24 June 2013

Review: Emjoi MICRO Pedi

One of the few things I really like about myself is my feet. They're a good shape, easy on the eye and are average in size (size 6), well I think so anyway. So all in all I'm quite happy with them, that is until the skin starts to go dry and hard around the heel. They mostly go this way in the summer months when I wear flip flops a lot and it's always a dilemma for me as I don't want to wear flip flops if my feet look dry but I don't want my feet to sweat in shoes either. I hate using a pumice stone or a scrub stick 1.) I end up hurting myself and 2.) it just seems to take forever! I do treat myself to the odd beauty pedicure now and again but can't be doing it all the time so I was delighted when Emjoi offered me one of their MICRO Pedi's for review.

Here's what Emjoi have to say about their product: "Emjoi MICRO Pedi is a truly innovative device created to smooth dry, rough and cracked skin on the feet. The unique micro-mineral roller safely, gently and effectively buffs away hard, jagged skin on the soles and heels giving immediate, lasting results. Your skin will instantly be smoother, flatter, more comfortable and healthy." They also promise to "give your feet a salon quality make-over in the comfort of your home" so are they really all that and a bag of chips!?

Well yes, I quite like it and in fact I think most women would if they gave it a try. When I first received the product I had images of it taking the skin right of my feet and taking me ages to work out how to use the damn thing. I shouldn't have worried so much, it was all the complete opposite. The box is small and compact but very eye catching, you can see the product through the packaging so it gives you an idea of what to expect which I think is a brilliant idea. I hate looking at pictures on a box when I think about buying a product. I would rather see the thing in the flesh!

The MICRO Pedi is very lightweight which surprised me, it looks a lot heavier than it is but of course would need to be lightweight to easily move around the foot. It doesn't come with batteries which is a shame for the price of this product, so you'll need 2xAA's handy. It comes with two files though, the blue for more sensitive feet (like mine) or that aren't as dry or the red which is for super dry cracked skin. These files can be used several times but are only recommended to be used for one person for hygiene reasons of course. You can buy replacement rollers and keep a spare set for the other half or your mum if you want! Oh and for extreme dry and cracked feet Emjoi do the black files which you can purchase on their website.

So what did I think, well I liked it. The files are easy to pop in and out when needed. The switch is basically on and off no fuss. It rolls over your foot without any pain or discomfort and smoothes away the dry skin in seconds. It's fantastic if you're going out and want to put your flip flops on, have minimal time and are in a major rush. Just pull out this bad boy, sand down your feet, slap some cream on and away you go. Easy as pie and your feet look smooth and amazing in seconds. You can always take your time as well though, soak your feet first, dry them off, MICRO Pedi them then get the other half to rub some creams and oils into them!

Cleaning the MICRO Pedi couldn't be simpler either although one thing that bugged me was there isn't anything to catch your falling foot skin in so make sure you have some tissues down or something when you file your feet. Anyway yes it's easy to clean, you unclip the back remove the file and you get a little brush to sweep away your foot skin. Simple as that and you can give it a little rinse out if you wish as the heads water resistant.

The MICRO Pedi retails for £39.95 and comes with 2 files and a cleaning brush. It can be purchased directly from Emjoi themselves: www.micropedi.co.uk/micro-pedi and they also have replacement files at £12.95 for a two pack.

Overall a brilliant machine and one you'll definitely want to keep in your beauty box. I'd say the only downside is that it's very expensive and doesn't come with batteries but it does what is says and it makes everything so quick and easy you won't want to be without it.

Mummies rating - 7/10

Please visit www.micropedi.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what MICRO Pedi get up to on Facebook so why not pop over and say hello.

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