18 March 2012

Review: ThermaCare HeatWraps

Nowadays back pain is very common, everyone you speak to has some kind of sore back. It's probably due to our poor posture, weight or some kind of damage we've done from lifting a heavy box the wrong way (I think we're all a bit guilty of that!). Just before I became pregnant I was unlucky enough to be invloved in a head on car accident, I have no idea what the other driver was doing but they obviously weren't paying attention and the result wasn't great for my back and ever since then I've had back pain.

I hate taking pain killers, I don't want to feel like I have to depend on them so I wish I'd known about these ThermaCare HeatWraps sooner. ThermaCare were kind enough to send me a pack of their Lower Back & Hip HeatWraps to review for them and I really do think they're great. They would have been perfect to use when I was breastfeeding my son after he was born too, I didn't want to take painkillers then as I didn't want to pass anything on through my milk to my baby.

ThermaCare say: "patented heat cell technology gives deep penetrative therapeutic relief, that is as effective as taking the maximum over-the-counter dose of ibuprofen tablets.  It uses heat generating ingredients of iron, charcoal, salt and water that react on contact with oxygen to produce heat, helping to relax tight muscles and improve flexibility to help you move more freely – whatever your day requires of you."
These HeatWraps can give you up to 8 hours of heat, to use you simply have to take the belt out of it's pouch, place the dark side of the discs on the belt towards your skin and fasten the belt. As easy as that. The belt is very stretchy and is sized from a small to extra large so you can imagine it can fit quite a wide range of shapes. I'm around a size 12-14 and it fits me fine when plenty of extra room if I need to go bigger.

So what did I think? Well these HeatWraps actually work! The heat penetrates into the back muscles to help soothe and relax them and after only wearing for 30 minutes I could feel the pain disapearing which felt fantastic. When I get a sore back it can ruin my day making me feel sick as well as a lot of discomfort but now I can use these I don't have to worry so much anymore. The HeatWraps are easy to wear under clothing, you would never even notice you had it on and because it can be worn for 8 hours that's  a whole days work so if you have an office job like me and your back gets sore from the way you sit at your desk then these are perfect for you.

If you're also a mum then you'll appreciate these too if you suffer from back pain. ThermaCare say: "almost half (48%) of mums who suffer aches and pains say lifting up their kids causes the most strain. This is not surprising after a new survey revealed one in five mums carry their kids around for four or more hours a day when they are young – this equates to a full two months spent carrying their child over a year! One in 20 (5%) of the women, who were part of a survey of 3,000 men and women carried out by ThermaCare® HeatWraps, say their muscular or joint pain was initially caused as a direct result of pregnancy while 7% say lifting their child was the initial trigger. The survey further revealed the impact muscular aches and pains have on everyday parenting activities with 22% finding the constant tidying up after their kids a strain, whilst 18% find bath time a back ache, and just over one in 10 (12%) say play time and pushing a pram leaves them aching. More than one in ten (11.99%) parents say muscular or joint pain interrupts their time with their children on a daily basis, while one in five says it is a nuisance a few times a week."

So if like me you don't want to be taking painkillers left right and centre then you need to get yourself some of these ThermaCare HeatWraps. You get 2 belts in a pack with an RRP of £6.12 and they can be bought from all good supermarkets and pharmacies.

Overall I love these HeatWraps, they have done wonders for my back pain without having to take medication and I would highly recommend them to mums and dads who suffer any sort of back pain. The price is obviously more expensive than taking painkillers however you're not putting anything into your body which definitely appealed to me as a breastfeeding mum.

Mummies rating - 10/10

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