26 February 2012

Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday

25 February 2012

Feeding Babies in The Car – A Parent’s Guide

Today we have a love guest post from Gargi Shastri who writes for the Sainsbury’s Money Matters blog on a range of topics including car insurance, car safety and other motoring topics. When she’s not writing, she enjoys yoga and cooking Indian food. Here she tells us how to feed our baby in the car.

Many parents feel anxious about feeding their babies on long car journeys. The safety, hygiene and comfort of the baby are just some common concerns you might have. But by planning ahead and being well prepared, you can make feeding time in the car a stress-free experience. Here are a few things to consider.


For some mothers, breastfeeding can be the most hassle-free way of feeding a baby in the car. It doesn’t require any equipment and it’s convenient. Be aware, however, that the NHS advises against breastfeeding your baby in a moving car. Taking the baby out of the child car seat when the car is moving is both dangerous and illegal. So ask the driver to pull into a safe parking space before you begin to breastfeed. It’s also a good idea for nursing mothers to drink plenty of fluids.

FormulaIf you prefer to feed your baby formula, you can use ready-made liquid feeds. They are a safe option and can save you the hassle of carrying hot water and powdered formula. It might also be convenient to use pre-sterilised, disposable bottles during the car journey. A bottle warmer that heats the formula can also come in handy, as it simply plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter.

Solid food
Consider packing jars of your baby’s favourite ready-made food. You could also try fruits such as bananas, avocados and pears. These can be mashed up and served easily.
Feeding time could also be a lot easier if you pack disposable bibs, spill-proof cups and beakers, and cutlery that your baby is familiar with. Remember to always supervise the baby when he or she is being fed, as unsupervised babies could be at risk of choking.

Preparing well for your baby’s feeds can help make the car journey stress-free. For even greater peace of mind, it’s also important to have the right breakdown and car insurance cover that will protect your family on the trip.

24 February 2012

Review: byBrillian​t Classic Heart Earrings

byBrilliant are a fascinating company who sell beautiful pieces of jewellery containing simulated diamonds at an affordable price and as well as agreeing to give away a pair of their fab Classic Heart Earrings in this great competition, they have also asked me to review a pair for them.

Dervla and Emma are the genius sisters behind the brand, here's what they have to say: "We began thinking how amazing it would be to start a boutique that epitomised what we’d been looking for - high quality, fine jewellery, that didn’t require you to blow all your savings in one go! It took a number of years and lots of research and it all came together with our Brilliant store in Chelsea. We wanted to specialise in beautifully made, design-led, yet affordable fine jewellery. All our jewellery is set with ethically grown simulated diamonds of unsurpassed quality. We hope you will love Brilliant as much as we do!"

byBrilliant simulated diamonds are ethically grown in state-of-the-art laboratories under precise conditions. The result is a stone with a similar refractive index and hardness of 8.5. Only mined diamonds achieve a perfect 10 on the Moh scale. Only the most perfect material is selected and expertly cut to ensure maximum brilliance and fire. byBrilliant diamond simulants are of unsurpassed quality and gemologists have agreed are the finest diamond simulants ever. byBrilliant is design led and quality focused. All pieces are set by hand by master jeweller craftsmen bringing to life the most beautiful designs.

So what did I think of the jewellery I was sent? Well the byBrilliant Classic Heart Earrings are made from 9k White Gold or you can have them in 9k Yellow Gold if you prefer. I was sent a pair of the white gold earrings and they are just lovely. They're little stud earrings that securely fasten at the back with a normal clip like any other stud earring on the market. You can choose the size of the stones as well, I was sent the 1ct pair which are perfect for every day use. But if you want some major bling you can always go for the 2ct (£20 extra) or 4ct (£40 extra). These earrings have a lovely sparkle to them and plenty of people have commented since I've been wearing them and they can't believe they're simulated diamonds. Infact a lot of people have never heard of this so I've been pointing them in the direction of the byBrilliant website to have a read over the facts, very interesting stuff! The heart shaped stones are held in place by 4 little claws and seem very secure so no worrying about the stones becoming loose.

The earrings come in a lovely hand tied gift bag and inside a cute little box which can be used to keep them safe or store them in when travelling. I put the earrings back in their box every night when I take them off as I'd be petrified of losing them. They would make an excellent gift for a loved one on valentine's day, mother's day or as a birthday present, christmas present, anniversary present or just as a special treat to show how much you care.

You can purchase these gorgeous earrings direct from the byBrilliant website RRP £85.00.

