21 February 2012

Review: ManWrap

Well we all know that most men aren't very good at wrapping presents and that's not a dig at men by the way, it's usually because the lovely woman in their life does all of that wrapping rubbish for them! But on those few occassions a man does have to wrap presents i.e. valentine's day, mother's day, christmas pressies and ofcourse those little spontanious gifts we women all like to receive now and again *cough* hint *cough*. So to solve that problem for all you men out there who aren't so good at wrapping, or simply can't be bothered, the genius people from The Monster Factory have came up with the very clever ManWrap. The name says it all really doesn't it!

I'll let the people from The Monster Factory explain: "Man Up! Take the chore out of wrapping and enjoy more time doing the things you enjoy! ManWrap is the easy to use quality foil wrapping paper designed to make lives simpler, especially for the men in our lives who would no doubt rather be in the pub than wrapping gifts! Just roll out the amount you need for your gift then rip, grip and press - hey presto, job done!"

Well that says it all really doesn't it. And to be honest I think some women secretly like wrapping presents but the mear whisper of suggesting to my other half that he has to wrap a present fills his face with dread. Infact I've known him to buy a gift from a shop and pay extra for the gift wrapping service just so he doesn't have to do it himself and most men do the same. I don't blame them either, wrapping can be tricky if not done correctly but never fear ManWrap is now here to save the same.

As The Monster Factory have explained the processes of using ManWrap is simple and easy even the dog could do it. To make it even easier the ManWrap comes mounted with it's own little handle so all you have to do is hold the handle and roll out the required size you need. Now since the ManWrap is basically a foil wrapping paper all you need to do is grip one side and rip the other before pressing into shape over your desired present. Ta dah!! Finito. Now that wasn't hard was it? The Monster Factory even provide a handy how to guide on the back of every ManWrap packaging now what more could you want. They also have a little video showing you just how good the ManWrap is, please take a look.

The ManWrap comes in 2 colours; red or blue both with a star design and each roll holds 5 metres of ManWrap. You can purchase your very own roll direct from The Monster Factory themselves for RRP £5.99.

My other half tried this stuff out for me so I could get a real mans perspective and he quite liked it however he said it was limited to what you can wrap due to the size of the roll, so only smaller things really. Such as a CD, perfume, jewellery etc however you could wrap bigger things in sections as this is foil wrap however we did find that cellotape would be required as the ManWrap didn't stay down sometimes.

Overall lovely stuff, easy to use and if it stops your man from moaning then I'm all for it. Pricing is expensive for wrapping paper however you pay for convenience these days and that's what you're getting. Could do with more designs in the range as 2 colours just isn't enough really is it.

Mummies rating - 7/10
Other Half's Rating - 7.5/10

Please visit www.themonsterfactory.com for more products and information.

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helen on 21 February 2012 at 22:29 said...

that's genius...although a little pricey

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