31 October 2014

Pregnancy: 30 Weeks

Well the grand milestone of 30 weeks pregnant has now been reached. Can't believe I only have 10 weeks left to go and only 7 weeks left at my work! It's scary how quickly this pregnancy has gone by.

I had a bit of a scare at the start of this week when I was sitting at work. My vision went blurry to the point where I couldn't read any words on my computer screen and I could see funny swirls. Then I started to get a sore head and some pains at the top of my stomach which wasn't great and to top it off my left side went numb. Even the left side of my tongue went numb! I seriously thought I was having a stroke or coming down with pre-eclampsia. Luckily when I called the maternity assessment ward the midwife told me to come right in for checks and even though I was there for about 3 hours everything was ok. The doctor put it down to a migraine and how sometimes in pregnancy it can do strange things to your body. Glad I went to get checked out (better safe than sorry) and at least I got a nosey at the new maternity hospital. The doctors and midwives were so nice, they even fed the other half and I which was very kind of them.

Bump getting a check up
The baby's cot bed and dresser unit are being delivered next week so I'm now chomping at the bit to have the nursery wallpapered and have Logan's furniture painted so it's done and out of the way. Hopefully by next weekend it'll be complete and I can relax a bit with one less thing to think about.

I've went a bit crazy Christmas wise this year and have almost bought and wrapped all the Christmas presents!! I know it's not even November yet however I'm desperately trying to get all the little jobs done and out of the way that I can do so I can relax and put my feet up especially since I'll be like a beached whale soon or more probably like a turtle struggling to right itself. I'm already finding it hard to put my socks on, maybe best I get Logan involved as he likes helping his Mummy.

The baby is now around 16 inches long and weighs almost 3lbs, this I'm told is roughly the size of a large cabbage. Pretty big then and it still has 10 more weeks to grow! I'm going to be waddling around soon I'm sure. My bump is solid so I have no idea how it's going to hold 10 more weeks of baby growing. It's good to know that the baby is now fully developed though but it's lungs still aren't mature enough yet for the outside world.

This weekend I'm looking forward to a pamper day at the lovely Crieff Hydro with my Mum and mother-in-law, I'm going to get a nice pregnancy massage, use their spa facilities and have lunch after so can't wait. A day of not doing very much and just taking it easy sounds fab.

30 Weeks Pregnant

29 October 2014

Giveaway: Munchkin Latch Newborn Starter Set


Here we have another fab giveaway from the lovely people at Munchkin. They've kindly agreed for my lucky readers to be in with the chance of winning one of their Munchkin Latch Newborn Bottle Starter Sets. Latch is their new bottle range designed around breastfeeding and how a baby drinks milk from the breast. Quite a good idea I say and it might just help out those breastfeeding mums who need a break or need to nip away for a night or two.

Here's what Munchkin have to say about their product: With the goal of helping new mums reach their breastfeeding goals, the revolutionary Munchkin LATCH™ bottle feeding system is designed to offer mum everything she needs to make the transition from breast to bottle feeding as natural and comfortable as possible, for mum and baby. Launched in June 2014, and the result of a 3 year programme of in-depth research, and testing, the LATCH™ feeding system has been developed in partnership with Lactation Consultants, Midwives, Health Care Specialists and a panel of Experienced Mums.

The LATCH teat has a truly innovative accordion base that moves, stretches and pumps, just like the breast, ensuring baby establishes and maintains a proper latch and continuous connection to help reduce the symptoms of colic. As baby grows, so does the LATCH™ teat range. Stage 2 and 3 teats allow Mum to increase the flow as baby’s feeding demands increase.

The slow flow rate of the LATCH™ teat mimics mums’ breast milk flow for a more natural feed, whilst the unique anti-colic valve on the base of the bottle ensures air bubbles do not pass through the milk, reducing the risk of colic. The LATCH™ patents-pending, accordion-style teat and anti-colic valve system offers a truly natural feeding experience because it:

  • Helps baby sustain a NATURAL LATCH: Experts agree a proper latch is achieved when Mum’s nipple reaches all the way back to baby’s soft palate. The unique accordion-style teat on LATCH™ gently flexes and stretches like the breast helping baby to latch correctly
  • Provides a more NATURAL FEEDING experience: When breastfeeding, baby controls the flow of milk by applying pressure to the base of mums nipple. The LATCH™ bottle mimics mum by compressing to release more milk as baby pushes against the teats base, for a comfortable and fulfilling feed
  • While feeding, provides NATURAL MOVEMENT as the accordion-style teat flexes as baby moves her head providing a continuous latch, reducing the ingestion of air. The one way, easy to clean anti-colic valve located at the base of the LATCH™ bottle allows for milk to flow while ensuring air bubbles do not enter the milk or travel through it.

