23 February 2012

Review: Organix New Tomato & Carrot Flavoured Veg & Oat Bars

My son Logan is a massive fan of the Organix brand from their delightfully tasty Carrot flavoured crisps to their scrummy gingerbread men biscuits. I always purchase something for him from Organix in the weekly food shop so I was delighted to receive some of their new Tomato & Carrot flavoured Veg & Oat bars to test and review.

The new veg and oat bars contain no nasties along with the rest of the organix range. Infact here is a breakdown of the ingredients so you can judge for yourself. Organic Wholegrain Oats 55%, Organic Barley Malt Extract 16%, Organic Sunflower Oil 15%, Organic Carrot Juice Concentrate 9%, Organic Tomato Powder 3% and Organic Dried Tomato Flakes 2%. So as you can see, no nasties in sight.

Each veg and oat bar box contains 6 individually wrapped oat bars which are very handy for popping into your handbag to give to your child on the go or for popping into their own little backpack so they can access the treat themselves. These bars are suitable for children 12 months and over but all young children should be supervised when eating incase of chocking.

You can purchase these Veg and Oat bars from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Boots and Asda from March 2012 RRP £2.49.

The packaging is as fun and delightful as you would expect from Organix with one of their Goodies characters holding up some carrots on the front of the box. The new veg and oat bars promise to be a tasty savour snack for toddlers to eat between meals so I was eager to put it to the test. Unfortunately I have to say that Logan wasn't impressed!

My fiancĂ© and I have offered Logan these veg and oat bars on a few separate occasions to see what he thought of them. The first time he had one he took a bite and spat it straight back out! On another day we tried him again with the veg and oat bars which he automatically refused to eat after discovering it was the same food he had spat out the day before and it continued like this for a week with no luck. He just didn't like them although I can't blame him. My fiancĂ© and I decided to taste the veg and oat bars to see what they were like and I have to say they didn’t taste very nice which is a real shame. The tomato and carrot don't really complement each other in this snack and we both found it quite overpowering with a weird sort of sicky taste. It's the only way I can describe it sorry.

Overall a bit disappointing considering the other tasty treats that the Organix brand provide so it was a bit of a shame. Logan loves most of their other products apart from the cheese biscuits but then he doesn't like cheese so that's completely understandable but these veg and oat bars had a very strange taste and we all thought this not just Logan. On the plus side Logan did like to play with the box so not a complete waste on him!

Mummies rating - 4/10
Other Half's rating - 3/10
Logan's rating - 2/10

Please visit www.organix.com for more products and information. You can also see what Organix get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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