13 June 2012

Review: Monster Pet Supplies Dog Toys & Treats

Not so long ago I heard on the grapevine that Monster Pet Supplies were looking for pets to test out their wide range of amazing pet accessories which they provide at www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk. Since our family pet is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier I happily offered up her services and pondered what treats might be sent her way. Staffordshire Bull Terriers are known for their love of chewing (amoung other things!) so whatever was being sent was in for a tough testing!

Lexie pie (the dog) was lucky enough to be sent 3 items to test which included; Good Boy Mighty Bump Ball, Happy Pet Migrator Mallard Plush Dog Toy & Deli Treats - Chewy Twisters with Real Chicken. Quite a little selection so read on to see what she thought.

Good Boy Mighty Bump Ball
This little beauty is a spikey hollow ball with a hole in the end which you can stuff full of treats, anything from normal dog treats to peanut butter can be shoved in this and your dog will be kept amused for atleast an hour. It's very bouncey and I was surprised to find it actually has a beef smell about it and when I read the packaging I found that is has been infused with beef flavouring. That will surely make any dogs day! This ball comes in 3 different sizes as well; 6.5cm (£4.80), 8cm (£7.21) and 10cm (£7.99), Lexie received the biggest one which is just a bit bigger than the palm of my hand and I would recommend it for bigger dogs. I found this ball to be very durable and it happily withstood the power of Lexie's jaws. She chewed and chewed and it didn't seem to have any damage so thumbs up. My son, who's 2 and a half, also loved throwing this ball for Lexie pie as it's very bouncey so it was nice to see them playing together. Oh and it also floats!

Happy Pet Migrator Mallard Plush Dog ToyI have to say this was my personal favourite that Lexie was sent. It's a cute little mallard duck which has a squeaker inside it that imitates the call of a duck. Fantastic idea and oh boy does Lexie love it! The squeak of the toy gets her excited without even setting eyes on the duck so a great way to get your dog to interact and play. The duck comes in medium (£4.39) or large (£8.38) and I think Lexie received the medium at 23/24cm but it's hard to tell as there's no sizing on the website but the medium is perfect for her size. She wouldn't need it any bigger really. The only problem with this toy, well not the toy but Lexie really, is that as soon as Lexie "catches" the mallard she wants to "kill" it. She'll hold it down and rip the fur off it and if I let her continue I know she would destroy it so as long as you can get the duck back off your dog it'll be fine.

Deli Treats - Chewy Twisters with Real Chicken
Now these treats are something special. They're thin sticks of raw hide with a twist - see what I did there! They've got real dried chicken wrapped around them for an extra tasty bite. Lexie loves these treats and cries for one when I show her the packet! The bag can be resealed once opened with the handy zip lock and there's no artificial colours or flavours added to these treats with 100% chicken breast meat being used. There looked like there were around 10 or see treats in the bag but I forgot to count so just going by memory and there's no info on the amount so purely a guess here. These retail for around £2.49 which is quite good for what you actually get and Lexie pie loves them so can't complain.

Overall some fantastic dog products and ones which I'm sure your pet will love. The ball is very hardy and withstood quite a bashing by Lexie pie and my son so really happy with that. The mallard is great for fetch and retrieval work but not made to withstand a lot of chewing etc as it's a soft toy really. The dog treats were delish, so Lexie says anyway, you'll just have to take her word for it! Prices sound reasonable and in line with other products of a similar nature on the market at the moment so no complaints there.

Mummies rating - 8/10
Lexie's rating - 10/10

Please visit www.monsterpetsupplies.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what Monster Pet Supplies gets up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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