15 October 2014

Must Have Trick or Treat Accessories for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching with only around 15 days left until your little ones will be desperately pleading to go trick or treating so I've put together a little list of some must have trick or treat accessories for this years Halloween adventures.

Galt Zombie Face Paints
Halloween wouldn't be complete without some scary face painting to match your child's chosen outfit so why not treat them to these lovely Galt Zombie face paints. You of course don't have to be a zombie and can use these face paints to create something even scarier! RRP £4.99.

Pounland Loot Buckets/Bags
Poundland have a great selection of loot buckets/bags for your little one to carry around door to door to store there accumulated treasures in on Halloween night and at only £1.00 it doesn't matter if the buckets/bags are a bit bashed at the end of it as you can always get a nice new one next year.

Sainsbury's Spinning Wands
My son got one of these spinning wands last year and it's great (although a bit annoying). It has 3 settings; a stop button (thank goodness), a spinning lights only mode, or spinning lights and spooky sounds mode. Great way to keep the younger kids entertained on the walk round the doors and it also gives that extra edge to their spooky costume. RRP £5.00 from Sainsbury's.

Glow Stick Pumpkin Pops
Set them off on their trick or treating journey the right way with these super cool glow stick pumpkin pops. Now supposedly you can purchase these from Asda however I'm struggling to find them on their website. You can however purchase from Amazon or eBay if need be.

Lego Batman Pyjamas
After a long night of trick or treating what better way to relax and count out their loot than in these gorgeous Lego Batman Pyjamas from Marks and Spencer. If you've got a superhero fan in your house (like we do) then these will definitely be appreciated and won't look out of place after Halloween too! RRP £13-18.

So there you have it, some must have trick or treat accessories for this coming Halloween to set the kids off on their loot collecting journey. If you have any other accessories which you think would be useful or are just plain cool then please do share.

This is not a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.

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