8 November 2014

Pregnancy: 31 Weeks

Well the pamper day at Crieff Hydro last Saturday was amazing! And totally well deserved might I add after the crazy Halloween trick or treating the Friday night before. Logan was super excited when I got home from work on Friday and was practically bouncing off the walls. It was his first trick or treating experience going round the neighbours doors getting sweeties so we meet up with some of his friends and their mums and walked round together. It was lovely but my word they were hyper! As I said the pamper day was fab. I had a lovely girl called Tina who treated me to a relaxing back massage, followed by rubbing some oils into my pregnant belly then into my legs/feet/hands etc before finishing on a facial. It was bliss. Afterwards my mum, mother-in-law and I all headed down to their Victorian Spa to relax before lunch. God I want to go back right now, it's been another busy week and I need more de-stressing.

My son is having a Lego Marvel Superheroes themed 5th birthday party at the start of December so I knocked up the invites last weekend and they went out to all his little friends on Monday. It's nice to see some parents have replied already so fingers crossed there's a good turn out for him. I just need to start thinking about what food to serve now oh and party bags!

Tuesday this week was spent doing some final Christmas shopping with my mum which was nice as we got to spend time just the two of us and I could tick more things off my list. I suffered the next day from all the walking though, 4 hours stalking around shops I wouldn't recommend when almost 31 weeks pregnant. Luckily I managed to persuade the other half to give me a little leg massage, he's a keeper. In the afternoon there was a surprise delivery from John Lewis with the baby's cot bed and dresser unit. I didn't expect it to arrive so was totally unprepared and the nursery hadn't been wallpapered yet so I was silently freaking out when the delivery men said they'd build the furniture for us. However there was plenty of space in the room for the furniture to be built and it would be one less thing for the other half and I to do so we just went ahead. The baby's nursery is getting wallpapered today anyway so it's fine, all will be complete soon.

I finally bought some baby clothes this week, I thought it was about time I bought something for the little one to wear and I spotted some cute vests and sleepsuits in Next so just got them. I had some credit online after returning a few maternity tops and trousers so it worked out well. If anyone's interested here's the links to what I bought:

My Daddy is Funny Sleepsuit
My Mummy is Yummy Sleepsuit
Three Pack Alphabet Animals Bodysuits
Three Pack Alphabet Animals Sleepsuits
Mummy Loves Me Sleepsuit
Daddy's Little Star Sleepsuit

I also bought some socks from GAP which look so tiny and make me feel a bit scared they're that small. All I really need now is a hat and to get Logan's old snowsuits down from the loft for a wash and I'm sorted. I can always get other bits and bobs when baby is born.

Baby/pregnancy wise the little squirmer is moving non stop which is great for peace of mind and not so good for my bladder but hey you can't have it all. The baby now measures over 16 inches long (maybe around 18 inches?) and almost 3 1/3 pounds (about the size of a coconut). It looks as though a big growth spurt is about to start according to all the pregnancy websites so my uncomfortableness is only going to get worse as the baby chunks up. It's not so bad when I'm at home as I can move around and do what I please. It's more when I have to sit at my desk at work, I feel squashed and can't find a comfy sitting position in the computer chair. My legs seem to be a lot more achy now and the cramps at night are getting ridiculous. The other half is constantly getting a fright when I jump out of bed with cramps trying to stretch my legs, poor scone. Not long to go now though.

This weekend it's one of Logan's granny's birthdays so we'll be out and about visiting and there's a fireworks display near us which we'll pop along to for a little while. No doubt Logan will probably want to go swimming as well so we'll do that at some point but think I'll avoid the wave pool this time!

31 Weeks Pregnant

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ghostwritermummy on 13 November 2014 at 19:47 said...

Ah your bump is looking fab! Hope you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy :) x x x

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