“Lots of bottle companies attempt to make bottles that look like the breast – LATCH was created to truly function like the breast,” said Steve Dunn, chairman and CEO of Munchkin, Inc. “We know how important breastfeeding is for babies and mums, so we designed a product that provides an easy transition between the breast and bottle and back. We created a bottle that can be introduced into a mother’s breastfeeding routine and ultimately help her achieve her feeding goals.”

The LATCH bottles are available in a range of variety packs sizes ranging in price from RRP £6.99 to £29.99. The full LATCH bottle range will be available from Boots and Kiddicare from June 2014. Bottles come in 4oz/120ml and 8oz/240ml sizes. The Newborn Starter Bottle set includes 2 120ml bottles, 2 240ml bottles, 4 Stage 1 teats, 2 Stage 2 teats and the LATCH bottle & teat brush. Also available are 3 teat stages with advancing flow rates to meet baby’s needs.

If you fancy winning then please enter using the rafflecopter widge below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

28 October 2014

The Natural Birthing Company Q&A

Today on the blog I have a lovely Q&A for you all with the founders of The Natural Birthing Company, Jane Mason and Theresa Mouncey. They're here to tell us all about their fab company and it's very special products.

Tell us about The Natural Birthing Company and what inspired you to set it up? 
Established in 2011 initially to assist and educate women in pregnancy for preparation for childbirth. As midwives we were constantly seeing that women were unprepared and the fear of the unknown made  a huge impact on the outcome of their birthing process. The often sporadic ,traditional antenatal classes provided by the NHS were failing women and their families so this sparked off our passion to educate and assist in their journey. We initially offered natural birthing classes and HypnoBirthing to empower women and to remove the fear associated with childbirth. We know that birth can be the most empowering positive experience that a woman can have.

What things did you not want to compromise on at the start of your business?
The quality of the brand we did not want to compromise. Our branding and professionalism was key to our success. From the outset our goal was to provide a quality service that always put the customer first. Finances are a major hold back when setting up a company initially, but we quickly found that compromising on branding can have a huge negative impact on future sales.

What support did you receive when setting up your business?  
We had assistance from a local government organisation that gave support and mentoring in order to compile a business plan that would assist in gaining a business bank account. Further to this we had huge support from our local district council that provided us with two separate match funded grants. The second grant allowed us to develop our product range and further mentoring and support was provided during this time. We became a member of our local enterprise forum and which enabled us to attend workshops and networking events.

What were the biggest challenges in the early months? 
We encountered a huge learning curve, we may be midwives but our expertise in the business world was very limited. We quickly learnt how to deal with cold callers! Finances were also a huge challenge and continues to be so. We have had great support from our families and friends. Even our husbands have to be involved from driving through to cash flow forecasts.

Lessons you learned (and wish you’d known before)?
Lessons learnt are not to be too trusting and unfortunately you cannot take people at face value. We have had our fingers burnt in the past which has made us super cautious with our business partnerships now.

Tell us about your products and what are the health benefits?
Our products are all made from naturally derived ingredients and do not contain SLS, Parabens, Petrochemicals and mineral oils. We are Vegan friendly and our packaging is recyclable:

Cool it Mama A facial/ body Spritz: A perfect blend of Ylang ylang, Bergamot and grapefruit seeped  into an orange blossom water.  To help cool refresh and revive. It has a light floral scent for sensitive noses in pregnancy. Perfect for nausea, tiredness, swollen legs and the Baby Blues. Perfect for cooling “mama in labour”

Down below Perineal Massage oil: Helps to condition the skin and promotes suppleness and elasticity of the perineal area, allowing it to stretch more easily at birth. Can be used from 34 weeks onwards. Contains a blend of Rosehip, Apricot, Calendula and Evening Primrose oils, developed specifically for perineal massage. Perineal massage can reduce the risk of birth trauma. Fragrance free and contains no mineral oils.

Blissful Tincture an award winning product: Our tincture is perfect to provide  comfort to the delicate areas after birth. A blend of Hypericum and calendula for dilution in water. It is ideal for perineal soreness, grazes, stitches, haemorrhoids or caesarean section wounds. Eases discomort and encourages natural healing.

