29 November 2014

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

The tiredness has well and truly hit me this week and I honestly can't be bothered doing anything much. It's very sad and pathetic but I just want to rest now. I wish I could finish up at work sooner but still have another 3 weeks to go, on the plus side I'll have more time with the baby if I wait to go on maternity leave so worth it in the end. There's not much been happening this week which is nice for a change, the only big thing that's happened is one of our dogs had to have knee surgery so she's limping around feeling sorry for herself. She's on strict bed rest for a good few weeks too and has to take pain killers a few times a day which are a nightmare to get down her neck! Going to have to try some crafty tricks as she keeps spitting the tablets back up.

At 34 weeks the baby is chunking up even more and the central nervous system is starting to mature along with the lungs, although the lungs still won't be fully mature until around 36-37 weeks. Half way through this week I wasn't feeling much movement so the next day I popped into the hospital for a check up to be on the safe side. Luckily everything was fine and the other half and I were even lucky enough to get a scan to see how our little one was doing. We discovered that the baby was no longer breech and was head down snuggled up as it should be. I wondered if this was the reason I hadn't felt much movement or because the movements had changed from what I was used to since the baby turned. We got to see the baby's face and OMG there's a little person in there! It was fascinating to see but very surreal in a nice way. Can't believe we'll get to meet our little one in 6 weeks.

I still haven't got my hospital bag packed which is a major sin at this stage. I've got most bits and pieces for it but I really really need to get my finger out and see it done. I've been saying to myself for the past few weeks "must pack that hospital bag tonight" but I've never got round to it and there's no excuse now. This weekend I will definitely pack some form of hospital bag, even if it's the basics.

34 Weeks Pregnant

25 November 2014

Review: Halo Pet Products

The lovely people from Halo recently go in touch to see if I would like to try out any of their cleaning products from their website www.halononbio.co.uk. I had a little nosey and the products that really stood out for me the most was their pet range, so Halo sent me a couple of items to review for them.

Here's a bit of background info on Halo first: "With their first appearance on “Dragon’s Den” in 2009, halo Non Bio burst into the public eye with their revolutionary superbug-beating products whilst doing the unthinkable and rejecting the Dragon’s offer of £100,000 investment to go it alone. Paul started his career as a medic in the Royal Army Medical Corps after leaving school. It was in this capacity that he began to gain a real appreciation of the importance of hygiene and infection control which was always a priority for him and the Medical Corps as a whole. On leaving the services, Paul then decided to study Chemistry in the evenings to expand his knowledge and develop his idea of bringing to market a product that was mild yet highly effective against all germs, including Superbugs. After 6 years of study and researching ways of achieving his ambition, Paul finally had developed his product and began exhaustive testing. In 2004 the revolutionary product range was launched to rave reviews."

With two dogs in the house it's double the trouble and double the mess so first up for review is the Odour Eliminating Pet Grooming Wipes. These are perfect for time strapped pet owners or owners who's animals are afraid of the bath/water. You get a tub of 80 wipes (13cm x 23cm) which are suitable for; dogs, cats, horses and small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc). The active ingredient in these wipes, Hygienilac, is a veterinary anti-bacterial and anti-fungal solution which is proven to reduce odours. The tub that houses the wipes is a good size and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, easy to grip and hold even for my small hands. It has a flip open top lid which closes again securely to stop wipes drying out. On first use you open the tub and feed the wipes through the hole at the top, took me a couple of attempts but I got there in the end. Only trouble is the wipes get stuck and rip after the first 2 have passed through which is a pain, then they break off and you have to feed it back through the hole again. This was quite inconvenient and frustrating and I ended up just taking the lid off altogether to save time and hassle.

As for the wipes themselves they're a good size and texture, not too wet but just enough to easily clean your animal. I used about 3 wipes on Lexie to go over her back, legs, feet and underside which I thought wasn't too bad. She's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier by the way for reference. The wipes smell amazing, such a fresh light scent. I'm not exactly sure what it smells of but it reminds me of a clean spearmint smell. It's really nice and not strong at all, if there's a strong smell my dogs will sneeze but there was no sneezing to be heard. Overall these wipes really did the trick, the girls were wiped and smelling fresh within minutes and it was just like getting petted for them so they loved it. Their coats felt cleaner afterwards and they didn't take any reactions to them so I was really happy.

