22 November 2014

Pregnancy: 33 Weeks

I'm a bit grumpy and tired this week and really need to make a point of slowing down I think. The leg cramps have ramped up majorly at night this past week where I'm jumping out of bed in agony almost every night. When I wake in the morning it feels like I've had a hard gym session as my legs throb and ache so much. Not good at all, and it's not just my calves I'm getting cramp in! Oh no, I'm getting it in my shins, up the side of my lower leg, near my knee, in my feet etc. Very sore and very frustrating as takes me ages to calm the muscles down to a relaxed state again.

The baby this week is just over 4lbs and around 17 inches long, about the size of a pineapple. It's brain and nervous system are fully developed and it's bones are continuing to harden apart from the skull of course. The midwife said last week that my baby was still in the breech position and it was again the same this week when I visited the hospital to be booked in for my planned c-section. It obviously doesn't matter to me what position the baby is in due to having a planned c-section however it would be nice if it turned soon to give me some room to breathe/eat/ease off on the heartburn etc.

So yeah all booked in for my c-section in January, just like that! I had a quick chat with the consultant and midwife to make sure I was happy to go ahead with it, we picked a date and the consultant phoned up the hospital to book me in and explained a few bits and pieces and that was it. Done and dusted, just like that. It felt a bit weird knowing (if all going well) my second child would be born on a certain date. I'm just happy that I don't have to go through the whole trauma of birth again as Logan's was horrendous.

I got to meet up with one of my friends and her cute son for some chat and breakfast this week which was nice. It's good getting out of the house and not doing very much apart from having a good chin wag. One of my colleagues at work was leaving today for pastures new so the team went out for a lovely lunch. It was so tasty but there was so much I could have done with a nice sleep afterwards. Can't really do that at my desk though, pity.

This weekend the family haven't got much plans, thank goodness. The other half and I are going round to friends one night but it'll be a relaxing adult only affair and Logan gets to enjoy staying with his Granny and Grandad. There, of course, will be the obligatory swimming at some point but I'm sure I can manage, just...

33 Weeks Pregnant

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