24 February 2012

Review: byBrillian​t Classic Heart Earrings

byBrilliant are a fascinating company who sell beautiful pieces of jewellery containing simulated diamonds at an affordable price and as well as agreeing to give away a pair of their fab Classic Heart Earrings in this great competition, they have also asked me to review a pair for them.

Dervla and Emma are the genius sisters behind the brand, here's what they have to say: "We began thinking how amazing it would be to start a boutique that epitomised what we’d been looking for - high quality, fine jewellery, that didn’t require you to blow all your savings in one go! It took a number of years and lots of research and it all came together with our Brilliant store in Chelsea. We wanted to specialise in beautifully made, design-led, yet affordable fine jewellery. All our jewellery is set with ethically grown simulated diamonds of unsurpassed quality. We hope you will love Brilliant as much as we do!"

byBrilliant simulated diamonds are ethically grown in state-of-the-art laboratories under precise conditions. The result is a stone with a similar refractive index and hardness of 8.5. Only mined diamonds achieve a perfect 10 on the Moh scale. Only the most perfect material is selected and expertly cut to ensure maximum brilliance and fire. byBrilliant diamond simulants are of unsurpassed quality and gemologists have agreed are the finest diamond simulants ever. byBrilliant is design led and quality focused. All pieces are set by hand by master jeweller craftsmen bringing to life the most beautiful designs.

So what did I think of the jewellery I was sent? Well the byBrilliant Classic Heart Earrings are made from 9k White Gold or you can have them in 9k Yellow Gold if you prefer. I was sent a pair of the white gold earrings and they are just lovely. They're little stud earrings that securely fasten at the back with a normal clip like any other stud earring on the market. You can choose the size of the stones as well, I was sent the 1ct pair which are perfect for every day use. But if you want some major bling you can always go for the 2ct (£20 extra) or 4ct (£40 extra). These earrings have a lovely sparkle to them and plenty of people have commented since I've been wearing them and they can't believe they're simulated diamonds. Infact a lot of people have never heard of this so I've been pointing them in the direction of the byBrilliant website to have a read over the facts, very interesting stuff! The heart shaped stones are held in place by 4 little claws and seem very secure so no worrying about the stones becoming loose.

The earrings come in a lovely hand tied gift bag and inside a cute little box which can be used to keep them safe or store them in when travelling. I put the earrings back in their box every night when I take them off as I'd be petrified of losing them. They would make an excellent gift for a loved one on valentine's day, mother's day or as a birthday present, christmas present, anniversary present or just as a special treat to show how much you care.

You can purchase these gorgeous earrings direct from the byBrilliant website RRP £85.00.

My other half really liked the looks of these earrings too and said he'd be quite happy to purchase something similar for me in future as a present for a birthday or anniversary. After having had a look on the byBrilliant website he was pleasantly surprised to see a vast array of products with tons of different designs and colours to choose from and all at reasonable prices. He's now a happy man as it won't break the bank to buy me a gorgeous gift.

Overall a beautiful pair of earrings, well made and definitely solid. They have a lovely shimmer to them and aren't heavy on your ears so easy to wear every day. It's good to know that these simulated diamonds are also ethical and not part of the blood diamond trade because they are manufactured in laboratories. My engagement ring is a real diamond however my fiancé made sure it had been approved through the Kimberley Process before purchasing. These earrings are a little bit pricey however the stones are practically diamonds so a great price really.

Mummies rating - 9/10
Other Half's rating - 9/10

Please visit www.bybrilliant.com for more products and information.

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