Bosom Buddies a breastfeeding survival kit: 3 Essential oil blends for the most common breastfeeding difficulties. Contains 2 Organic wash cloths and a trio of blended oils. Ooh! For use on swollen, tender, full breasts. Aah! For mothers with a low milk supply. Ouch! For use on sore nipples. The oils provide instant relief and comfort whilst helping to balance low mood and anxiety.

Where can we buy your products? 
A list of our stockists can be found here, www.naturalbirthingcompany.co.uk/stockists, or you can buy direct from our site.

What keeps you motivated as businesswomen? 
The positive reaction to our new brand for eg: developing the range was very stressful at times, even to the point of Are we doing the right thing here! When we launched the brand in April the response was immense and we are  now two proud mothers nurturing our baby. It is our passion and we know the products help women and ultimately this is what we set out to achieve.

Are there any new products in the pipeline? 
Yes we are working on more natural therapeutic items for new mums, but our products take quite a lot of research as we want mum’s to genuinely benefit from them.

A lot of mums would love to work for themselves, what advice can you give them? 
To work for yourself can be very difficult at times, it takes dedication, time-management skills, finances and most importantly you need support from your family and friends. To build up a business will take time and patience and you definitely need an element of both of those things to move you forward. There can be days where you wonder " what am i doing" " why am i putting myself through this", but if you have a good support network then it is definitely achievable. So my advice would be to go and do it if you have the passion! Don’t regret anything!

For more details please visit www.naturalbirthingcompany.co.uk.

26 October 2014

Silent Sunday 26.10.14


Pregnancy: 29 Weeks

I'm a couple of days late with my pregnancy update this week but my what another busy week it's been! For most of the week the family and I have been out of the country on a little trip to sunny Fuerteventura. It's one of the Canary Islands and it's great for young families as it's sunny with a cooling breeze and there's plenty of play parks situated around tasty restaurants. The beach is lovely and never seems to get too busy either so plenty of space for the little ones to run around. I'd highly recommend it. We all had a great time away although I struggled to sleep at night due to the heat and uncomfortable bed but apart from that and the odd swelling in my feet I was fine. It's just nice to have a change of scenery now and again but I'm glad to be back home and cracking on with the baby prep.

As I've said before the other half and I have most essential items from when our son was little but I've started writing a list of things we'll definitely need before baby no2 gets here. Nothing that exciting but things like nappies, wipes, sleepsuits etc. I should probably start writing a list of things I'll need for my hospital bag and the baby's hospital bag as well. You can never be too prepared really.

Logan's room is almost complete now and I'm practically vibrating with energy to have it finished so our attention can be turned to organising the baby's nursery. The walls are all painted, the wallpaper has been put up and his new big boy bed is in place complete with cool superhero bedding. All I need now is for his chest of drawers and rocking chair to be painted so they fit in with the colour scheme. I'm keeping my eyes open for a superhero bean bag of some description to add to the look. There's a Marvel Avengers one on the Very website or they also have a couple of Spiderman ones which look quite cool. Considering a couple of cushions for his bed and maybe a Captain America Shield rug for the floor. Can't wait till it's done. It'll look great but it's one less thing to think about.

As for the baby's room we've decided on a farm type theme with cute farmyard wallpaper for one wall as a feature and just accessorising with little bits and pieces as I find them. I know the Early Learning Centre have a Blossom Farm range so might check that out although everything doesn't have to match, a mix can be nice sometimes.

The baby is now around 2.5 pounds in weight (about the size of a butternut squash) and just over 15 inches long from head to toe, no wonder it's starting to feel even more cramped in there these days! Every day is party day for the baby it seems as it moves around like crazy. Sometimes it feels like it's making a rolling movement quite low into my pelvis and this normally has me running for the toilet before I wee myself. Supposedly the baby's sucking reflex has developed quite well recently and it can now suck it's thumb and fingers which sounds really cute. I've noticed I'm starting to feel a bit more breathless when doing the house work so have to take regular breaks (well that's my excuse anyway) and it's harder for me to get comfy enough to sleep at night. Let's hope a few cushions can sort that out as entertaining a nearly 5 year old is hard work sometimes.

29 Weeks Pregnant

19 October 2014

Silent Sunday 19.10.14


18 October 2014

Pregnancy: 28 Weeks

Another week and another flurry of activity. I had another midwife appointment this week to check my bloods so I should get the results soon. Fingers crossed I'm not anemic this time round. I don't feel tired apart from the expected, nothing like the last time where I could hardly keep my eyes open. Everything else was given the ok and I seem to be measuring 2 weeks ahead which probably means I'll have another big baby! Logan was just shy of 10lb but luckily I've got a c-section planned for this one *sighs with relief*.