The next product up for review is the Fabric Odour Eliminator spray. It's a massive 750ml bottle of smell busting solution and I'm happy to say it actually works, yippee! I sprayed it on the dogs beds and what a difference, so much fresher and no lingering smells. This spray smells very similar to the wipes, nice soft clean scent. It's an easy to use spray, just turn the on off nozzle at the top and spray away. It's best to shake the bottle before use to activate the ingredients though. There's quite a few benefits to using this product bar the fact it kills odours, urine, food, saliva, pet and poop smells, it also kills salmonella, listeria and e.coli. Good stuff and perfect when you have young children in the house.

Overall two very good products and both which I would recommend to family and friends with pets. The wipes make life easier for keeping the dogs clean and fresh and saves so much hassle when it comes to giving them a good clean. The spray is perfect. It makes the dogs bedding smell fresh and keeps it odour free until it's ready for a proper wash. The wipes retail for £3.24 and the spray retails for £4.20, both can be purchased on the Halo website and you can even use Paypal which I always find is very handy. My only issue is with the wipes tub and how the wipes don't come out properly through the hole and how they rip and then stop coming out altogether. That was a pain and a bit annoying but the wipes themselves are great.

Mummies rating - 7/10

For more products and information please visit www.halononbio.co.uk. You can also see what Halo get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

Happy girls with their clean coats and fresh beds.

24 November 2014

A Peek Around The Baby's Nursery

As well as redecorating our son's room this year the other half and I have had to turn our spare room into the baby's nursery. To be honest we hadn't long had it decorated before we found out I was pregnant so there wasn't exactly loads to be done. The room had been painted a light baby blue which we've decided to keep even though we don't know the sex of our baby. It's a lovely colour and we've managed to find some cute farmyard wallpaper as a feature wall to match with it. This makes the room look more unisex so fit for a boy or a girl.

From the photos above you can see we have the back wall wallpapered and we have the nice white Boori Sleigh Cot Bed in the corner. It's got a built in pull out drawer underneath which is really sturdy and perfect for storing all the baby's bedding. Accessory wise I seem to have unwittingly picked up jungle items i.e. Fisher-Price Rainforest Mobile, Fisher-Price Changing Mat & Slumber Buddies Eddie the Elephant. No matter though, we can have jungle animals in our farmyard - right!? The room doesn't really have much in it at the moment and still seems a bit bare to me but what it might just need is a lovely pair of curtains maybe.

As well as the Boori Sleigh Cot Bed the other half and I decided to purchase the Dresser which matched with it. Although there is a built in wardrobe in this room we're using it with some of our clothes at the moment so required the extra storage. The Dresser doubles as a changing unit as well which is great as I had a changing unit with Logan and it totally saved my back. As you can see from the photos I've been cramming bits and pieces into the Dresser already but I'll need to sort and organise it all soon before baby gets here.

Last but not least is the little Apple Tree Farm lamp shade which I purchased on Amazon. I didn't want any sort of bright light so going for a lamp shade and energy saving bulb instead keeps the room cosy. And of course this lamp shade matches in with the wallpaper perfectly.

So there you go, that's the baby's room so far. Like I said it still feels like it needs a little something extra like some curtains but when the baby's born I'll also get some personalised bits and bobs such as cute name bunting, art work for the walls etc.

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23 November 2014

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22 November 2014

Pregnancy: 33 Weeks

I'm a bit grumpy and tired this week and really need to make a point of slowing down I think. The leg cramps have ramped up majorly at night this past week where I'm jumping out of bed in agony almost every night. When I wake in the morning it feels like I've had a hard gym session as my legs throb and ache so much. Not good at all, and it's not just my calves I'm getting cramp in! Oh no, I'm getting it in my shins, up the side of my lower leg, near my knee, in my feet etc. Very sore and very frustrating as takes me ages to calm the muscles down to a relaxed state again.

