10 October 2014

Pregnancy: 27 Weeks

Another busy old week for me, the fun just never stops! I think second time round things seem to move a lot faster in pregnancy because you already have another little one to look after. Can't quite believe just how quickly this pregnancy is moving though and that's me practically into the third trimester now.

According to a few pregnancy websites my baby is almost 2lbs in weight (about the size of a head of cauliflower) and is around 14.5 inches long from head to toe. Some websites say that if my other half presses his ear against my tummy he may hear the babies heartbeat! I'll have to give that a go later and see what happens.

I had my fit to fly appointment this week with the consultant as we'll be jetting off soon for some relaxing time in the sun (I hope) and all went well. The baby was kicking away, my bump is measuring fine and the baby's heartbeat was clear and normal. So now all I have to do is find some sun cream and get the cases packed ready to rock. I just hope Logan manages to cope with the travel, fingers crossed.

Finally managed to get up the loft with some help from the other half to see what sorts of baby items we still had from when Logan was little. We found a car seat and iso-fix base, which is all ok and just needs a hoover and wipe down, the moses basket/pram (mamas and papas multi purpose one) which is totally fine too and is now all washed and smelling fresh. I even managed to order up a nice new mattress for it which should arrive next week. There's a lindam play pen, baby bath, fisher-price rainforest play mat, some baby toys which I'll investigate and clean, a handful of unisex clothes as I gave away/sold most, buggy - which is part of the mamas and papas pram and can be used when baby is sitting up, moses basket/pram stand, fisher-price rainforest jumperoo and I think that's it. It was nice to see everything had lasted and only needed a clean up for the new baby. It means we'll not need that much either apart from some unisex clothes, cot, mattress, cot and moses basket/pram sheets plus the essentials like nappies, wipes etc but hopefully we'll be organised in time for the baby's arrival.

The nursery wallpaper has arrived so when Logan's bedroom is complete that'll get put up in the spare room and I can start turning it into a baby nursery. The other half and I managed to decide on a cot bed and dresser unit which we purchased this week, hurray! It does take around 5-6 weeks to arrive though so kind of glad we decided and ordered now.

For the weekend ahead it'll be the start of Logan's room redecorating so to minimise the stress for everyone we'll be mostly out and about at swimming, soft play and visiting family probably. I'll post photos when Logan's room is all complete.

27 Weeks Pregnant

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