It was all systems go with getting ready for our holiday as well. Holidays haven't gone to plan in the past so the other half and I tried to prepare as much as possible for this one to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Luckily for us the airport we were flying from provided a special team to help families travelling who may have special requirements, such as autism. Can I just say how great they have been and how much it helped Logan feel settled, no tantrums for us thankfully. We were fast tracked through check in and security then allowed first ish (it was very very busy) to the front of the queue for getting on the plane. It made travelling this time round a breeze compared to previous years. To keep Logan occupied on the plane I made sure to pack an array of goodies in his trunki including; stickers books, reading books, aeroplane making book, a new transformers toy, crisps and sweeties, kinder eggs with transformer toys inside, his iPad with new games and new movie etc. Anything the other half and I thought would keep him occupied and happy went in the trunki. A lot of the stuff wasn't newly bought either, it was things we already had in the house that maybe he hadn't seen in a while like his aeroplane book or cavemen sticker book.

Logan's room is well under way with all the walls repainted a plain white and now we're just waiting for the superhero wallpaper to be added as a feature wall. There's so many different bright colours in the wallpaper hence why we went for white paint for the rest of the walls. I've bought a selection of new superhero bedsheets and a lego marvel superheroes light shade which I can't wait to use. Pondering curtains as well however his window is in a coombe so don't want to block out too much natural light. I'll wait and see how everything else looks first. I've also got a cool lego superman clock which Logan will be getting for his birthday so another little thing to add to his room. I'm sure there will be plenty more accessories we come across though.

I haven't bought anything else for the baby, I think I've been too busy concentrating on the holiday and Logan's bedroom so once his room's complete (hopefully by the end of next week) I can make a start on buying little bits and pieces. Nothing exciting mind you as we don't need much. Just some unisex clothes for the first few weeks.

28 Weeks Pregnant

15 October 2014

Must Have Trick or Treat Accessories for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching with only around 15 days left until your little ones will be desperately pleading to go trick or treating so I've put together a little list of some must have trick or treat accessories for this years Halloween adventures.

Galt Zombie Face Paints
Halloween wouldn't be complete without some scary face painting to match your child's chosen outfit so why not treat them to these lovely Galt Zombie face paints. You of course don't have to be a zombie and can use these face paints to create something even scarier! RRP £4.99.

Pounland Loot Buckets/Bags
Poundland have a great selection of loot buckets/bags for your little one to carry around door to door to store there accumulated treasures in on Halloween night and at only £1.00 it doesn't matter if the buckets/bags are a bit bashed at the end of it as you can always get a nice new one next year.

Sainsbury's Spinning Wands
My son got one of these spinning wands last year and it's great (although a bit annoying). It has 3 settings; a stop button (thank goodness), a spinning lights only mode, or spinning lights and spooky sounds mode. Great way to keep the younger kids entertained on the walk round the doors and it also gives that extra edge to their spooky costume. RRP £5.00 from Sainsbury's.

Glow Stick Pumpkin Pops
Set them off on their trick or treating journey the right way with these super cool glow stick pumpkin pops. Now supposedly you can purchase these from Asda however I'm struggling to find them on their website. You can however purchase from Amazon or eBay if need be.

Lego Batman Pyjamas
After a long night of trick or treating what better way to relax and count out their loot than in these gorgeous Lego Batman Pyjamas from Marks and Spencer. If you've got a superhero fan in your house (like we do) then these will definitely be appreciated and won't look out of place after Halloween too! RRP £13-18.

So there you have it, some must have trick or treat accessories for this coming Halloween to set the kids off on their loot collecting journey. If you have any other accessories which you think would be useful or are just plain cool then please do share.

This is not a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.

12 October 2014

Silent Sunday 12.10.14


10 October 2014

Pregnancy: 27 Weeks

Another busy old week for me, the fun just never stops! I think second time round things seem to move a lot faster in pregnancy because you already have another little one to look after. Can't quite believe just how quickly this pregnancy is moving though and that's me practically into the third trimester now.

According to a few pregnancy websites my baby is almost 2lbs in weight (about the size of a head of cauliflower) and is around 14.5 inches long from head to toe. Some websites say that if my other half presses his ear against my tummy he may hear the babies heartbeat! I'll have to give that a go later and see what happens.