The baby this week is just over 4lbs and around 17 inches long, about the size of a pineapple. It's brain and nervous system are fully developed and it's bones are continuing to harden apart from the skull of course. The midwife said last week that my baby was still in the breech position and it was again the same this week when I visited the hospital to be booked in for my planned c-section. It obviously doesn't matter to me what position the baby is in due to having a planned c-section however it would be nice if it turned soon to give me some room to breathe/eat/ease off on the heartburn etc.

So yeah all booked in for my c-section in January, just like that! I had a quick chat with the consultant and midwife to make sure I was happy to go ahead with it, we picked a date and the consultant phoned up the hospital to book me in and explained a few bits and pieces and that was it. Done and dusted, just like that. It felt a bit weird knowing (if all going well) my second child would be born on a certain date. I'm just happy that I don't have to go through the whole trauma of birth again as Logan's was horrendous.

I got to meet up with one of my friends and her cute son for some chat and breakfast this week which was nice. It's good getting out of the house and not doing very much apart from having a good chin wag. One of my colleagues at work was leaving today for pastures new so the team went out for a lovely lunch. It was so tasty but there was so much I could have done with a nice sleep afterwards. Can't really do that at my desk though, pity.

This weekend the family haven't got much plans, thank goodness. The other half and I are going round to friends one night but it'll be a relaxing adult only affair and Logan gets to enjoy staying with his Granny and Grandad. There, of course, will be the obligatory swimming at some point but I'm sure I can manage, just...

33 Weeks Pregnant

18 November 2014

December Christmas Hamper for Kids

A lot of people seem to do Christmas Eve Hampers for their kids and last year I did one for Logan too which he totally loved however I felt giving it to him on Christmas Eve was just a little bit too late as he never got the full use out of some of the items i.e. Christmas DVD. So this year I'm making a December Christmas Hamper for him instead and giving it to him on 1st December so he has plenty of time to enjoy the goodies inside and watch his DVD over and over again. For reference this is what I included in his 2013 Christmas Hamper:

2x New Pj's (Angry Birds Star Wars & The Hulk)
1x Xmas Dvd (The Grinch)
1x Bag of Popcorn (Sainsbury's Smoked Paprika)
1x Christmas Story (The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas - highly recommend btw)
1x Flashy Name Badge
1x Santa's Magic Key with The Hulk Keyring
1x Tube of Freddo Choccies

And here's what I'm planning on putting in the 2014 hamper for him:

Christmas Pyjamas
Everyone needs a new set of Christmas pyjamas, it's the law! Since my son is a mad superhero fan (only mentioned it like once to a hundred times already) I bagged some of these cool Superman pj's in the sale from John Lewis last year and just kept them aside for this year. Can't exactly remember how much I managed to get them for but think it was around half price.

Christmas DVD - An Elf's Story: The Elf on the Shelf
Everyone's been raving about The Elf on the Shelf so I thought I'd buy this DVD for the family to watch. Fingers crossed Logan snuggles down on the sofa with us to enjoy it. Bought from Argos for £2.99 back in August. Currently £4.99 on Amazon.

Slipper Socks
I love a pair of slipper socks myself or cosy fluffy ones you can wear round the house. My son has taken to this with glee also and loves a new pair of comfy socks. I spotted these slipper socks in the Mothercare sale £2.00 down from £7.00 and I had to have them for his hamper.

Advent Calendar
Since I'll be giving this hamper to Logan on 1st December I thought it would be a great idea to include his advent calendar in it. He's not a massive chocolate fan but is a huge fan of Lego so I purchased this when it was reduced on Amazon for £15.00 instead of £22.99. I have noticed I could have bought it in the Tesco clubcard boost though for a good price so a bit gutted about that. Oh well, can't win them all.

Santa's Magic Key
We don't have a chimney so of course Santa will need a magic key to get into our house and leave all the nice presents. How else would he get in!? Last year we went to a local key cutters and asked them to make us a special Santa key instead of buying some of the other ones we'd seen. Since it's such a nice little key I think we'll be using it again and popping it into the hamper this time round.

