28 January 2015

Making Scrambled Eggs Eggciting!

I've been challenged by the people from the Happy Egg Co to make scrambled eggs that bit more exciting. The Happy Egg Co feel: "Scrambled Eggs are a fantastic choice for a healthy, fuelling breakfast, but can sometimes get forgotten about or thought to be a bit bland. However, when partnered with exciting ingredients and flavour combinations, such as chilli, ginger and coconut, the humble scrambled egg can become something much more exciting and flavoursome!"

Now I don't often have time at breakfast to rustle up even some simple scrambled eggs so I often end up having them for lunch instead. The Happy Egg Co asked if I could come up with something to make scrambled eggs more paletable with the following stipulations to incorporate; a vegetable or source of fish/meat, a herb or spice, a surprise ingredient of my choosing.

So for lunch yesterday I made the other half and I some pork chops with scrambled eggs! It doesn't sound too amazing but it really was and it avoided carbs altogether which is good if you're trying to stick to a certain diet.

First thing I did was put the pork chops under the grill to cook as they take around 15 minutes. I then cracked 6 Happy Eggs into my pyrex jug and whisked them up with a fork ready to be cooked. I grabbed a handful of mushrooms, washed and sliced then threw in the frying pan to cook. When the mushrooms were ready I tipped them out to dry them off a bit (hate soggy mushrooms) and then turned the pork chops to cook on the other side. I then put a little oil in the frying pan to heat before pouring in the eggs. This is how I scramble my eggs, no milk or anything as I'm not keen on it that way. So when the eggs were cooking I added in some good old salt and pepper for seasoning then plated up the pork chops, topped with scrambled eggs and mushrooms before adding on some grated cheese to melt, yum. For extra flavour I couldn't be without good old HP brown sauce.

Ta da! Look at the nice yellow yolk of those eggs.

Feel free to visit the Happy Egg Co website at www.thehappyegg.co.uk or see what they get up to on Facebook and Twitter.

I was sent a voucher to purchase a 6 pack of medium Happy Eggs for the purpose of this challenge.

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