My other half really liked the looks of these earrings too and said he'd be quite happy to purchase something similar for me in future as a present for a birthday or anniversary. After having had a look on the byBrilliant website he was pleasantly surprised to see a vast array of products with tons of different designs and colours to choose from and all at reasonable prices. He's now a happy man as it won't break the bank to buy me a gorgeous gift.

Overall a beautiful pair of earrings, well made and definitely solid. They have a lovely shimmer to them and aren't heavy on your ears so easy to wear every day. It's good to know that these simulated diamonds are also ethical and not part of the blood diamond trade because they are manufactured in laboratories. My engagement ring is a real diamond however my fiancé made sure it had been approved through the Kimberley Process before purchasing. These earrings are a little bit pricey however the stones are practically diamonds so a great price really.

Mummies rating - 9/10
Other Half's rating - 9/10

Please visit www.bybrilliant.com for more products and information.

23 February 2012

WINNERS: GOSH Click & Conceal

GOSH Click & Conceal Winners

Drum roll please............

The winners of the fab GOSH Click & Conceal sticks are...

Lorraine - @meedja
Jamie-Lee - @Jlnorris2010
Dorothee - @Dorothee77


Please email me with the following details and I shall have your prize sent out:
Telephone Number:

Thanks to everyone who entered, it is very much appreciated. Please also take a look at the Competitions page for even more fab giveaways.

Review: Organix New Tomato & Carrot Flavoured Veg & Oat Bars

My son Logan is a massive fan of the Organix brand from their delightfully tasty Carrot flavoured crisps to their scrummy gingerbread men biscuits. I always purchase something for him from Organix in the weekly food shop so I was delighted to receive some of their new Tomato & Carrot flavoured Veg & Oat bars to test and review.

The new veg and oat bars contain no nasties along with the rest of the organix range. Infact here is a breakdown of the ingredients so you can judge for yourself. Organic Wholegrain Oats 55%, Organic Barley Malt Extract 16%, Organic Sunflower Oil 15%, Organic Carrot Juice Concentrate 9%, Organic Tomato Powder 3% and Organic Dried Tomato Flakes 2%. So as you can see, no nasties in sight.

Each veg and oat bar box contains 6 individually wrapped oat bars which are very handy for popping into your handbag to give to your child on the go or for popping into their own little backpack so they can access the treat themselves. These bars are suitable for children 12 months and over but all young children should be supervised when eating incase of chocking.

You can purchase these Veg and Oat bars from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Boots and Asda from March 2012 RRP £2.49.

The packaging is as fun and delightful as you would expect from Organix with one of their Goodies characters holding up some carrots on the front of the box. The new veg and oat bars promise to be a tasty savour snack for toddlers to eat between meals so I was eager to put it to the test. Unfortunately I have to say that Logan wasn't impressed!

My fiancé and I have offered Logan these veg and oat bars on a few separate occasions to see what he thought of them. The first time he had one he took a bite and spat it straight back out! On another day we tried him again with the veg and oat bars which he automatically refused to eat after discovering it was the same food he had spat out the day before and it continued like this for a week with no luck. He just didn't like them although I can't blame him. My fiancé and I decided to taste the veg and oat bars to see what they were like and I have to say they didn’t taste very nice which is a real shame. The tomato and carrot don't really complement each other in this snack and we both found it quite overpowering with a weird sort of sicky taste. It's the only way I can describe it sorry.

Overall a bit disappointing considering the other tasty treats that the Organix brand provide so it was a bit of a shame. Logan loves most of their other products apart from the cheese biscuits but then he doesn't like cheese so that's completely understandable but these veg and oat bars had a very strange taste and we all thought this not just Logan. On the plus side Logan did like to play with the box so not a complete waste on him!

Mummies rating - 4/10
Other Half's rating - 3/10
Logan's rating - 2/10

Please visit www.organix.com for more products and information. You can also see what Organix get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

WINNER: byBrillian​t Classic Heart Earrings


byBrilliant Classic Heart Earrings Winner
Drum roll please............

The winner of the gorgeous byBrilliant Classics Heart Earrings is...

Claire - @clairelouise82


Please email me with the following details and I shall have your prize sent out:
Telephone Number:
Colour of Gold you would like (i.e. white or yellow):

Thanks to everyone who entered, it is very much appreciated. Please also take a look at the Competitions page for even more fab giveaways.