Christmas Story Book - The Snowman and the Snowdog
I was going to put in a different Christmas story this year but when I spotted this on Amazon for £5.00 I couldn't resist. It's a cute little gift set with a cuddle Snowdog toy included. The Snowmand and the Snowdog book costs over a fiver on it's own so I think this was really good value. We all enjoyed the cartoon last year so fingers crossed this is a hit.

And the finished hamper - Ta Da!
2014 Christmas Hamper
As you can see there's only 6 items in this hamper however Logan will love it. It's got all the things he likes and I may even put in a packet of jelly sweeties just to keep him happy. I'd love to hear if other people are doing hampers for their little ones this Christmas and what you're putting in them?

This is not a sponsored post. I bought all of these items and all words and opinions are my own.

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16 November 2014

Bargains of The Week - w/c 10.11.14

This week I managed to get my hands on a few little bits and bobs and even a small something for the baby. It's nothing too exciting though as you're about to see.

Baby Nail Clippers
Cutting babies nails fills me with dread as their fingers and toes are just so tiny. I used to try and nibble Logan's off but that never really worked as his nails were always so soft. This time round I'm prepared though and managed to find these Tommee Tippee Baby Nail Clippers for £1.99 at Superdrug. Good wee bargain considering they're almost £5.00 on amazon.

You can't go wrong with new pj's and Logan's getting to the stage where his 4-5 year old ones just aren't fitting anymore. Luckily our local Sainsbury's had a little sale on with some of their kids clothes, probably clearing old stock out and making room for new products, so I managed to get a lovely 2 pack of pj's for half price so £5.50 instead of £11. Not bad for two pairs of pj's and I like the quality of Sainsbury's clothes. They always seem to wash so well.

Superhero Clothes
My son is a mad superhero fan so when I spotted Sports Direct having a clear out of superhero clothes on ebay I dived right in there. I managed to buy 6 t-shirts/tops, 1 hoodie, 1 rain jacket, a 3 pack of socks and a 2 pack of men's pj bottoms all for £50.47. Major bargain as most of the tops had been selling for £10-£12 each before the sale and at least that's some extra Christmas presents purchased.

Christmas Story
I'm going to be doing another Christmas Hamper for my son this year and have been scouring the shops and internet looking for little Christmas goodies to fill his hamper with. I'll be writing up a separate post on it shortly but I had to share this little bargain which I found on Amazon. The Snowman and the Snowdog: Book and Toy Giftset. It's now £5.00 reduced from around £10.00 and considering the book alone is over £5.00 this is a great little present for anyone who loves these stories. We watched the cartoon on TV last year and Logan loved it so hopefully he'll like this just as much.

Clean Teeth
My last bargain of the week is this lovely Colgate Spider Sense Spider-man toothbrush which usually retails for around £5-6 but which I managed to pick up in our local Sainsbury's for £3.00. They're normally reduced every so often so I always buy a few and keep them handy for when a replacement is required. They're good as extra little presents or for a Christmas stocking filler. There's also a Barbie one for any Barbie fans out there.

This is not a sponsored post. I just like sharing all the bargains I've managed to purchase with you.

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15 November 2014

Pregnancy: 32 Weeks

I'm feeling completely burnt out this week. It just never seems to stop in our house but I'm sure we're not the only ones. Everything is starting to ache as the baby piles on the pounds, especially my abdominal muscles. I've had a few people say how big the bump looks recently so there most definitely is some serious growing going on in there. Only 8 weeks to go now really, eek! At this stage most pregnancy websites are saying the baby has fully formed toenails, fingernails and hair. Although my son was born with hardly any hair, more like white/blonde fuzz, so I'll be surprised if this baby has any. Some websites are saying that the baby has a little sleeping pattern going on and can even dream, very fascinating. I'm getting more and more leg cramps which are a right pain and even managed to get cramp in my hand when I picked up my hand bag the wrong way! At least there's not long to go now.

