27 August 2012

Review: Baker Days Cakes

I love a good piece of cake (or a whole one) and who doesn't. Cakes have always been used to celebrate a vast number of occasions from traditional Birthdays and Christmas to Thank You's and Halloween. I think myself very lucky then when the good people of Baker Days got in touch to ask if I would like to review one of their cakes. Happy days!

Baker Days are an online cake shop who provide quality personalised cakes for any occasion. They have cakes for anniversaries, get well, engagement, graduations etc. There's so much choice and you can even upload your own photo and have that on your cake. I'll let Baker Days explain more about themselves: "It’s taken nearly a year to get this baby flying, and finally we are in the air, so to speak. Every business starts with a premise or a vision, ours was two fold. Firstly, to show the world you didn’t need to spend a fortune to have a totally unique party cake. Secondly, wouldn’t it be great to have a cake small enough for 1 or 2 people but with all the pizzazz of a larger party cake one that you could even post through a letterbox."

I can hear little bells of joy ringing in your head at the words 'letterbox' but it's completely true. Baker Days can do normal sized cakes or very cute letterbox cakes. I received one of their fab letterbox cakes to test and it was with much anticipation I waited for it to come through my letterbox! When the cake arrived it was neatly packed in a sturdy small A5 sized box and upon opening I was delighted to see that not only did you get a cake but you also received 3 balloons, 1 tooter and 2 candles for your celebration. What a nice touch. You also received a little card which said "Enjoy your cake!". I thought this was fantastic and made the cake even more special and I hadn't even looked at it yet.

The cake I chose was from the Keep Calm & Carry On variety. Mines said: "Keep Calm Because I Really Love You", I know I know very soppy but it looked fab and I thought I could give it to the other half who's always a bit stressed! The cake was kept in a little tin that has "Just for You" embossed on the lid and when you open it you're greeted by your cute little cake. There's also a little pull tab which instructs you on how to remove your cake from the tin without damaging it. Really handy and it work perfectly. I got my cake out in one piece and showed it to the other half who thought it was great.

The cake was really moist and very tasty, couldn't fault it on either at all. I received the cake on Thursday and ate it on Saturday so it can definitely last a few days in the tin quite happily. The design was brilliant, a union jack to stay in with the Keep Calm & Carry On theme.

Now down to pricing. You can have your very own letterbox cake for £14.99 which serves 4-5 portions and is 12cm dia and 2.5cm thick. Or you can have a Med Party Cake for £26.99 which serves 8-16 portions and is 16cm dia and 3cm thick. These prices are for a plain madeira cake but for a few extra pennies you could have; Carrot Cake (£1.20 extra), Fruit Cake (£1.80 extra), Gluten and Wheat Free Cake (£1.80 extra) and Double Chocolate Chip Cake (£2.00 extra). So as you can see there's plenty of choice. Delivery is also free in the UK which is great unless you need the cake urgently and request special delivery but that's understandable.

Overall a brilliant tasty cake that's perfect in size and won't break the bank. It's very cute and makes a perfect gift for any cake lover or for that person who has everything - we all know atleast one! Pricing is a bit on the expensive side although perfectly acceptable and for such a great personalised cake it really is worth it. Baker Days also offer 20% off your next order if you share a photo of yourself enjoying your cake with them on twitter or facebook, brillaint!

Mummies rating - 9/10
Other Half's rating - 9/10

Please visit www.bakerdays.com for for products and information. You can also see what they get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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