27 February 2013

Review: Brabantia Drying Rack

Having a family always seems to increase your household washing load. Extra clothes from the kids to your clothes some how being even dirtier thanks to the kids, it never stops! I know in my house there's always something extra to be washed from teddies, blankets and bedding to housecoats, jackets, jeans and an endless supply of socks! You can imagine my delight then when Brabantia got in touch to offer me the chance of reviewing their Drying Rack which they state is suitable for a complete family wash.

Living in Scotland the weather is always unpredictable so a good drying rack is an essential household item I think, not just for families but for couples and single people as well. It also means you can wash clothes late at night and still get them hung out and dried for the next day.

Brabantia began back in 1919 with just fifteen people and a small factory in the Dutch town of Aalst. A traditional, family owned business, run by engineers and craftsmen and right from the start, good, professional workmanship has been the driving force behind their success. Today, the skills and expertise that built the company are supplemented by specialists. Specialists in the latest materials and in computer aided design and manufacturing. Specialists who secure their position as one of Europe's leading suppliers of innovative household products.

Brabantia's mission: "Everything today is increasingly 'disposable'. Buy something, it breaks. Replace it, use it, throw it away. Short lived, dispensable, consumed in an instant, quickly replaced. There's no end to the cycle of having it now and new, over and over again. We challenge this. We put all our expertise into developing solid, reliable products that are made to last. A longer life, and a continuity of use. We design products for the present, but with an eye to the future - products that will contribute to your home, and the way you live your life - for many years to come. Our ambition is simple: to develop solid household products that retain their beauty and performance for up to 20 years."
I completely applaud Barbantia's mission and totally agree with it as too many products these days are basically crap! Easily broken and disposable with no quality in mind. Fear not though, Brabantia brand themselves as the "Solid Company" and by jings they're not half wrong.

When I received the Drying Rack in the post it had minimal packaging but not a wire was out of place or a scratch in sight. It looked promising already. I quickly cut away the packaging and set it up to bask in it's full glory. This Drying Rack meant business and I honestly couldn't wait to put a load of washing on to try it out (sad but true).

The Drying Rack is a triangle shape with wings (best way I could describe it)! It's very sturdy and solid and had been made from corrosion resistant materials. The "wings" are held up by metal clips which help lock them into place and keep your washing secure for drying and if you ever have to move from one room to another. It has robust protective caps on the feet as well so there's less chance of damaging your floor when using. I'd say it's quite a big Drying Rack measuring at 104cm in height, 61.5cm wide and 5cm deep. It took up at least half of our small spare room but the good thing about this Drying Rack is the "wings" are adjustable so you can have them at all angles to squeeze into any space.

Full Load of Washing & More!!

So was it any good? Well yes! It's sturdy so didn't fall over when I loaded one side of the Drying Rack to the other. Most drying racks I've used normally need some balancing act but this one stood strong and proud. It did indeed take a full load of washing so no complaints there. It's big but easy to maneuver and although it costs £63.00 it has a massive 5 year guarantee from Brabantia so you can be assured it's been built to last a while. You'll definitely get your monies worth anyway.

Overall a great piece of household equipment which is essential for any family and the great thing is you can purchase direct from Brabantia themselves. The only issue I may have is although it's easy to maneuver it can be heavy when loaded with washing so you have to be careful not to bash yourself or your walls with it.

Mummies rating - 8.5/10

Please visit www.brabantia.com/uk/ for more products and information. You can also see what Brabantia get up to on Facebook and Twitter. Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you!

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