19 March 2012

Review: Earth Friendly Baby

The very kind people from Earth Friendly Baby sent Logan some of their lovely products to review. We received their Organic Sunflower Massage Oil, Organic Lavender Bubble Bath and their Eco Baby Wipes. Here is what we thought.

Now Logan is 2 years old and is quite a bit beyond the baby massage stage but since he has dry skin I often rub some sort of cream or oil into him after he's had a bath to stop him from going crispy! He really likes being pampered so this is where the Organic Sunflower Massage Oil comes in handy. It has a little flip top lid which you can easily use with oily fingers and there's no need to panic that your child will kick it over and the oil will go every where as the lid is just as easy to close again.

Earth Friendly Baby say: "This Organic Massage Oil can be used on babies from the age of 3 months and not forgetting mums and dads too! The blend contains over 70% certified organic ingredients. This nourishing massage oil contains a base of Sunflower Oil, blended with the amazing mild and healing Kukui Oil from Hawaii that is traditionally used on newborn babies and can also soothe skin that has been over exposed to the sun. Calendula and Chamomile Oils in this clever oil along with Vitamin E will help to heal the most sensitive skin. And for that touch of luxury a hint of the highest quality Rose has been added to soothe the senses."

I really liked this massage oil for Logan, it wasn't too greasy and massaged into the skin really well leaving it soft and smooth. I didn't use it every day but I'm sure you could if you wanted too as babies do love a little massage and it helps you to bond with your little one. RRP for this product is £7.14 for 100ml and you can purchase it from John Lewis, Amazon or visit www.earthfriendlybaby.co.uk.

The Organic Lavender Bubble Bath was great, it created tons of bubbles and a little definitely goes a long way with this stuff. It's more like water than the normal gloopy bubble bath you get and to start with I thought I would need lots to get some good bubbles but boy was I mistaken. There were so many bubbles I couldn't find Logan at one stage (slight exaggeration but you get my point) so next time I was very careful only to add a little. The smell of the lavender is beautiful, very subtle but that's all you want in a children's bubble bath anything too overpowering and it just puts me off purchasing again.

This bubble bath was great for Logan's skin which left it nice and soft. I tend to find most bubble baths dry out Logan's skin (apart from specialist baby ones) but this one was lovely. You get 370ml for RRP £6.12 and you can purchase if from John Lewis, Amazon or visit www.earthfriendlybaby.co.uk.

Last but not least are the Eco Baby Wipes. Earth Friendly Baby say: "These 100% biodegradable eco baby wipes were created to help the environment as well as baby’s delicate skin. These gentle, eco baby wipes are made from material derived from wood pulp and starch making them kinder to the environment. Blended with organic Chamomile and Calendula to soothe and calm baby’s most delicate areas they’ll leave baby’s skin smooth, soft and delicately cleansed."

These Eco Wipes are brilliant. They're so soft, quite big and thick so you only need a few to change a babies dirty nappy unlike the loads I seem to use with some other brands. They don't stick together in the packet either and are easy to remove which is handy when you've got a screaming kicking toddler who'd rather play with his choo choo train than have his nappy changed! When Logan had bad nappy rash the Eco Wipes didn't seem to hurt his bottom either. I find some wipes quite stingy because of the alcohol in them but because these wipes have been blended with organic chamomile and calendula they help to soothe babies bum. You get 72 wipes in a pack for only RRP £3.05 which is fab and you can purchase them from John Lewis, Amazon or visit www.earthfriendlybaby.co.uk.

Overall I like everyone of these products although I think the Eco Wipes have to be my favourite. The Eco Wipes are fairly priced in my opinion especially for what you get but I think the massage oil and the bubble bath are a bit on the expensive side. I would happily purchase these products to use on my son in future though and I would recommend to friends and family.

Mummies rating - 7/10
Logan's rating - 10/10

Please visit www.earthfriendlybaby.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what Earth Friendly Baby get up to on Facebook so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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