27 January 2015

Mumpreneur: Bhakti Natha - Loveyush

Today I have a lovely Mumpreneur feature for you from Bhakti, the mum behind Loveyush, a great nursing scarf. Bhakti has been kind enough to spare some of her busy time and tell us all about her journey. Check out the Loveyush at www.loveyush.co.uk.

1. So first things first, tell me a little bit about yourself and your family?
I am a full time mum and a part time business owner. I have two kids, a four year old, who will start school from this September, can’t wait but going to miss him. My second child is now 10 months and can’t stay in one place…making the house ‘baby proof’ is so hard with the elder one who loves arts and crafts. Luckily I have a supportive husband so I can work in the evenings and weekends.

2. What's the story behind Loveyush?
Loveyush London was born from my own experience as a mother. Nursing baby discreetly was a constant struggle with a normal scarf as it would either slip off or be pulled off by inquisitive baby. The bulky apron type nursing cover was not practical enough to carry around and actually drew more attention while feeding. Unable to find anything practical in the market, I sewed my first Loveyush scarf and received lots of positive comments. I started selling at the craft markets and grew my business organically. It’s lovely to hear from other mums who genuinely like the simple but practical Loveyush scarf and are able to breastfeed their baby happily in public. 

3. Where there any struggles along the way?
Juggling work life balance is a constant struggle. Running my own business is very demanding especially with young children, yet it does have its rewards, being able to stay with my kids and play with them compensates for all the hard work. A very supportive family helps me through the ups and downs of the business.  

4. Looking back is there anything you wish you could have done differently?
There are many things I could have done differently but you will only learn by doing it, so No Regrets.  If I didn't do what I did then I wouldn't have learnt that I shouldn't have done that, if that makes sense!

5. Are there any new products in the pipeline?
It’s an exciting time… we are launching ‘Inkless Hand & Foot print set’ at the Baby Show, Excel in February. It’s very practical for parents. Capture your baby’s adorable hand print without the mess from using ink and colours. Perfect Keepsake and gift.  

6. A lot of mums would love to work for themselves, what advice can you give them?
With regards to business ideas, do thorough market research, everyone says this but it’s very crucial to know your market. Make a proper business plan and be prepared to change it as you go along. Working for yourself gives you flexibility and control however be ready to work twice as hard as you would when working for someone else. And you may not get paid at the start. 

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