23 August 2014

First Day at School

It was Logan's first day at school on Wednesday, one which I had been quite anxious about for a while however it was totally fine, I shouldn't have worried at all. He woke up in a lovely mood that morning, all smiles and happy to climb into bed for a quick cuddle before getting dressed and having breakfast. There was a slight recognition of anxiety in his voice when he was putting on his black school trousers: "Am I going to school today Mummy?" for which I replied yes. He then proceeded to tell me that I was of course to take him to school and come in with him as he couldn't go on his own. After explaining that's exactly what I would be doing he was more than happy to finish getting ready and head downstairs for breakfast and a bit of play before walking the short distance to school.

After explaining we were going to walk up to school he decided he wanted the car but we stuck to our decision and walked up anyway. After a minute of moaning he was fine and enjoyed the walk up, finding a cool birds feather to play with and meeting my Uncle and his dog to which he got to give a doggy biscuit. This made him quite happy and we trotted on up to school.

Posing in his new school uniform
When the school gates were in sight Logan proclaimed loudly to everyone within earshot: "School!! Yay!" and ran up to the front reception door. We were asked to go in this door so that Logan could meet his teacher and his support worker and then head up to the sensory room to give him a quiet minute before going to his class as it would be busy. He only spent all of 2 minutes in the sensory room though and couldn't wait to get to his class to play games and be with his friends. He was the first there of course so popped into the class next door as they had more interesting games, haha, and brought that back to his class with the help of his teacher. Then his buddy arrived, a Primary 7 boy, he was lovely and Logan asked him if he would be his best friend. I almost choked and cried a river right there. I managed to hold it together though, just!

Got to try on the gym kit too :)
Logan was shown where his peg was, with his name and picture on it, for his bag and coat and then he settled back down to play some educational games with his buddy. The OH and I chatted some more to the teachers and different people who would be looking after Logan then I gave him a kiss on the cheek, told him to have a good day and we were off. It all went so fast and Logan wasn't phased in the slightest so all was good. I got a bit teary after leaving the school, my little boy was now a big boy, going to school and growing up. Emotional but happy times.

When we went to pick Logan up is when he got a bit teary and cried however he normally does this when we collect him from nursery. I think it's his autism and the fact he's so happy to see us he doesn't know how to deal with that emotion yet and it comes out as tears. He also said it was too soon to leave, he was having so much fun. Hopefully as he grows up those tears will turn into smiles. After having a quick chat with his support worker and teacher and confirmed he did indeed have a lovely day we were happy to head back home. All in all a good first day I think.

Walking home after a good first day

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