I had my fit to fly appointment this week with the consultant as we'll be jetting off soon for some relaxing time in the sun (I hope) and all went well. The baby was kicking away, my bump is measuring fine and the baby's heartbeat was clear and normal. So now all I have to do is find some sun cream and get the cases packed ready to rock. I just hope Logan manages to cope with the travel, fingers crossed.

Finally managed to get up the loft with some help from the other half to see what sorts of baby items we still had from when Logan was little. We found a car seat and iso-fix base, which is all ok and just needs a hoover and wipe down, the moses basket/pram (mamas and papas multi purpose one) which is totally fine too and is now all washed and smelling fresh. I even managed to order up a nice new mattress for it which should arrive next week. There's a lindam play pen, baby bath, fisher-price rainforest play mat, some baby toys which I'll investigate and clean, a handful of unisex clothes as I gave away/sold most, buggy - which is part of the mamas and papas pram and can be used when baby is sitting up, moses basket/pram stand, fisher-price rainforest jumperoo and I think that's it. It was nice to see everything had lasted and only needed a clean up for the new baby. It means we'll not need that much either apart from some unisex clothes, cot, mattress, cot and moses basket/pram sheets plus the essentials like nappies, wipes etc but hopefully we'll be organised in time for the baby's arrival.

The nursery wallpaper has arrived so when Logan's bedroom is complete that'll get put up in the spare room and I can start turning it into a baby nursery. The other half and I managed to decide on a cot bed and dresser unit which we purchased this week, hurray! It does take around 5-6 weeks to arrive though so kind of glad we decided and ordered now.

For the weekend ahead it'll be the start of Logan's room redecorating so to minimise the stress for everyone we'll be mostly out and about at swimming, soft play and visiting family probably. I'll post photos when Logan's room is all complete.

27 Weeks Pregnant

My Baby Wish List

I've been looking through the odd baby magazine and having a nosy online recently at all the great baby products out there. There's so many items that would be fab to have but lets be honest, new born babies don't actually need much at all. As long as they are fed, clean, clothed and cosy they're usually quite happy. However I can always dream so thought I'd put together a little list of some of the products I've come across recently which would definitely be on my baby wish list.

Cuddledry Towels
I had a Cuddledry towel for my son when he was younger but stupidly sold it thinking I wasn't going to have another one. I'm distraught and should have kept it as it is the best baby towel ever! Honestly forget other baby towels, these stay soft, are massive and last forever. The one I had I used weekly for a good few years before selling it on and it was still like brand new.

They're very easy to use as well and keep you dry too. You basically just wrap the strap round your neck, push in the poppers and hey presto you're wearing a towel apron. It's then really easy to use both hands to securely pick up your baby.

My mum keeps asking what to get for the new baby so maybe I should say to her to get me a couple of these towels. They'll be well used if we do get any. Boots have an offer on at the moment where you can purchase your own Cuddledry Towel for £22.49 instead of £29.99 saving you £7.50.

Breastfeeding Butterfly
I came across this product in a magazine the other day and thought it looked really nice. It's from www.fayeandlou.co.uk. So much of the breastfeeding cover ups make you look like a sack but this looks just like a sling so no one would be any the wiser you're breastfeeding. Plus it looks like it'll cover the after birth mummy tum which I don't want to see hanging out and depressing me never mind anyone else. The step by step photo instructions on their website make the Breastfeeding Butterfly look really easy to use as well. There's nothing worse having to fiddle around when you've got a screaming hungry baby on your hands.

Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bag
These changing bags look lovely and I've seen so many people with them, all with good things to say too. With my son I used the changing bag I received with the travel system I purchased however it was a bit floppy and not as sturdy as this so did get on my nerves a bit when trying to find bits and pieces and the bag would get in the way.

At £79.00 these Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bags are cheap however I'll be using it almost ever day so usage per wear is probably pretty good. Might have to treat myself.

Boori Sleigh Royale Nursery Set
I really love this gorgeous nursery cotbed, dresser and wardrobe set from Boori. It's just beautiful and simple and would go great in our baby's nursery however I wouldn't need the wardrobe as have ones built into the room anyway. But still it's lovely to look at. It has a god awful price tag to go with it though (£1,558 for the cotbead and dresser or £2,357 with the wardrobe) but then it all depends what your budget is and the cotbed will obviously transform to a toddler bed when your baby is big enough.

Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest
My friend has one of these and they look amazing. It's designed around a semi-foetal position which is meant to make your baby feel the same sense of well being as they would have in the womb. Supposedly they're widely used on maternity wards in France!? As long as it's safe to use and helps my baby sleep better at nap times then I'm all for it. The Cacoonababy Nest can be used from birth up to around 4 months so not a great deal of usage there but definitely a nice thing to have.

