30 July 2014

Second Time Round

One of the other reasons blogging took a back seat last year was because the other half and I were trying for child number 2 and it just didn't seem to be happening at all. I can only imagine the stress of our son being diagnosed with autism didn't help in any way as you're meant to be all relaxed about trying for a baby and "don't think about it and it'll happen eventually". Well all I could do was think about it, topped with my son being diagnosed with autism I felt like a failure as a parent. I know it wasn't anyone's fault for my son's autism or not getting pregnant but when you're feeling low everything seems to look a lot worse than it is.

Anyway I'm glad to say this year has been better than last and I am now 17 weeks pregnant and expecting baby number two in January 2015. A long while off yet but everything seems to be going ok so far and at the 12 week scan there was definitely a baby in there which put me at ease a bit. Before the scan I actually became very paranoid and thought I must have been making up my pregnancy symptoms even though I'd received 2 positive tests at home and 1 at the doctors. I suppose we were just trying for what felt like ages I couldn't quite believe it had happened!

Bump at 15 weeks
 I'm feeling much the same as I did when pregnant with Logan; feeling yucky and sick up until about 16 weeks, some sickness, tiredness however this time I have a sore painful back much quicker. It's so sore at points I'm hobbling around and if I do too much one day I wake up the next day feeling like I've been ten rounds in a boxing ring. Not great but can't complain much because at least I'm actually pregnant, hurray! I've been referred for physio although remembering from the last time they didn't do much, just gave me a few exercises to do and a support belt for my back and bump. Maybe this time I'll end up on crutches!?

People have already been guessing if I'm going to have a girl or a boy which is lovely. I have no idea myself at the moment although last time I thought I was having a boy as I couldn't think of any girls names. The other half and I aren't finding out the sex of this baby either, we'd quite like a nice surprise at the end. All part of the fun. Logan's very excited to become a big brother which is lovely but I'm sure it'll be a shock to his system when the baby arrives and the poor dogs won't know what's hit them when a screaming baby is brought into the house. I'm sure it'll all settle down though and everyone will take their normal place in the family unit.

Bump on holiday
 So there you go, finally pregnant again and looking forward to our new babies arrival next year. There's plenty to keep me busy till the end of this year so I'm assuming the time will fly in! Lets hope all goes smoothly or as smooth as can be.

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Inside the Wendy House on 30 July 2014 at 22:48 said...

Congratulations x

The Breastest News on 30 July 2014 at 23:02 said...

Thank you :)

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