14 December 2014

Pregnancy: 36 Weeks

Well Logan's 5th Birthday has finally came and gone this week. He had his birthday party last weekend which he loved and thought was totally awesome! I'm so glad as I was really worried it would be like last year and be too overwhelming for him, however he surprised us all and enjoyed every minute - even taking part in every party game which he normally doesn't do at parties. He celebrated his actual birthday mid week at home with us and his grannies and grandads so was quite happy. I'm kinda glad the party is out of the way now, no more stressing about it. Sometimes I wonder why I give myself all the stress of organising a kids party but you do it for your child and I'm sure other parents are just the same.

Work has been getting busier the closer it gets to year end but I'm so glad to say my lovely maternity cover has now started and she's taking on the work I do so well. I'm literally throwing lots at her and she's just accepting it and getting on with it, brilliant. So glad the right person was found in the end. I only have around 5 days left to work over the next couple of weeks so trying to pass on my knowledge and tidy up odd ends now. I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

I had my first visit from the health visitor this week. She was lovely and quite down to earth although asked quite a few probing questions of which I'm sure I never got asked when I was having Logan? I know they need to ask certain questions though for the healthy and safety of new parents and babies so I wasn't too bothered about it all. At least she was nice as I've heard some horror stories (not in this area though). I also attended a Breastfeeding group this week for expectant mother's but was so disappointed that only 3 women (including myself) turned up. I know breastfeeding isn't for everyone and after speaking to the health visitor the stats for breastfeeding are pretty poor in our area anyway which is a shame. Fingers crossed I can breastfeed this time round again.

The Christmas tree has finally been put up in our house, woohoo! The other half and I were waiting till after Logan's birthday so as not to confuse him too much and he didn't seem to mind so that was good. Logan even helped bring all the Christmas stuff down from the loft and set up the tree which was lovely to see. He really enjoyed it.

As for my pregnancy this week I've generally been feeling really good although a bit tired so have been having a good few naps on the sofa when I have a few minutes to spare. The baby has been moving well but I'm getting a little breathless with the limited room, especially when the baby has a massive movement and the whole bump distorts into some weird shapes. I can clearly feel which way the baby is choosing to rest inside as well although I'm never sure if I'm touching it's bum or back etc but you can clearly feel the babies body and sometimes the odd foot or hand. Some of my maternity tops are no longer stretching over my bump so I have the odd bit of belly hanging out haha. Luckily my jeans/trousers are all over the bump so no skin on show to disturb people.

I've finally managed to pack some sort of hospital bag! I've done one for myself and will be using my baby changing bag as a bag for the baby's things. There's a few things I won't be able to put in my bag till last minute such as nursing bras, dressing gown etc as I'm still using these at the moment. I've written a list so I don't forget what I need though.

Next week will be as busy as usual with Christmas lunches and parties, catch up with friends and a few parties for Logan as well but Christmas is almost here and I can feel a relax coming my way hopefully.

36 Weeks Pregnant

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