20 August 2012

Disney Pixar Brave

Well the other half and I had some free time on Friday night last week so decided to treat ourselves to a little meal out and a trip to the cinema. The meal could have been better but when I remembered Brave was on at the cinema my mood changed. We had to see it! None of this Batman or Bourne rubbish, Brave was what we were going to see and since the other half was in a relaxed mood after being fed I jumped at the chance to sway him towards my way of thinking;

Me: "I think we should see Brave tonight, it's supposed to be great and it's had good reviews at the Film Festival."
OH: "Brave!!?"
Me: "Yes the Scottish one."
OH: "Well ok, if you think it's going to be good!"

As you can see he didn't put up much of a fight at all, just shows the way to a mans heart is obviously through his stomach! Anyway the film was amazing, truly Scottish in every sense and full of the good Scottish humour we all love. The leading lady Merida (played by Kelly MacDonald) is a young headstrong woman who's mother wants to have her married off to one of the clan leaders sons to keep the bond between the 4 clans. Obviously Merida being headstrong and all isn't too happy about this and clashes constantly with her mother, Queen Elinor (played by Emma Thompson), which is the main point throughout the story.

It reminded me a lot about the relationship I have with my mum, I'm really headstrong and constantly argue with my mum about nothing or stupid things that don't really mean anything. I know a lot of the time it's my fault, infact most of the time I know it's my fault and sometimes I feel like I'm taking over the mother role and my mum is becoming the daughter! My mums soft and always has been so it doesn't help that I'm a bit bossy and wishing she would toughen up but watching this film made me realise that I should love my mum no matter what, even if she is a bit soft. Everyone knows and loves her for this reason and that's what makes her special. So all you daughters out there, stop arguing with your mothers. It'll only end in tears or someone turning into a bear!

Anyway the film was great and Billy Connolly plays King Fergus, Merida's father, and he really is brilliant at his role. I would be more than happy to go and see this film again, infact I'll be purchasing it on DVD when it gets released so I can enjoy it in the comfort of my own home.

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