This week saw our first parents evening for Logan which was exciting but over with so quickly. It's nice to hear all is going well so far for him at school and he's enjoying himself and engaging with the staff and his class mates. I had another midwife appointment which went well and I confirmed I definitely want an elective c-section. I'll be speaking to my consultant soon to have it all booked in, gulp! One thing the midwife did say is that my iron levels weren't looking too hot, not low enough to warrant any tablets but best take some action so I can avoid tablets altogether so out comes the dark chocolate. I'd forgotten how bitter dark chocolate really is but it's all for a good cause.

It was school in-service days for Logan on Thursday and Friday this week so off we went to soft play on Thursday to expend some energy. It was so quiet to start with so I thought I'd jump in beside him to play. My word, at 32 weeks pregnant I'm just not cut out for squeezing through the play equipment anymore! Logan didn't seem to mind too much thankfully and soon had some friends his own age to play with. In the evening it was off to swimming lessons which didn't go well at all. He wouldn't listen to the teacher and then had a complete meltdown when it was time to come out when lessons had finished. Thankfully the other half was there to carry him into the changing room otherwise I wouldn't have been able to lift him - he's massive for 4 years old. However Logan had other plans and tried to escape which ended up with me dragging him back to the changing room and barricading the door. Queue major tantrum meltdown and much screaming. Goodness only knows what the other parents must have thought, he sounded like he was being murdered which of course he wasn't. Eventually he calmed down after the other half and I ignored him which was really hard. He did say he was really sorry and he didn't know what was happening which I completely believe as being autistic sometimes makes him do things he seems to have no control over. I think that may be the end of swimming lessons for him though as he hasn't been listening to the teacher for the last few weeks and it's not fair stressing everyone out, himself included.

Friday it was my lovely Mum's birthday so after work I took her out for a nice little meal and treated her to the Dreamboys! It was funny watching the men on stage strut their stuff and the dance moves were questionable but some of the women in there were like animals!! At one point one girl almost took her clothes off trying to get picked to go up on stage! I felt ashamed to be female. Needless to say after that my Mum and I left early, we'd had enough of looking at desperate women for one night and all the drunks were getting on our nerves. Either that or I was just a really grumpy pregnant woman needing a hug and some sleep.

Today has at least been a little quieter with a relaxing morning then off to one of Logan's friends parties in the afternoon. Lots of bouncy castle fun for all the kids. There's lots planned again for next week but hopefully I'll get a little rest here and there.

32 Weeks Pregnant

12 November 2014

Review: Baroo Ellefunk Maternity Pillow

Now that I'm into the final stretch of pregnancy it's becoming more and more difficult to get comfy in bed at night which is a real pain. I'm one of those people who need their sleep and become very cranky if they don't get it. So when Baroo asked if I'd like to review one of their maternity pillows I jumped at the chance.

I received the gorgeous Baroo Ellefunk Maternity Pillow which came neatly packaged in it's own handy zip bag. Baroo describe their product as "Super versatile! Great for helping find that comfy sleep position in the latter stages of pregnancy, a huge help when breast or bottle feeding and fab for providing some extra assistance as baby masters the art of sitting up." Obviously I can only give my view on the maternity benefits since my baby isn't here yet but so far so good.

It really is a massive pillow, measuring at 140cm long, 15cm wide and 30cm deep. In fact it's almost the length of me (if I was a little shorter). It has a removable washable 100% cotton cover which comes in 3 different styles: Ellefunk, Tweetdreams or Beige Stars. I choose Ellefunk because it's bright, cheerful and has elephants on it. What's not to love eh? It has a long extra piece of fabric at the end of each side of the pillow which I can only assume is used for tying together when you have a baby and using as a baby support pillow. I couldn't find any info on these ties on the Baroo website unfortunately so just my guess. They don't get in the way when using as a maternity pillow though which is good.

The Baroo Maternity Pillow fresh out of it's packaging.

I'm really surprised by how comfortable this pillow actually is. I've been using it every night for a couple of weeks now and it's really helped improve my sleep. The pillow is soft but plump and has maintained it's shape even after all the squashing and rolling around I've been doing with it. I like to lie on my side and pop one end of the pillow between my knees and have the curve come up and under my bump and finally snuggle into the top of the pillow. It's made my nights so much more peaceful. I also find it really useful when reading etc as it supports my neck and around my back taking the pressure from my abdominal muscles.

