13 August 2012

Potty Training, Help!

Well where do I start!? Logan is 2 years and 8 months now and the other half and I have been contemplating potty training for quite a while but it's really hard to know if our son is really ready to take the plunge. Back in June just after Father's Day for some unknown reason Logan started to empty the contents of his nappy when we weren't looking! Maybe it's because he didn't like the feeling on his bottom? So every time he did a poo and we didn't notice he'd have it smeared up the walls!! Most of the time this only happened when he was in bed, we thought he had went quiet because he was sleeping but oh no - the little sneaky monkey was busy throwing handfuls of poo around. The worst time had to be when we walked into his room to fine him covered head to toe in crap, the other half had to give him a shower at 11pm at night to try and scrape it off! It was hell, very stressful.

This happened for over a month and luckily we got wise to what he was up to and managed to catch him before he did anything but he always seemed to save a poo for last thing at night. It seems he gets distracted easily during the day, I've noticed that if we're out and about at the shops, play park, playgroup etc he won't do the toilet but when we’re in the house all day he'll have several poos. It's very frustrating but what can we do, he'll go when he needs. Sometimes I think the whole poo smearing incident arose because we got a new puppy on Father's Day and maybe the change of a new dog upset him a little? Although I don't think so as Logan loves the new puppy more than our other dog and plays with her constantly? Maybe I'm reading into things too much or not seeing the obvious!

Thankfully we've moved on a bit from then and he doesn't tend to touch the contents of his nappy anymore however he does have the odd lapse. We thought all of this was signs of him wanting rid of the nappy but when we tried the have Logan use the potty 3 weeks ago he was having none of it. We took him out of nappies and went cold turkey. He would hold in his poo and pee for hours on end though and when he couldn't take it anymore he'd just do the toilet on the floor. We would ask him if he wanted to use the potty or he big toilet, we even got him his favourite Disney cars big toilet seat and stepping stool but he's just not interested. I've tried my hardest not to pressure Logan into doing anything he doesn't want and so has the other half but we're not really sure what to do. Maybe he just isn't ready? But he hates having his nappy on as well, tugging at it all the time and some days it's a fight to get on but showing Logan the potty gets a big fat "NO"!

So you see our dilemma, doesn't want to have nappies on but doesn't want to use the potty either. I think the one time he did want to use the potty was when he didn't have any trousers on but still had his nappy on!? Oh it's all so confusing. I'd love to know what we're doing wrong or if there's anything that can be done to encourage him to use his potty or even the big toilet.

Is anyone doing the whole potty training thing at the moment like we're trying to do? And if so do you have any tips for a pair of suffering clueless parents?

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Helen on 13 August 2012 at 23:01 said...

My little one wouldn't go near the potty or toilet either, whatever we offered him in exchange... I just tried again at a later date but it was still a struggle .... He eventually cracked it about a month or 2 before his 3rd birthday with lots of rewards/bribes. Good luck .....persevere, it does get easier xx

The Breastest News on 16 August 2012 at 21:49 said...

Glad I'm not the only one having problems with potty training :) I'll try Logan at a later date, he's not 3 till December so a little while yet. Thanks for the luck, I'll need it! x

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