21 February 2012

Review: ManWrap

Well we all know that most men aren't very good at wrapping presents and that's not a dig at men by the way, it's usually because the lovely woman in their life does all of that wrapping rubbish for them! But on those few occassions a man does have to wrap presents i.e. valentine's day, mother's day, christmas pressies and ofcourse those little spontanious gifts we women all like to receive now and again *cough* hint *cough*. So to solve that problem for all you men out there who aren't so good at wrapping, or simply can't be bothered, the genius people from The Monster Factory have came up with the very clever ManWrap. The name says it all really doesn't it!

I'll let the people from The Monster Factory explain: "Man Up! Take the chore out of wrapping and enjoy more time doing the things you enjoy! ManWrap is the easy to use quality foil wrapping paper designed to make lives simpler, especially for the men in our lives who would no doubt rather be in the pub than wrapping gifts! Just roll out the amount you need for your gift then rip, grip and press - hey presto, job done!"

Well that says it all really doesn't it. And to be honest I think some women secretly like wrapping presents but the mear whisper of suggesting to my other half that he has to wrap a present fills his face with dread. Infact I've known him to buy a gift from a shop and pay extra for the gift wrapping service just so he doesn't have to do it himself and most men do the same. I don't blame them either, wrapping can be tricky if not done correctly but never fear ManWrap is now here to save the same.

As The Monster Factory have explained the processes of using ManWrap is simple and easy even the dog could do it. To make it even easier the ManWrap comes mounted with it's own little handle so all you have to do is hold the handle and roll out the required size you need. Now since the ManWrap is basically a foil wrapping paper all you need to do is grip one side and rip the other before pressing into shape over your desired present. Ta dah!! Finito. Now that wasn't hard was it? The Monster Factory even provide a handy how to guide on the back of every ManWrap packaging now what more could you want. They also have a little video showing you just how good the ManWrap is, please take a look.

The ManWrap comes in 2 colours; red or blue both with a star design and each roll holds 5 metres of ManWrap. You can purchase your very own roll direct from The Monster Factory themselves for RRP £5.99.

My other half tried this stuff out for me so I could get a real mans perspective and he quite liked it however he said it was limited to what you can wrap due to the size of the roll, so only smaller things really. Such as a CD, perfume, jewellery etc however you could wrap bigger things in sections as this is foil wrap however we did find that cellotape would be required as the ManWrap didn't stay down sometimes.

Overall lovely stuff, easy to use and if it stops your man from moaning then I'm all for it. Pricing is expensive for wrapping paper however you pay for convenience these days and that's what you're getting. Could do with more designs in the range as 2 colours just isn't enough really is it.

Mummies rating - 7/10
Other Half's Rating - 7.5/10

Please visit www.themonsterfactory.com for more products and information.

20 February 2012

Review: Jumbo Games iPieces Fishing Game for iPad

As you will see from my previous post we love the ipad in our household so when I was asked to review the new Jumbo Games iPieces Fishing Game I just couldn't refuse.

The ipieces fishing game is based on a little game we all probably had as youngsters. It was a small electric toy which looked like a pond and in that pound were several little holes which you placed plastic fish in. These plastic fish had magnets in their mouths and you had a plastic fishing rod with a magnet at the end of it. When you hit the 'on' button the fish would be pushed upwards thus causing their mouths to open so you would have to quickly get your fishing rod in their mouth to catch the fish. All very exciting when you're a child and I have very fond memories of this game so I've got high hopes for the ipieces game!

I do love a gadget or anything techy to investigate so couldn't wait to test it out with my son and the other half. The game comes in a handy little plastic box, and when I say 'the game' I mean the tools to play it with as the game itself is ofcourse an app and can be downloaded free of charge from the apple app store. A quick search and up comes the app for the ipieces fishing game so pretty easy to locate. It takes a few minutes to download though which might not help waiting toddlers so maybe best to download it first before telling them you have a new game to play!

As you will have guessed by now this is a fishing game so included in the box are 4 little plastic fishing rods and some instructions, although you don’t really need the instructions as once downloaded, the app tells you how to play the game properly. This is a very simple and easy game to play, you simply click start, then click on the number of players (you can have up to 4), then for each player there is a colour which corresponds to the colour of a fishing rod; either blue, green, red or white. You type in the players name next to the colour, hit return and away you go. You win by catching the most fish, exactly the same as the little game I had as a child only this one is virtual.

