5 December 2014

Pregnancy: 35 Weeks

I'm feeling a bit perkier this week and even managed to get my haircut which cheered me up however the nesting bug has well and truly settled over me. I'm constantly running around tidying or cleaning something which is driving my poor other half mad as I'm moaning at him to do things as well! My son's having his birthday party this weekend too so I've been in overdrive trying to organise and finalise party bags, food, cake, venue, entertainment etc. I think I'm almost there and tonight will be spent prepping food as well as tomorrow morning so fingers crossed I haven't forgotten anything. I'll be glad when it's all over and it's just Christmas I have to worry about.

I had another visit to the midwife mid week and all seems to be going well. Blood pressure fine, urine sample normal, weight gain checked (I closed my eyes), baby kicking fine and heart beat sounded lovely, bump measuring ok too so on the right track anyway. The baby should now be around 5 1/4lbs in weight and will put on around an ounce a week until birth. My son was just shy of 10lb when he was born so I'll be surprised if this baby weighs less than 8lbs. Not long to wait and see though. According to the online baby development websites, most of the basic physical developments are now complete and it's only really weight the baby has to put on. They also say my uterus has grown to around 15 times it's original volume and is tucked up under my ribs, no wonder I struggle to breathe sometimes.

I still haven't packed my blooming hospital bag and I'm constantly thinking about it so must really get a move on. Anyway, roll on this weekend and Logan's birthday celebrations.

35 Weeks Pregnant

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