20 May 2012

Breathe Some Fresh Air Into The Home This Summer

This summer, you can bring the colours of your favourite season indoors, and all it takes is a little creativity and minimal effort. If you want your home to reflect the festive tones and breezy mood of the sunniest time of year, here’s how you can make it happen.

Bring life into the home. Summer is the perfect time to bring even more life into your home with freshly cut flowers from time to time. Place them on the kitchen or dining room table or in another common area where the entire family will be able to enjoy them. Also, if you have potted plants, remember to move them closer to windows or farther away, depending on their sunlight needs.

Set the scene with new decor. You don’t have to do a complete furniture overhaul to make it look like you redecorated. One easy way to give your home a summer face-lift is to buy sheer or floral print curtains or drapes from Achica Living. You can also think of creative, free ways to decorate, such as bringing home seashells from your next beach trip to place on shelves or the coffee table. Even still, a brightly coloured blanket stylishly draped over your couch can make the whole room pop.

Pop open a can of paint. One of the most instantaneous ways to liven up a home for summer is to paint the walls a brighter colour. Choose a vibrant yellow or serene light green for your walls, and you’ll be reminded of the blooming foliage all day long. Lighter colours also make your home cooler, which is key if you don’t have central air conditioning. And if you don’t have time to paint an entire room or two, you could at least freshen up the trim and moulding that lines the walls for a little home decor pick-me-up.

Use your family photos for inspiration. Summer is also a time for family holidays, so why not bring some of those memories back with you? If you took plenty of family photos, place them in some summer-inspired picture frames from Achica. Or if you’re in the mood for something unique, you can have your photos screen-printed on cotton cloth that you can use to sew pillowcases for throw pillows. You can also create collages, drink coasters, and a plethora of other decor items using your photos.

Get busy with the garden. Because not all home decor should take place inside, you should also make sure that your garden looks well-kept and welcoming to visitors. Take the time to plant a few extra seeds so that you can continuously have something in bloom, and pull up all those pesky weeds that impede plant growth. You may also want to apply a layer of mulch to protect them from aphids.

You can create most of the things you need for these tips, but don’t forget to also shop around for the best deals on decor and summer items to make your home feel inviting all season long.

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High end lofts Pittsburgh on 26 July 2012 at 23:33 said...

It's definitely advisable to reinvent one's home every once in a while. It refreshes the scenery as well as the ambiance.

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