gorgeous little girl is 4 weeks old already. Where oh where has the time gone!? The last 4 weeks have been a whirlwind of feeding, nappy changes, visitors and basically trying to get into some sort of routine since Logan's at school and we don't want to have him unsettled too much. Harlow is growing like a weed and already weighs 9lb 10oz (as of Wednesday this week) up from her birth weight of 7lb 13.5oz. She's not too bad with her sleeping at night either waking maybe 4-5 times for a feed some nights but settling back down well so I'm managing to get some shut eye thankfully. This might change though, especially when she starts to take little growth spurts.

Luckily Logan has been very accepting of Harlow, he tries to give her some of his toys which is really kind and he wants to hold her (with supervision of course) and give her kisses and cuddles. He's had his moments mind you, especially when it comes to bed time. Everything will be going great until the last story finishes and then he'll beg for another story and another story, or he'll plead with you not to leave him along or shout "I need you!" which makes my heart bleed. I know he's just trying to get more attention and some nights he's fine but fingers crossed he settles down soon. It will be hard for him, any change at all is hard so a new baby in his life must be confusing.

Since the weathers been better this week we've all managed to get out for some nice little walks, not very long walks as I'm still trying to take it easy with the c-section but getting some crisp fresh air has been wonderful. Logan has also taken to ice skating since our usual weekend activity of swimming had to take a back seat but he seems to be enjoying this. Harlow and I have watched from the side of course, we're not quite up to ice skating yet!

Breastfeeding has been going really well and Harlow has been a natural from the start. I think it may be because I'm more relaxed this time round and not stressing or questioning myself as much as I did when Logan was born. Of course the birth was much calmer as well which will have helped. My health visitor said to me on her first visit that you never have your first baby again and this has been so true for myself and the other half. We're much more chilled this time round and don't panic or start sweating when Harlow cries ha ha! With Logan we were a bag of nerves.

We haven't really been up to much else, just enjoying finally having our little girl here and to be honest it's like she's always been here. She's fitted in perfectly.

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ghostwritermummy on 25 February 2015 at 13:12 said...

Oh isn't she beautiful! And doing so well- lovely weight gain :) Thanks so much for linking up to #MaternityMatters x x

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