9 September 2014

Recipe: Chicken Dipper Fajitas

With all the back to school rushing around the last thing on your mind is making a big fancy dinner to feed the kids when you get in from work or picking them up from school clubs. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for fancy meals when the schools on. That doesn't mean to say you can't make something tasty and filling for your little treasures at dinner time though.

Birds Eye recently got in touch to see if I'd like to try and recreate one of their 'Back to School' mealtime inspirations for parents which have been designed by a panel of mini chefs aged 7-12 years old. We're always looking for something different to eat at dinner time so I quite happily accepted the offer and choose to make the Chicken Dipper Fajitas.

This recipe is so so simple and took minutes for me to make, and after a busy day at work and Logan hanging onto my leg to tell me he was starving it was the quick dinner I needed to bring equilibrium back to the house.

Birds Eye has the recipe written as follows;
1. Pre-heat the oven and cook Birds Eye Crispy Chicken Dippers (4 per person) as per pack instructions.
2. Finely slice onions and peppers.
3. Fry the onions and peppers with a dash of oil and a pinch of seasoning.
4. Heat tortilla wraps, as directed.
5. Dollop tomato salsa onto your wraps, add the peppers, onions and Dippers.
6. Wrap up tight, cut in half and enjoy!

Instead of cooking the dippers in the oven (as mine is broken at the moment!) I put them into the grill and cooked as per the packet instructions and they came out nice and crispy. Cooking in the grill is also 3 minutes faster and we all know how time matters when you have a hungry child in the house.

I cooked one onion, two peppers and a handful of mushrooms for my wraps (2 wraps each btw) and didn’t use seasoning this time as the salsa sauce I use has quite a bit of flavour. Once everything was cooked I spread salsa and sour cream onto the tortillas, threw on a handful of the veg along with some freshly chopped cherry tomatoes, placed the dippers on top (2-3 per wrap) and wrapped before cutting in half to serve. I also put a little bowl of grated cheese on each plate, some tortilla chips and extra salsa for dipping.

Dinner seemed to go down a treat, with Logan wiring in straight away as you'll see. He didn't even have time to smile for a photo he simply wanted to get his dinner down his neck as quick as he could, poor scone.

You can get your hands on your own packet of Birds Eye Chicken Dippers at an RRP of £3.29 for a 440g pack, purchasable from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose. Why not grab a bag and give this little recipe a go yourself.

To see what else Birds Eye get up to please visit them at http://www.birdseye.co.uk/en-uk/

Birds Eye sent me a bundle of their money off vouchers in order for me to purchase the chicken dippers and create their recipe. I created this recipe because it appealed to me and my family. All opinions and words are my own.

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