So to catch a fish you hold the coloured end of the fishing rod on the screen over the fishes mouth when it opens and carefully drag the fish to your bucket. You have to navigate a big scary fish in the pond (I think it's a pike) who tries to knock the fish off your rod and also some lily pads - these stop you from getting past and help the big scary fish catch you. One other threat to your bucket of fish is the Stork. This bird will steal fish from your bucket and the only way to protect your catch is by placing the coloured end of your fishing rod over your bucket. It's all very easy to do and after having a go once it'll be simple to remember for next time. The graphics are basic but still good and very colourful which will be helpful to capture the attention of the younger generation and there's a few little animations in there as well to keep them guessing.

There were a few things that were disappointing about the game and one of these was that the game didn't seem to last very long. It felt like only a minute and the game would finish so it probably could be a bit longer to keep the kids more involved. I also found the game quite slow which is fine for a 2 year old but for someone who's aged 5 it might get on their nerves a bit, although saying that my son is only 2 and found it to be frustratingly slow for him and he got bored after only one game.

You can purchase the Jumbo Games iPieces Fishing Game from Amazon RRP £9.99.

Overall the game is very cute and took me back to my childhood however it didn't hold my child's attention very well. I suppose it is for kids a little older than him but one things for sure I don’t think it's worth £9.99 and I would not pay this for it unfortunately. I think £3.99 to £4.99 is more appropriate but certainly not £9.99. It's a good concept and something different to playing a normal board game however I think the old fashioned way of playing this game is far more exciting.

Mummies rating - 5/10
Other Half's rating - 5/10
Logan's rating - 3/10

17 February 2012

National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month and with all the unhealthy living these days it's time to make people aware that keeping a healthy heart is very important.

Taking regular exercise and keeping an eye on your diet to make sure it’s healthy and low in saturated fat can help to keep your heart healthy. I've recently decided to go back to the gym myself and just doing regular exercise a few days a week has really helped to boost my stamina and make me feel less lethargic. This in turn will help to keep your heart healthy as you're giving it a little work out and also keeping the fat off your body so your heart can cope better.

If you are concerned about obtaining vitamins from your diet alone, you may want to try Seven Seas Health Oils Healthy Heart which contains fish oil expertly blended with garlic and vitamin B1 for a healthy heart. Garlic can help to maintain heart health by relaxing the blood vessels and vitamin B1 is important for the elasticity of heart muscles.

Research has established the importance of omega-3 nutrients to our health. They have an essential role in every cell in the body, so their effects are far-reaching. Anyone who is looking to increase the levels of omega-3 nutrients in their diet could benefit from taking a Seven Seas Health Oils supplements.
I've been taking these Seven Seas Health Oils for the past few weeks and although I haven't noticed any sort of massive change I feel healthier in myself and just knowing I'm giving my body the extra vitamins it needs makes me feel better. I often find that my diet isn’t varied enough and with a very busy lifestyle and working full time it's hard to concentrate on food and cram all those important vitamins into a few meals. These capsules have no taste and they're easy to swallow. They don't have any after taste either which is great.

Available at all leading retailers, which include pharmacies, supermarkets and health food shops, 30s (RRP £4.99) and 60s (RRP £10.99). For adults and children over 12 years.

The effects of unhealthy fats and oils on the heart are well known, especially saturated fats found in processed food. However, ‘good oils’ have been proven to provide a whole range of benefits for your heart.

According to studies:
*Fish oil has been shown to reduce various cardiovascular diseases such as sudden death, cardiac death, and myocardial infarction as a result of its omega-3 content. The evidence is strongest for fish and fish oil supplements.

*Fish oil has also been linked to a reduction in the rate of repeated heart attacks. Daily doses of marine-derived omega-3 has been shown to reduce the occurrence of heart failure in middle aged women by a quarter.

So take care of your heart this month and for the rest of your life, you'll certainly need it!

16 February 2012

Review: Playtex Underwear

Trying to find a good comfortable yet sexy bra and pants these days is sometimes impossible! I often find the bra looks good but the pants aren't sitting right or the other way around so I had high hopes for the new Playtex Collection when I was told it has been recommend by Mary Portas herself.

Mary Portas says that: "Good, well fitted lingerie is absolutely key to any look - it's all about getting the foundations right. Playtex has designed two gorgeous new styles that combine fit, support and comfort with stylish glamour to perfectly complement my new fashion range."

The new, limited edition range combines pretty detailing with natural shapes to deliver a fabulously feminine silhouette with all the comfort, fit and support the lingerie brand is famous for. I was sent a set of the multi-coloured ivory to review. I was suprised to find that the cups on the bra are just material so very sexy and as you can imagine a bit see through so not really sure it can be worn with some tops especially at work! It is lovely though and makes you feel very womanly whilst wearing it. I love the shape this bra gives you as well and although it's very thin material it actually gives you a nice support. The bra is well detailed too with a little bow at the front, frills along the straps and beautifully crafted lace at the front.

