25 August 2012

Review: Choka Blok Chocolate

We all love a bit of choccie but a bit of chocolate with a twist is even better! That's where the lovely Choka Blok people come in. They generously sent the other half and I a selection of their tasty treats to try out and boy are they yummy!

As the name suggests Choka Blok special in chocolate goodies packed full of sweet treats and extra delicious tasty bits. They also do ice cream but have just released their new range of chocolate bloks which I've been sent to test. There's the Cookie Crumb Mon-Star, Gold Digger Dynamite, The Chocolate Extremist and The Rocky Road of Love. All aptly named helping to hint at the delightful scrummy tastes in store.

Choka Blok pride themselves on great quality ingredients and making their chocolate the best, I'll let them explain more: "We always start with great quality ingredients and then get to work creating irresistibly mouth-watering goodies. Using lashings of chocolate, gooey bits, crunchy biscuit, caramel, honeycomb and more, all our products are chok-full of sweet treats in every gorgeous mouthful." 

So what did I think of the chocolate? Well it's delicious and totally not what I was expecting. I thought it would be too sickly with all the extra bits but it just adds to the flavour making it even better. The Rocky Road of Love bar is fab. It's a milk chocolate bar crammed with dark chocolate hearts, crunchy shortcake biscuit balls and mini marshmallows, perfect to keep your chocolate love affair right on track. It melts in your mouth and the marshmallows give you an extra texture you just wouldn't expect from chocolate but it works.

The Gold Digger Dynamite is just as tasty, it's made from milk and white chocolate swirled together before being stacked with milk chocolate caramel cups and chunks of sweet honeycomb. I think this one has to be my favourite, as for the other half he loves them all!

If having a whole blok of chocolate isn't enough you can also get your hands on the Choka Blok gift box which contains cute little squares of each flavour of the big bloks. Perfect to treat that special someone in your life or when you need a little pick me up for yourself.

Choka Blok chocolate bloks and gift boxes are now available at Tesco. RRP £1.59 for the bloks and £3.99 for the gift box. These prices are reasonable and won't break the bank so give them a try, you might just be surprised at how pleasant they are!

Overall this chocolate is seriously good, I do love a bit of chocolate but I always find it too sickly to eat more than a few squares but not with this stuff. It's delicious and the other half and I managed to eat 3 bars in one sitting!

Mummies rating - 10/10
Other Half's rating - 10/10

Please visit www.chokablok.com for more products and information. 

2 comments on "Review: Choka Blok Chocolate"

HonestMum on 27 August 2012 at 10:03 said...

Wow as I near the end of my pregnancy I live and dream chocolate. These look amazing x

The Breastest News on 27 August 2012 at 14:59 said...

They are to die for, really tasty treats. Highly recommend them :)

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