16 September 2014

Review: Worst In Show Book

As I've said before, Logan and I love nothing better than to snuggle down with a book at bedtime and read till our hearts content. When Walker Books asked if we'd like to review the highly anticipated Worst In Show children's book I jumped at the chance. A new story is always good news in our house.

Worst In Show is a beautiful tale, written by William Bee, of Albert and his pet monster Sidney. Albert thinks Sidney is just the best monster in the world ever, so he enters him into The Best Pet Monster in the World Competition. Little does Albert know that poor Sidney has to get top marks in 5 different monster testing categories to win best in show. Category number 1: your monster must have tons of hairy warts (yuk!!). Category number 2: highest hovering monster wins this round. Category number 3: your monster gets top marks for being full of parasites! Category number 4: smelliest fart is the name of the game here. Category number 5: only fierce fire breathers will do. To sum it up Sidney is none or has none of the above, so you see this adds up to a hilarious tale and much embarrassment for pet monster owner Albert. Not all is lost though, Sidney is still good at something... being Worst In Show!

When I produced this book for Logan at bed time (from behind my back might I add with the words "Ta Da!" thrown in for effect) he was most delighted and couldn't wait to snatch it from my grasp. The front cover is very inviting and beautifully illustrated by Kate Hindley as well as all the other pages in the book. It's a busy front cover with lots of things to see and point out for discussion. The first thing Logan noticed was the shiny gold trophy that Sidney was holding, never mind the fact he was a monster. Trophies are far more interesting clearly.

We dived into the story straight away with eager anticipation and each page was better than the last. There's so much happening on each page that Logan would hardly let me finish reading before we were into the next. When we had finished reading we would go back through the story looking at all the lovely pictures and pointing out different things we liked and found funny. There's loads of detail in this book and Logan loved that. Having autism makes him focus on the detail sometimes and it was perfect for him to pick out all the little signs and things he wanted me to explain further. Such as how the fart measuring machine worked in the Smelliest Fart Round.

Near the end of the book two pages either side fold out to show the amazing Sidney winning his Worst In Show trophy on stage. It's a great part to the book, so much to see and chat about we could have spent ages on just those pages alone.

Overall a lovely well written and well illustrated children's book that'll never get boring. The story is humorous and so are the illustrations. Everything works well together and seems to have been well thought out. This book isn't released until 6th January 2015 but it's well worth waiting for and adding to your child's book shelf/case when you get the chance. RRP £11.99 makes it a bit expensive so add it to a gift wish list if you can or if you're lucky you can grab a bargain on Amazon.

Mummies rating - 8/10
Logan's rating - 9/10

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Walker Books sent me a pre-release copy of Worst In Show for the purpose of this review. All opinions and words are my own.

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