The pants are really nice too a quite comfortable, they have fabric at the front and back and the sides are all made of lace to match the bra. They're stretchy so don't dig into your skin, they just sit nicely on top. They're also very soft you'd hardly realise you had them on! It really is a beautiful set.

There are two different styles and four different colours to choose from. Satiny Lace (this is the set I received) features pretty, stretchy lace and comes in a choice of black or multi-coloured ivory. The Delicate Embroidery features sheer tulle with two-tone embroidery  in a choice of mink & pink or multi-coloured ivory. Sizes, bra: 32-38 B-F and briefs: S, M, L, XL & 2XL. Pirces: Bra £30 and Briefs £14.

The new "Mary Portas Recommends Playtex" range by Playtex is available exclusively at House of Fraser  and independant lingerie retailers nationwide.

Overall a lovely set, very comfortable and stylish. Beautiful delicate colours and these sets would make an excellent sexy gift from the man in your life! Not too pircey for a decent set of underwear either and I would recommend them to friends and family.

Mummies rating - 7/10

Please visit www.playtex.co.uk for more products and information.

14 February 2012

WINNER: Berry Red Birthing Shirt

Berry Red Birthing Shirt Winner

Drum roll please............

The winner of the Berry Red Birthing Shirt, courtesy of the lovely Birthing Shirt Company, is...

WhiteLily - @mummiafelice


Please email me with the following details and I shall have your prize sent out:


Thanks to everyone who entered, it is very much appreciated. Please also take a look at the Competitions page for even more fab giveaways.

Giveaway: Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow


Well I thought it was about time that I had a lovely Breastfeeding item to offer to my readers and what better than to offer the brilliant Theraline Original Maternity & Nursing Pillow. An excellent prize if I do say so myself.

This brilliant pillow can be used to help support your bump whilst pregnant allowing you to get a better and more comfortable nights sleep. You can also use it to help support your back whilst sitting as I often found I over compensated my posture when my bump got bigger. Once baby is born it's perfect to aid breastfeeding and support your baby whilst sitting. Read on for how to enter.

How To Enter:

Basically all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is follow Theraline their Facebook page and leave a comment here telling me you have done so. As simple as that! If you'd like an extra chance of winning them simply follow Theraline on Twitter as well and leave a comment telling me you have done so. That's all you have to do, very simple.

This is a UK only giveaway, closing date is 10th March 2012 at 12 noon.

Winner will be chosen using Random.org

Good Luck everyone!!

9 February 2012

Cuddledry & CLIC Sargent Supporting Children with Cancer

Being a big fan of Cuddledry I was very pleased to hear that they would be helping to support the excellent charity that is CLIC Sargent in their Yummy Mummy campaign this year. It's a very deserving cause and cancer is something that has touched most peoples lives and but when it affects your child I believe it's 10 times worse.

Throughout February, March and April, Cuddledry will be donating £5 from every sale of their lilac sun protection ponchos (£27.99). Customers can simply shop as normal through the Cuddledry website, and donations will be made automatically to CLIC Sargent.

The first of their kind in the UK, Cuddledry's sun protection ponchos are an essential addition to holidays and trips to the beach for parents who want to protect their little ones from the sun. The towels use patented RayosanTM technology, which dyes the fabric with a high quality sun block and acts like a mirror, deflecting the harmful UVA and UVB rays off the towel, instead of letting them pass through the fabric and harm delicate skin.

The sun block, which has a sun protection factor of 50+, stays with the towel permanently, regardless of washing and use, plus the fabric stays super-soft too. The sun protection poncho is a big hit with parents, and has already won the much coveted Mother & Baby safety product award.

Yummy Mummy Week 2012, which runs from Saturday 10 March to Mother's Day on Sunday 18 March, was launched by the charity's patron, Patsy Palmer, in January. Patsy commented: "As a Patron of CLIC Sargent I've seen first hand the charity's wonderful work supporting young cancer patients, and their families, at a very difficult time in their lives. I'm lending my support to Yummy Mummy Week as it's a great way for mums to get together, do something yummy and have a great time in aid of a great cause!"

So if you were thinking of purchasing one of these fab Lilac Ponchos then now's the perfect time. Get on over to the Cuddledry website and help support CLIC Sargent with their Yummy Mummy campaign.

