12 November 2014

Review: Baroo Ellefunk Maternity Pillow

Now that I'm into the final stretch of pregnancy it's becoming more and more difficult to get comfy in bed at night which is a real pain. I'm one of those people who need their sleep and become very cranky if they don't get it. So when Baroo asked if I'd like to review one of their maternity pillows I jumped at the chance.

I received the gorgeous Baroo Ellefunk Maternity Pillow which came neatly packaged in it's own handy zip bag. Baroo describe their product as "Super versatile! Great for helping find that comfy sleep position in the latter stages of pregnancy, a huge help when breast or bottle feeding and fab for providing some extra assistance as baby masters the art of sitting up." Obviously I can only give my view on the maternity benefits since my baby isn't here yet but so far so good.

It really is a massive pillow, measuring at 140cm long, 15cm wide and 30cm deep. In fact it's almost the length of me (if I was a little shorter). It has a removable washable 100% cotton cover which comes in 3 different styles: Ellefunk, Tweetdreams or Beige Stars. I choose Ellefunk because it's bright, cheerful and has elephants on it. What's not to love eh? It has a long extra piece of fabric at the end of each side of the pillow which I can only assume is used for tying together when you have a baby and using as a baby support pillow. I couldn't find any info on these ties on the Baroo website unfortunately so just my guess. They don't get in the way when using as a maternity pillow though which is good.

The Baroo Maternity Pillow fresh out of it's packaging.

I'm really surprised by how comfortable this pillow actually is. I've been using it every night for a couple of weeks now and it's really helped improve my sleep. The pillow is soft but plump and has maintained it's shape even after all the squashing and rolling around I've been doing with it. I like to lie on my side and pop one end of the pillow between my knees and have the curve come up and under my bump and finally snuggle into the top of the pillow. It's made my nights so much more peaceful. I also find it really useful when reading etc as it supports my neck and around my back taking the pressure from my abdominal muscles.

What the pillow looks like once given time to plump up after removing from it's bag.

The cost of these Baroo Maternity Pillows are £39.99 each and can be purchased directly from the Baroo website.

Overall this is a lovely pillow and has definitely been of benefit to me whilst sleeping and getting comfy. I have tried other brands of maternity pillow and this Baroo one is high up on my list of good ones. I think the price is fair since it'll last from maternity and hopefully right through to helping with breastfeeding and supporting baby when learning to sit up. I'll probably be taking this into hospital with me for when I go to have my baby so getting more usage out of it. The zip bag that it comes with is very handy as well and the pillow is easy and simple to put back into the bag. Must have taken me all of 5 seconds when I tried. The zip bag has a handle at the top too so easy to carry around and keeps the pillow clean.

Mummies rating - 8/10

For more products and information please visit www.baroo.co.uk. You can also see what Baroo get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over to say hello. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

I was provided with the Baroo Ellefunk Maternity Pillow free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions and words are my own.

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