13 March 2012

Netflights.com Giveaway

One of the biggest things that completely petrifies me about travelling abroad with a toddler is the fear of losing them! Now, I'm quite a responsible person but you've all heard the stories of how parents have literally turned their head for a second and their child has gone!! It's even worse if you're in a different country and what if your child isn't great at talking yet or can't explain themselves well?  Yes I know, all very frightening but with the help of a simple ID Bracelet it could very well mean the difference between your child finding there way back to you or not.

My son is 2 years old and he's still not great at speaking so I know for a fact that an ID Bracelet would be a fantastic idea to help incase he did wonder away from me in a busy place and lets not forget not just in a different country but in your home country too.

Good things to include on an ID Bracelet are your childs name, contact number, if abroad include your hotel details, room number etc. These will all help reunite you with your child in the event that they happen to wonder off.

You'll be pleased to know then that the very generous people from Netflights.com are giving away 500 resuable ID Bracelets on their Facbook page. Simply pop over to see details on how to enter.

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