29 July 2014

Introducing the Revolutionary Magic Mitten

Every once in a while a truly revolutionary product hits the market and the incredible Magic Mitten is one such example. This ingenious product is set to help parents across the world instantly settle distressed babies and regain precious sleep!

The patented Magic Mitten is the first ever handheld baby calming aid that plays settling white noise sounds that only your baby can hear. The specially designed sounds have a swiftly calming effect that will soothe your baby whenever it’s distressed. Even babies with colic are gently soothed into a calm state, removing a stressful burden from sleep deprived mums and dads.

The clever design allows you to securely and easily hold your baby while holding the Magic Mitten to your baby’s ear so it can be used by anyone, at anytime, at home or out and about. Simply pop it in your baby bag wherever you and baby go.

  • Fixed volume providing safe decibel level                
  • Automatically switches off after 10 minutes use for safety and prolonged battery life
  • Three sound options, including mother's heartbeat, ocean waves and rain on a tin roof
  • Triple layered comfort pad for cushioning and sound diffusion
  • Removable comfort pad for easy cleaning
  • Rechargeable via AC/DC charger or USB connection included 

The Magic Mitten is set to hit the UK this month and will be available for £39.99 from www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk as well as a number of carefully selected retailers.

The Magic Mitten Story

The Magic Mitten was created in New Zealand by father Mark Hubble to help soothe his new daughter Lily. When Lily got herself in a state she was very difficult to settle and Mark and his wife exasperated themselves trying all kinds of things to calm her; dummies, pacing, rocking, singing, driving around in the car...the list goes on. Mark believed there must be a better way. So he began researching the calming effects of white noise and vowed to create a product that brought together the perfect sounds at the perfect pitch. 

Mark began designing an effective, safe and portable settling aid, that could be operated while holding a baby, and that didn’t drive everyone in the vicinity crazy. Mark's initial prototype was so successful at calming his daughter Lily that he knew he was onto something. The results were like magic!

Together with friends Simon and Dean, Mark developed, patented and began selling the Magic Mitten, which is now being distributed all over the world. 

To find out more about Magic Mitten you can visit www.magicmitten.com 

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