16 November 2014

Bargains of The Week - w/c 10.11.14

This week I managed to get my hands on a few little bits and bobs and even a small something for the baby. It's nothing too exciting though as you're about to see.

Baby Nail Clippers
Cutting babies nails fills me with dread as their fingers and toes are just so tiny. I used to try and nibble Logan's off but that never really worked as his nails were always so soft. This time round I'm prepared though and managed to find these Tommee Tippee Baby Nail Clippers for £1.99 at Superdrug. Good wee bargain considering they're almost £5.00 on amazon.

You can't go wrong with new pj's and Logan's getting to the stage where his 4-5 year old ones just aren't fitting anymore. Luckily our local Sainsbury's had a little sale on with some of their kids clothes, probably clearing old stock out and making room for new products, so I managed to get a lovely 2 pack of pj's for half price so £5.50 instead of £11. Not bad for two pairs of pj's and I like the quality of Sainsbury's clothes. They always seem to wash so well.

Superhero Clothes
My son is a mad superhero fan so when I spotted Sports Direct having a clear out of superhero clothes on ebay I dived right in there. I managed to buy 6 t-shirts/tops, 1 hoodie, 1 rain jacket, a 3 pack of socks and a 2 pack of men's pj bottoms all for £50.47. Major bargain as most of the tops had been selling for £10-£12 each before the sale and at least that's some extra Christmas presents purchased.

Christmas Story
I'm going to be doing another Christmas Hamper for my son this year and have been scouring the shops and internet looking for little Christmas goodies to fill his hamper with. I'll be writing up a separate post on it shortly but I had to share this little bargain which I found on Amazon. The Snowman and the Snowdog: Book and Toy Giftset. It's now £5.00 reduced from around £10.00 and considering the book alone is over £5.00 this is a great little present for anyone who loves these stories. We watched the cartoon on TV last year and Logan loved it so hopefully he'll like this just as much.

Clean Teeth
My last bargain of the week is this lovely Colgate Spider Sense Spider-man toothbrush which usually retails for around £5-6 but which I managed to pick up in our local Sainsbury's for £3.00. They're normally reduced every so often so I always buy a few and keep them handy for when a replacement is required. They're good as extra little presents or for a Christmas stocking filler. There's also a Barbie one for any Barbie fans out there.

This is not a sponsored post. I just like sharing all the bargains I've managed to purchase with you.

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Molly on 18 November 2014 at 11:35 said...

I definitely need to invest in some baby nail clippers. I can't keep this bub in scratch mitts forever!

The Breastest News on 18 November 2014 at 11:41 said...

Aww, that was my plan haha. I'm terrified of cutting little one's nails but I'll give it a go with these little nail clippers.

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