5 April 2012

Review: The Original Pillow Pets

I love a cuddly soft toy but one which can do more than look pretty is an added bonus so when Mookie Toys got in touch to ask if Logan would like to review their Original Pillow Pets I gladly accepted.

I'll let Mookie Toys explain what a Pillow Pet is: "Pillow Pets are the new premium quality plush toy made of ultra-soft and cuddly chenille but with a clever twist. When a hidden strap is released underneath, the cuddly creature transforms from a toy into a soft pillow, making the Pillow Pet a perfect travelling pal, naptime buddy and all round snuggly friend."

You can get the Pillow Pets in eight different designs. Logan was sent a very cheeky Billy Monkey but you can also get; Playful Penguin, Comfy Panda, Snuggly Puppy, Magical Unicorn, Wiggly Pig and not forgetting Ms Ladybug and Bumbly Bee. There are four new designs coming out for Easter this year which include; Cuddly Bunny, Thumpy Bunny, Puffy Duck and Fluffy Bunny. All sound very cute and if they look as good as Billy Monkey which Logan received then you're onto a winner.

When I first saw the images for the Pillow Pets I thought they were going to be quite small like some of the similar toys out there on the market however when I got the package through the door and opened it I was pleasantly surprised to find that Billy Monkey is massive! It's a huge size even for an adult never mind a child so you definitely get your money's worth out of this toy. Billy Monkey is very cute and Logan had a little cuddle with him before trying to give him to our dog Lexie which was quite funny. Logan isn't really fussy for cuddly toys but when I use Billy Monkey to interact with Logan he became more interesting. The real test would come when Logan went for his afternoon nap!

It's a shame to say that Logan didn't want to use Billy Monkey to sleep on which is unfortunate, he wanted him just to play with. In the interests of testing I had a snooze on Billy Monkey myself and he was very soft and comfortable, I proped him up on my sofa and snuggled down for a quick nap. I didn't get sweaty sleeping on the pillow which is good and there's more than enough room so your head doesn't slip off.

Pillow Pets retail for around £16.94 and are suitable for ages 3 and upwards. You can purchase direct from www.pillowpets.co.uk or you can find them on Amazon.

Overall brilliant cuddley toys and excellent pillows. It's just a shame Logan wasn't more interested but I'll happily use Billy Monkey in future. Pricing is reasonable as these Pillow Pets are huge and they're quite robust as Logan was having a good go of throwing Billy Monkey around.

Mummies rating - 8/10
Logan's rating - 5/10

Please visit www.pillowpets.co.uk for more information. You can also see what Pillow Pets get up to on Facebook so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.
Finish review when Logan has tried to sleep on billy monkey

3 comments on "Review: The Original Pillow Pets"

Susan Mann on 6 April 2012 at 22:07 said...

We LOVE pillow pets and have 6 between the two boys x

The Breastest News on 6 April 2012 at 22:32 said...

You've got 6! That must be a record :)

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