29 November 2014

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

The tiredness has well and truly hit me this week and I honestly can't be bothered doing anything much. It's very sad and pathetic but I just want to rest now. I wish I could finish up at work sooner but still have another 3 weeks to go, on the plus side I'll have more time with the baby if I wait to go on maternity leave so worth it in the end. There's not much been happening this week which is nice for a change, the only big thing that's happened is one of our dogs had to have knee surgery so she's limping around feeling sorry for herself. She's on strict bed rest for a good few weeks too and has to take pain killers a few times a day which are a nightmare to get down her neck! Going to have to try some crafty tricks as she keeps spitting the tablets back up.

At 34 weeks the baby is chunking up even more and the central nervous system is starting to mature along with the lungs, although the lungs still won't be fully mature until around 36-37 weeks. Half way through this week I wasn't feeling much movement so the next day I popped into the hospital for a check up to be on the safe side. Luckily everything was fine and the other half and I were even lucky enough to get a scan to see how our little one was doing. We discovered that the baby was no longer breech and was head down snuggled up as it should be. I wondered if this was the reason I hadn't felt much movement or because the movements had changed from what I was used to since the baby turned. We got to see the baby's face and OMG there's a little person in there! It was fascinating to see but very surreal in a nice way. Can't believe we'll get to meet our little one in 6 weeks.

I still haven't got my hospital bag packed which is a major sin at this stage. I've got most bits and pieces for it but I really really need to get my finger out and see it done. I've been saying to myself for the past few weeks "must pack that hospital bag tonight" but I've never got round to it and there's no excuse now. This weekend I will definitely pack some form of hospital bag, even if it's the basics.

34 Weeks Pregnant

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Bex @ The Mummy Adventure on 30 November 2014 at 16:12 said...

I didn't pack my bag until last minute with both the boys, and I dont see me having it ready before 36 weeks this time either! I am so lazy and I don't want to walk past it everyday for too many weeks either. Luckily I managed it before the birth with them both!

HopeO on 9 February 2024 at 20:16 said...

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