14 March 2012

Review: zChocolat

Around Valentine's Day the lovely people from zChocolat sent me a box of their finest Touché chocolates to review for them and I have to say what a delight of a box it was. I'm not a massive fan of chocolates, normally I prefer a savoury snack, however these chocolates were just to tempting to turn down.

zChocolate.com is an online company that provides an exclusive selection of French chocolates handmade by the French chocolatier Pascal Caffet. These chocolates truly are something special and when they arrived I was rather impressed. They arrived tucked away in a beautifully presented drawstring bag which had a little pouch on the front and inside was a note to tell me why I was being sent my chocolates and also some information on zChocolat to perouse. On the strings of the bag was a cute wooden heart which slipped down the string to help keep the bag closed. When I opened the bag I was delighted to see how much care had been taken to present these yummy chocolates. They were incased in a french hand crafted finger-joint carved wooden box which has a lovely heart inlay and also if you wish you can add an engraving to the box on a brass plate to make it truly personal.

Inside, 12 chocolates were neatly packed into a little paper box to keep them safe. I was surprised that the chocolates were actually a decent size. I was expecting them to be quite small but thankfully they weren't. I like the way they were arranged inside the box, carefully colour co-ordinated and placed in all different directions to create a feast for the eyes!

These chocolates were a delight to eat and there was a great mix of flavours to try which include; milk chocolate supreme with hazelnut praline, black mystique vanilla bourbon caramel, white toquade filled with chocolate ganache and red amore ganache scented with bergamont. Quite a mouthful to say but soooo tasty. It was easy to tell these chocolates were hand made, they melted in your mouth and were very textured compared to cheaper chocolate brands. They're very rich too so you could only eat 1 or 2 at a time which is nice as far too many people stuff their face with chocolate and don't actually stop to appreciate it.

I quite like the fact that these chocolates are kept very pure with no alcohol or preservatives and with very little sugar. They also include all-natural ingredients and have 100% pure cocoa butter. You can purchase these chocolates direct from www.zChocolate.com for RRP £73.46.

Overall these chocolates are extremely special and would make an excellent gift for Mother's Day or even as a little Wedding present for the couple who already live together and have everything. The only thing putting me off these chocolates is the price tag. Although they are tasty and beautifully presented would someone really know you spent almost £75 on them?? Definitely not where I come from anyway and my rating below reflects this.

Mummies rating - 7/10
Other Half's rating - 6/10

Please visit www.zChocolat.com for more products and information. You can also see what zChocolat get up to on Facebook so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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