What the pillow looks like once given time to plump up after removing from it's bag.

The cost of these Baroo Maternity Pillows are £39.99 each and can be purchased directly from the Baroo website.

Overall this is a lovely pillow and has definitely been of benefit to me whilst sleeping and getting comfy. I have tried other brands of maternity pillow and this Baroo one is high up on my list of good ones. I think the price is fair since it'll last from maternity and hopefully right through to helping with breastfeeding and supporting baby when learning to sit up. I'll probably be taking this into hospital with me for when I go to have my baby so getting more usage out of it. The zip bag that it comes with is very handy as well and the pillow is easy and simple to put back into the bag. Must have taken me all of 5 seconds when I tried. The zip bag has a handle at the top too so easy to carry around and keeps the pillow clean.

Mummies rating - 8/10

For more products and information please visit www.baroo.co.uk. You can also see what Baroo get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over to say hello. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

I was provided with the Baroo Ellefunk Maternity Pillow free of charge in return for an honest review. All opinions and words are my own.

9 November 2014

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8 November 2014

Pregnancy: 31 Weeks

Well the pamper day at Crieff Hydro last Saturday was amazing! And totally well deserved might I add after the crazy Halloween trick or treating the Friday night before. Logan was super excited when I got home from work on Friday and was practically bouncing off the walls. It was his first trick or treating experience going round the neighbours doors getting sweeties so we meet up with some of his friends and their mums and walked round together. It was lovely but my word they were hyper! As I said the pamper day was fab. I had a lovely girl called Tina who treated me to a relaxing back massage, followed by rubbing some oils into my pregnant belly then into my legs/feet/hands etc before finishing on a facial. It was bliss. Afterwards my mum, mother-in-law and I all headed down to their Victorian Spa to relax before lunch. God I want to go back right now, it's been another busy week and I need more de-stressing.

My son is having a Lego Marvel Superheroes themed 5th birthday party at the start of December so I knocked up the invites last weekend and they went out to all his little friends on Monday. It's nice to see some parents have replied already so fingers crossed there's a good turn out for him. I just need to start thinking about what food to serve now oh and party bags!

Tuesday this week was spent doing some final Christmas shopping with my mum which was nice as we got to spend time just the two of us and I could tick more things off my list. I suffered the next day from all the walking though, 4 hours stalking around shops I wouldn't recommend when almost 31 weeks pregnant. Luckily I managed to persuade the other half to give me a little leg massage, he's a keeper. In the afternoon there was a surprise delivery from John Lewis with the baby's cot bed and dresser unit. I didn't expect it to arrive so was totally unprepared and the nursery hadn't been wallpapered yet so I was silently freaking out when the delivery men said they'd build the furniture for us. However there was plenty of space in the room for the furniture to be built and it would be one less thing for the other half and I to do so we just went ahead. The baby's nursery is getting wallpapered today anyway so it's fine, all will be complete soon.

I finally bought some baby clothes this week, I thought it was about time I bought something for the little one to wear and I spotted some cute vests and sleepsuits in Next so just got them. I had some credit online after returning a few maternity tops and trousers so it worked out well. If anyone's interested here's the links to what I bought:

My Daddy is Funny Sleepsuit
My Mummy is Yummy Sleepsuit
Three Pack Alphabet Animals Bodysuits
Three Pack Alphabet Animals Sleepsuits
Mummy Loves Me Sleepsuit
Daddy's Little Star Sleepsuit

I also bought some socks from GAP which look so tiny and make me feel a bit scared they're that small. All I really need now is a hat and to get Logan's old snowsuits down from the loft for a wash and I'm sorted. I can always get other bits and bobs when baby is born.

