26 September 2014

Pregnancy: 25 Weeks

It's donned on me this week that I'm actually over 5 months pregnant now, how did that happen! Counting the weeks never seems to make it sink in but when you say 5 months that's more than half way through the whole pregnancy. The time has gone scarily quick.

I've had a lot of, what I'd call, growing pains this week where my stomach muscles have been really achy and actually quite uncomfortable to the point where I was struggling to sit down and find a suitable pain free position. It's eased off a bit now and there are no stretch marks so hopefully it was the muscles adjusting and not my skin stretching.

This week has been the usual flurry of activities with never a dull moment. My cousin's baby shower last Sunday was lovely as well. It was so well organised with lots of fun games, food and plenty of chit chat. She's due in the next week or so, fingers crossed for her. She doesn't know the gender of the baby either so can't wait to here what she has.

There was an open evening at Logan's school this week so it was great to see what sort of things he had been up to. They do a bit of writing and drawing etc which Logan isn't a major fan of and you could tell this from the work in his books however it was nice to see he was indeed trying his best and even on his not so good days he still tried. I got to meet up with a couple of friends too, one for dinner and one for tea and cake. It was great to see them both and have a good blether.

Now that I'm 25 weeks the baby is around 13.5 inches and putting on more fat to bulk up a bit. A lot of websites say the baby should weigh about 1.5lbs so I'll go with that. There's lots of kicking and moving and every night come around 7pm there's normally a party in my tummy, so much so you can see my bump moving around which is lovely.

I need to start having a nosey up the loft to see what baby stuff I have left over from last time. I did sell a lot of it due to space etc but I kept quite a few bits as well which include the car seat but since we have new cars from when Logan was born I'll need to check it still fits. It's iso-fix so fingers crossed. One thing I'll definitely need is a new cot and nursery furniture. Logan nibbled his old cot when he was teething and the OH put his knee through one of the spars by mistake when he leaned against it! So it had to go to the skip in the end. I'm not sure what kind of cot to get this time, might go for a cot bed and hopefully one that has a drawer underneath as it's handy for storage. I know a lot of people say a changing table/unit is a waste of money however I had one with Logan and it was great. Completely saved my back and was used constantly, great for storage too.

Still need to pick a design/wallpaper for the baby's nursery so I'll be doing that this weekend. Want something lovely but also just want it done soon so I can then furnish the room and organise before Christmas comes round as that's a very busy month for us plus I'll be getting big and less mobile.

25 Weeks Pregnant

2 comments on "Pregnancy: 25 Weeks"

Molly on 27 September 2014 at 11:41 said...

Ah the nursery decoration is one of the most exciting bits! Can't wait to see what you go with and the finished result. Sounds like you're very busy - hope you're getting a chance to put your feet up at some point in the day! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again. Love reading your updates - takes me right back to myself a few weeks ago. xx

Unknown on 27 September 2014 at 18:50 said...

Exciting times! Good luck with the wall paper/design selection this weekend. We got some wall stickers for our baby’s nursery. So much fun getting the room ready. Enjoy your weekend X

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