11 August 2014

Review: First Day at School Personalised Book

Your first day at primary school is always a bit daunting. I remember mine quite well when I was 5, lots of hustle and bustle, parents crying, children crying as their parents left! It was all a bit new and kinda frightening but you get over it don't you, it's part of growing up and joining the big wide world. So when Born Gifted asked Logan and I to review their new 'The First Day at School' book I happily accepted. Logan doesn't seem nervous about going to school however with Logan being autistic explaining to him what will happen when he's at school and what he might encounter is the best way to keep him relaxed and prevent any anxious, scared or melt down episodes.

"The Born Gifted story began in 2002 when founders Penny and Jim Wilson decided to leave behind their normal ‘9-to-5’ jobs and embark on the exciting new challenge of starting their own business. They chose to focus on e-commerce in the baby gift and toy sector because there was a real lack of exciting products available to the online consumer.  It was obvious that there would always be a large market for these types of goods - people keep having babies and others love to purchase something nice for them - Born Gifted fulfills that need!

As with any business start-up it was challenging to begin with, but perseverance, hard work and a talented, driven team of people ensured that Born Gifted is now one of the market leaders in online children’s gifts and toys."

On the Born Gifted website the book is described as: "This charming personalised book tells the story of bunny’s first day at school – perfect for reassuring pre-school children before their big day! Bunny is understandably nervous the night before the first day of school, but this book shows that there is nothing to worry about. Bunny ends up having a wonderful first day and can’t wait to go back!" So basically a nice simple book showing young children starting school that school is not scary but actually quite fun.

It wasn't long after agreeing to review that the book actually arrived, maybe 3-4 days at most which is great for a personalised book. I opened the packaging which was sturdy and minimal, just the way it should be, and had a quick scan over the book. First impressions were good. The book is colourful, has lots of lovely pictures and doesn't have too much writing on each page so sure to keep your little one engaged at the age of 4-5. I decided to keep the book until bedtime when it would be nice and relaxed and Logan and I could enjoy the book together without distraction.

That night I told Logan I had a very special book for him all about school and that if he looked closely he would see his own name in the book. He was very excited and couldn't wait for me to start reading. Straight away when I began to read Logan noticed his name from the front cover to each separate page all the way through. I was surprised to see that even the pictures in the book had his name incorporated into them somewhere. For example on the first page it has Logan the bunny in his bed and the name "Logan" is written across his bedsheets. Other examples are "Logan" written on the bunnies school bag and "Logan" written on the school peg where kids have to put their coats and bags. It's fab and made things so much easier to explain to Logan throughout the book as when he goes to school he will indeed have a peg to put his coat and bag on etc.

This book really is lovely and explains the basics around starting school. Things like arriving at the school gates and how busy it may be, where to put your bag and coat, how to ask to go to the toilet if you need, standing in a queue at lunch time to get food, assembly etc. All very relevant and important things that need to be explained before starting school.

The First Day at School book costs £11.99 direct from the Born Gifted website and can be personalised with your child's name. You can even put a message on the first page, after the front cover. I put "To Logan, Good luck for your first day at school.". My son loves it when I read that part to him first. The book will be dispatched within 3 days of order and delivery is also free across the Born Gifted site with Next Day and Saturday Delivery optional. Although just to point out because this book is personalised it does take the 3 days turn around. You can't get Next Day delivery on this item. Not to worry though, it's definitely worth waiting for.

Overall a brilliant, colourful story and very relevant and to the point for children starting school for the first time. Logan really enjoys this book and we've read it every night since receiving it and I'm sure this will continue to be a favourite for a long time. It's a bit on the pricey side but your child's name is incorporated into the story and into the pictures which is really nice. This would make a perfect gift from parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles. It's something really different and quite educational so I like it.

Mummies rating - 9/10
Logan's rating - 10/10

Please do visit www.borngifted.co.uk for more lovely products and information.

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