Baby/pregnancy wise the little squirmer is moving non stop which is great for peace of mind and not so good for my bladder but hey you can't have it all. The baby now measures over 16 inches long (maybe around 18 inches?) and almost 3 1/3 pounds (about the size of a coconut). It looks as though a big growth spurt is about to start according to all the pregnancy websites so my uncomfortableness is only going to get worse as the baby chunks up. It's not so bad when I'm at home as I can move around and do what I please. It's more when I have to sit at my desk at work, I feel squashed and can't find a comfy sitting position in the computer chair. My legs seem to be a lot more achy now and the cramps at night are getting ridiculous. The other half is constantly getting a fright when I jump out of bed with cramps trying to stretch my legs, poor scone. Not long to go now though.

This weekend it's one of Logan's granny's birthdays so we'll be out and about visiting and there's a fireworks display near us which we'll pop along to for a little while. No doubt Logan will probably want to go swimming as well so we'll do that at some point but think I'll avoid the wave pool this time!

31 Weeks Pregnant

6 November 2014

Bargains of The Week - w/c 03.11.14

I absolutely 100% love getting a bargain at the shops, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know I've managed to purchase something we needed or as a present but at a great price. Everyone's idea of a bargain is difference of course but I thought I'd start a little weekly/monthly post (depending on how many bargains I actually get) to showcase some of the goodies I've managed to purchase, at what I'd class as, a good price.

Halloween Treats
So Halloween is now over and the shops have been going mad since Friday frantically reducing all their Halloween stock to make way for their Christmas items. Fantastic I say, this is normally when you can pick up some great stuff for rock bottom prices. Check out what I managed to grab.

As you can see for the photo I got a little stash of goodies. I got 3x 10 pack of glow sticks (£1.00 each), 1x 2 pack of glow glasses (50p), 1x glow in the dark magic mask (75p), 1x spinning wand (50p) and 1x loot bucket (25p). All of these were at least half price or more in some cases and the glow sticks/mask/glasses/wand can be used for Bonfire night this coming weekend so I don't have to shell out a tenner for a spinny glow wand that'll break within 5 minutes!

Encouraging Reading Skills
Logan was awarded a certificate from the head teacher at his school last week for best reader of the month out of the three primary one classes. To say he was well chuffed is an understatement and it was great to see him so happy for achieving something so good. He got a Leap Frog Leap Reader for his Christmas last year so when I spotted this book in Mothercare (of all places) I just had to have it to add to his collection. Keeping it aside as a Birthday/Christmas present though.

As you can see it was £12.99 reduced to £4.00 which I thought was really good as it's currently £8.64 on Amazon. Happy days!

Boys Clothes
If you have a boy you'll know how filthy they seem to get sometimes from doing absolutely nothing so getting your hands on a cheap t-shirt or two is great. I don't know about you but my son seems to stain so many of his t-shirts with no effort what so ever which means they often have to get put in the bin or kept aside for days when I know he'll be getting messy again.

These two t-shirts are Bluezoo from Debenhams and instead of £6.00 each I paid £3.00 each. Not much of a bargain but still half price and nice little t-shirts that will be well loved. The "Don't Invade My Space!" one is my fav.

Party Shoes for Kids
Boys get a tough deal when it comes to party shoes I think. There's never as much choice as what little girls have and they never seem as exciting either but hey ho, that's life I guess. With Christmas parties and Birthday parties round the corner I'm just happy to get some nice footwear for Logan.

Now I know these aren't exactly party shoes however it's winter and these cute leather boots from Clarks will go perfectly with jeans and a fancy shirt for any party. The best thing about them is they only cost £26.49 and having checked the Clarks website for similar boots they would have originally cost around £50!! And considering Logan seems to go through shoes every 3 months at the moment I don't really want to be spending as much as that all the time.

Now that Logan has moved up to a bigger bed (small double) it's handy to have a few changes of sheets just in case. Not the most exciting of bargains but I found this double fitted sheet in Sainsbury's for only £4.50 which I thought was great value considering Asda etc sell double fitted sheets for £11. I like the quality of the Sainsbury's clothes so hopefully this fitted sheet has the same standards.

Well that's my bargains of the week so far. I'd love to see what bargains other people have managed to snag this week so please feel free to share.


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