So there you have it. Five items on my baby wish list so far and I'm sure I'll be adding more as the weeks go on. There's just so many cool and funky baby items out there these days, not that you need them all but my goodness they'd be great to have in your armory.

This is not a sponsored post. All words and opinions are my own.

5 October 2014

Silent Sunday


Box Upon A Time - Little Clothing Company


Box Upon a Time Launches In The UK

A monthly or quarterly box full of hand picked clothes for your child
– with savings of up to 60% off

Box Upon a Time is an innovative subscription box service offering parents a brand new personal shopping experience. This unique concept allows parents of children aged 0-3 to receive a monthly or quarterly box of stylish clothing tailored specifically for their child which has been hand-picked by an experienced personal stylist and delivered direct to their door.

Not only does each box contain the best premium childrenswear brands from across the globe but subscribers also make a saving of up to 60% off the retail value of the clothing. What more could you ask for?

With over 60 childrenswear brands on board including Their Nibs, Marmalade & Mash, Fina Ejerique, David Charles, Point a la Ligne, Egg by Susan Lazar plus many more, Box Upon a Time is perfect for busy mums wanting to discover new brands or those simply looking for an extra special gift.

Getting your subscription started is simple, the parent or gift giver visits the Box Upon a Time website and fills out some information about the child’s age and sex and completes a quick fashion questionnaire to determine their fashion profile. Based on these results, Box Upon a Time’s team of stylists will hand-pick a personalised and beautifully curated selection of branded baby or children’s garments to suit the shopper’s style, which will be elegantly packed and delivered direct to the recipient’s door each month or quarter.

There are three types of boxes to choose from as either a monthly or quarterly subscription or as a one-off gift.

The Silver Box, (£29 per box)
Offers 2 to 3 garments worth £50-£60 with up to 50% off retail prices.

The Gold Box, (£49 per box) 
Offers 3 to 4 garments worth £80-£120, with up to 60% off retail prices.

The Platinum Box, (£69 per box)
Offers 3 to 5 garments from luxury brands worth £120-£170, with up to 60% off retail prices.

This is a sponsored post. I was provided with a sample box free of charge.

3 October 2014

Pregnancy: 26 Weeks

It's interesting to read that this week my baby's network of nerves in the ears are more developed so there's a good chance it can hear the other half and I chatting away now as well as Logan talking. The baby's also practising it's breathing by inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid which I find quite fascinating. In myself I'm feeling good apart from the odd sore back and bit of pelvic pain here and there. I also can't stop eating!! I'm not even hungry and all I want to do is eat all the rubbish of the day. I've never been a massive fan of chocolate, preferring to munch on crisps, but all I want is chocolate now. This of course isn't healthy and I'm going to end up the size of an elephant if I'm not careful!

The baby's kicks and movements are a lot stronger this week too and I'm getting proper jabs and thuds now. I'm kinda getting a bit hot and bothered as well so really looking forward to the weather cooling down. Last night was very windy and super cool in the bedroom which was so nice. Normally I'd have to turn on the fan but didn't have to bother this time.

Finally went to get my haircut this week after 15 weeks with only a little fringe trim in between. It was desperately needing done. I could feel my face getting fatter so to combat this my lovely hairdresser, Jon, suggested we keep my fringe but thin it out a little instead of going blunt as this would just make my face look wider! Any how it worked and my face looks slimmer even if it really isn't. Thanks Jon.

I haven't managed to get up the loft and have a look at any of the old baby stuff like I'd wanted to this week however the other half and I did manage to pick a lovely wallpaper for the baby's nursery as a feature wall so that's all ordered up. Logan's superhero wallpaper for his room has arrived which is great and we'll be getting the decorators in next Friday to start. Can't wait, just hope Logan copes well with it as he's not a massive fan of change. I'm hoping that because it's superheroes (his favourite) he'll be ok. So all going well Logan's room and the baby's room should be finished by the end of October, yippee!

I've spotted a nice nursery furniture set I quite like although when I say set I mean cot bed and dresser/changing table. I'm hoping to go and actually have a look at it before I place an order, it's nicer seeing everything in the flesh. It gives me a better idea of size as well as the baby's room is a lot smaller than what Logan has.

Apart from that all is well and the usual swimming will take place this weekend along with a haircut for Logan. I have my fingers crossed the swimming with tire him out first and he'll sit still long enough to get a proper haircut. We'll see though.

26 Weeks Pregnant


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