10 October 2014

My Baby Wish List

I've been looking through the odd baby magazine and having a nosy online recently at all the great baby products out there. There's so many items that would be fab to have but lets be honest, new born babies don't actually need much at all. As long as they are fed, clean, clothed and cosy they're usually quite happy. However I can always dream so thought I'd put together a little list of some of the products I've come across recently which would definitely be on my baby wish list.

Cuddledry Towels
I had a Cuddledry towel for my son when he was younger but stupidly sold it thinking I wasn't going to have another one. I'm distraught and should have kept it as it is the best baby towel ever! Honestly forget other baby towels, these stay soft, are massive and last forever. The one I had I used weekly for a good few years before selling it on and it was still like brand new.

They're very easy to use as well and keep you dry too. You basically just wrap the strap round your neck, push in the poppers and hey presto you're wearing a towel apron. It's then really easy to use both hands to securely pick up your baby.

My mum keeps asking what to get for the new baby so maybe I should say to her to get me a couple of these towels. They'll be well used if we do get any. Boots have an offer on at the moment where you can purchase your own Cuddledry Towel for £22.49 instead of £29.99 saving you £7.50.

Breastfeeding Butterfly
I came across this product in a magazine the other day and thought it looked really nice. It's from www.fayeandlou.co.uk. So much of the breastfeeding cover ups make you look like a sack but this looks just like a sling so no one would be any the wiser you're breastfeeding. Plus it looks like it'll cover the after birth mummy tum which I don't want to see hanging out and depressing me never mind anyone else. The step by step photo instructions on their website make the Breastfeeding Butterfly look really easy to use as well. There's nothing worse having to fiddle around when you've got a screaming hungry baby on your hands.

Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bag
These changing bags look lovely and I've seen so many people with them, all with good things to say too. With my son I used the changing bag I received with the travel system I purchased however it was a bit floppy and not as sturdy as this so did get on my nerves a bit when trying to find bits and pieces and the bag would get in the way.

At £79.00 these Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bags are cheap however I'll be using it almost ever day so usage per wear is probably pretty good. Might have to treat myself.

Boori Sleigh Royale Nursery Set
I really love this gorgeous nursery cotbed, dresser and wardrobe set from Boori. It's just beautiful and simple and would go great in our baby's nursery however I wouldn't need the wardrobe as have ones built into the room anyway. But still it's lovely to look at. It has a god awful price tag to go with it though (£1,558 for the cotbead and dresser or £2,357 with the wardrobe) but then it all depends what your budget is and the cotbed will obviously transform to a toddler bed when your baby is big enough.

Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest
My friend has one of these and they look amazing. It's designed around a semi-foetal position which is meant to make your baby feel the same sense of well being as they would have in the womb. Supposedly they're widely used on maternity wards in France!? As long as it's safe to use and helps my baby sleep better at nap times then I'm all for it. The Cacoonababy Nest can be used from birth up to around 4 months so not a great deal of usage there but definitely a nice thing to have.

So there you have it. Five items on my baby wish list so far and I'm sure I'll be adding more as the weeks go on. There's just so many cool and funky baby items out there these days, not that you need them all but my goodness they'd be great to have in your armory.

This is not a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.

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