26 June 2013

There is a God...

Well a miracle has happened in my household today. By some freak chance of nature this morning as I was getting ready for work, I perused my usual work attire and whilst shuffling the drab trousers I own found a pair I'd bought circa 2008. Now these trousers haven't been worn since I became pregnant around April 2009 and I've been so lazy busy since having my son that I've never shifted that extra 2 stone I gained! But what the hey I thought this morning, I'm going to try these bad boys on and pray that they fit. And do you know, by some god almighty angelic act of nature they fit!!! Jupiter's cock I could have cried with joy, I smiled at myself in the mirror and had to stop myself from shaking the other half awake to tell him. I'm sure at 6am in the morning he wouldn't have been as happy for me as I was for myself about fitting into trousers that I've had since 2008. So I'll save this joyous miracle to relay for our chat over dinner. Can't wait!

The thing is though, I've been stuffing my face with meals out and McDonald's left right and centre recently so have no idea why I'm fitting into these trousers? Don't get me wrong I've tried to starve myself be healthy but I'm too lazy to stick it. I thought this morning I'd maybe possibly split the arse when I put them on so had to double and triple check before leaving the house. Or maybe I'd burst the zip without noticing? Or were these definitely my circa 2008 trousers!? Then it got me thinking, could there possible be a God out there after all? Even just a tiny little one who pities women like me who struggle to contain their love of junk food and general unhealthiness! Yes!! There must be, there has to be and for once I've been chosen to receive something good in life. A few pounds off to squeeze into some lovely forgotten clothes.

So hurray for once in my life, things might be looking up - especially if God looks like this…

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