9 February 2012

Cuddledry & CLIC Sargent Supporting Children with Cancer

Being a big fan of Cuddledry I was very pleased to hear that they would be helping to support the excellent charity that is CLIC Sargent in their Yummy Mummy campaign this year. It's a very deserving cause and cancer is something that has touched most peoples lives and but when it affects your child I believe it's 10 times worse.

Throughout February, March and April, Cuddledry will be donating £5 from every sale of their lilac sun protection ponchos (£27.99). Customers can simply shop as normal through the Cuddledry website, and donations will be made automatically to CLIC Sargent.

The first of their kind in the UK, Cuddledry's sun protection ponchos are an essential addition to holidays and trips to the beach for parents who want to protect their little ones from the sun. The towels use patented RayosanTM technology, which dyes the fabric with a high quality sun block and acts like a mirror, deflecting the harmful UVA and UVB rays off the towel, instead of letting them pass through the fabric and harm delicate skin.

The sun block, which has a sun protection factor of 50+, stays with the towel permanently, regardless of washing and use, plus the fabric stays super-soft too. The sun protection poncho is a big hit with parents, and has already won the much coveted Mother & Baby safety product award.

Yummy Mummy Week 2012, which runs from Saturday 10 March to Mother's Day on Sunday 18 March, was launched by the charity's patron, Patsy Palmer, in January. Patsy commented: "As a Patron of CLIC Sargent I've seen first hand the charity's wonderful work supporting young cancer patients, and their families, at a very difficult time in their lives. I'm lending my support to Yummy Mummy Week as it's a great way for mums to get together, do something yummy and have a great time in aid of a great cause!"

So if you were thinking of purchasing one of these fab Lilac Ponchos then now's the perfect time. Get on over to the Cuddledry website and help support CLIC Sargent with their Yummy Mummy campaign.

You can see what CLIC Sargent are getting up to on Facebook so please pay them a visit and say hello!

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