9 August 2014

Pregnancy: 18 Weeks

This week hasn't been too eventful really. I've managed to purchase some maternity clothes from Next however their leggings are major see through, I mean if you didn't wear a long top down to your knees practically then everyone will be seeing your bottom! They're comfy though so may just wear them around the house, we'll see, or might end up taking them back if I feel too self conscious. I got a couple of maternity tops from Next as well and I'm a normal size 12 but my lord these tops where huge. I know I'll obviously get bigger around the tummy but I'm hoping my bingo wings and back won't get any bigger haha. Maybe it was just the cut of certain tops but they were like sacks. They of course went back, just felt so frumpy in then *sigh*.

I feel I'm starting to eat better now and get back into eating meat where as I couldn't at the start, any type of meat or meat smell made my stomach turn especially pork. I think I'm over that now and have went back to normal. I might be indulging a little too much though as over the past 6 weeks I've put on 6lbs!! I can’t keeping putting on 1lb a week till January next year or I'll be like a beached whale. In fact I'll have put on around 2st! I know I shouldn't be worried about weight but really don't want to look bloated and super wobbly. Time to maybe take up some aquanatal classes I think.

Oh one thing which has definitely changed in the past week is good old constipation. Yes, it's started already. I've been eating my fruit and veg and drinking plenty of water but it's not helping at the moment. At one point this week I was so constipated I thought I was going to push the baby out! Fear not, I didn't of course, I was just sick in my mouth instead! I know, delightful right. Apart from that exciting bit of info not much else has been going on.

Still looking for decent maternity clothes so if anyone has any suggestions please say, desperately need trousers for work etc.

18 Weeks Pregnant

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Unknown on 10 August 2014 at 13:53 said...

Ah maternity clothes - my obsession with this pregnancy! Have you got an H&M near you? For in-store maternity wear that is very reasonably priced I think you can't go wrong with H&M. They have a nice range of smart and casual too, so you should be able to find some work outfits there. Also, for online, I think ASOS is great - a couple of my fave dresses are from ASOS. I also have a pair of maternity trousers from TopShop which I've worn loads. Plus, I found this time around that eBay was a great source for maternity wear too. I bought a Next cardy for 99p - bargain! And got a pair of boyfriend jeans from Next too which I've worn lots. For posh maternity wear for events I love Keungzai and Seraphine, plus I've seen some lovely Tiffany Rose dresses online too. And for basics like tees, shirts and leggings, I don't think you can go wrong with Isabella Oliver. You may be able to find some decent Isabella Oliver items on eBay - when I last looked there were loads. Or buy online. They're not cheap but they fit really nicely and lots of the designs could be worn post-birth too. Sorry for the essay - can you tell maternity wear has been something I've spent lots of time looking into this time around?! Thank you for linking up to #BlogBumpClub again. x

The Breastest News on 11 August 2014 at 20:24 said...

Thanks for the tips on maternity clothes Molly. I'll def have a scan at H&M. Didn't even know they did maternity clothes! Will also check out ebay for some of the clothes you've suggested. You sure have spent lots of time investigating clothes this time :) All good though xx

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