You can see what CLIC Sargent are getting up to on Facebook so please pay them a visit and say hello!

2 February 2012

Review: Handpicked Collection

If you're like me and you're always looking for something different to give to someone as a gift instead of the usual run of the mill bottle off wine etc. Not that there's anything wrong with a bottle of wine but I love to give presents that are different and maybe something the recipient would quite like but never really thought of. This is where the brilliant people at www.handpickedcollection.com come in to their own! They have kindly sent two of the products they stock to review for them.

Before I get to the review, I'll let the Handpicked Collection team explain what they're all about: "
The Handpicked Collection is an award-winning gift shop providing a unique selection of well-priced, stylish and high quality gifts. We aim to make present buying a breeze, and our collection also showcases gorgeous treats for you, your home and your garden. At Handpicked we understand that there are never enough hours in the day. Features such as our website gift finder service and 24-hour order line help save you time. Pithy descriptions and beautiful photographs make shopping fun and offer a new level of confidence when buying for yourself or others. Unlike other sites, we are helped by a unique panel of experts. They are independent and vet everything we sell, and are continually discovering new products. Our gift finder service provides a tailored list of great gift ideas based on your budget and who you’re buying for. And finally, don't forget our famous no-quibble returns policy for the ultimate in present buying reassurance."

First up it a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater Big Love Tin. It's excellent for keeping biscuits, cakes or loose chocolates in and would make the perfect present for any foodies out there or people who are fans of baking. I know one of the girls at my work would love something like this as she's always bringing in cakes for us to eat (thanks Shaz!). The tin is very sturdy and of good quality but still light weight and easy to carry around. The design is gorgeous with big love written all over it and little star symbols to accompany. It sort of has that vintage feel to it with the deep blue blackground and white writing. It really is a lovely biscuit tin. I've got my biccies in it already, not I just need people to come round so I can shove it under their nose! If you're giving this as a gift the Handpicked team suggest filling it with some hand-baked goodies before wrapping it up and giving it to that special person. What an excellent idea, would make quite a good Valentine's Gift or a house warming present. The tin measures 25 x 23 x 8 cm and RRP is £9.95.

Next up I was sent the divine Heart Olive Wood Chopping Board, and what a beauty it is. The quality screams at you as soon as you lay eyes on it and the feel and thickness of the wood is superb. It'll be great for slicing veg on or you could even present it as a fancy cheese board or serve some little canapes on it to your guests. It's a lovely talking point and because Olive Wood contains such high levels of oils it's naturally anti-bacterial, great! The chopping board measures 21 x 19 cm and RRP is £14.95.

You can purchase both products from www.handpickedcollection.com.

Overall two gorgeous products from a lovely website that represents unique gifting ideas with style. Pricing ranges greatly so there is something to suit every budget. It's the perfect place to visit if you're looking for that special gift or a little treat for yourself.

Mummies rating - 10/10

Please visit www.handpickedcollection.com for more products and information. You can also see what Handpicked Collection get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

Review: Kisses For You Puppy

Valentine's Day is normally about spending time with your other half and being all romantic and lovely dovey however if you have kids you don't really get to do that until night time! So what better way to keep the kids entertained on Valentine's Day than by taking them to build their very own bear at one of the many Build-A-Bear Workshops.

Logan was lucky enough to be sent his very own cute little Kisses For You Puppy from Build-A-Bear and he's just one of the many different Kisses For You Puppies and Kitties that you can build and design. The Kisses For You range have small magnets in one of their paws and on one side of their mouths. This is so that it looks like the puppy or kitty is blowing kisses when you connect the magnets and pull them apart again. Really good idea, Logan thinks it's great. If you get more than one bear they can also hold hands. This range have soft noses and button eyes which are very securely fastened to the bear. The Kisses For You Puppy has his tongue hanging out of his mouth which Logan likes to examine and pull!

As with all Build-A-Bears you can personalise them as much as you like with tons of different accessories, recording your own sound or choosing from the many they already have and ofcourse giving your new bear it's very own name. All the bears we've had are excellent quality and this new Kisses For You Puppy is no different. His fur is very soft, the stitching is all neat and tidy and he has a lovely shimmer through his black doggy coat.

If you don't think you'll b able to make it into store to treat your little ones or your other half to one of these fab cuddley toys then why not make an order online and have it delivered straight to your door! No hassle of navigating the busy high streets or shopping centres this way.

You can purchase the Kiss For You Puppy or Kitty from www.buildabear.co.uk or go instore. RRP £15.00 or 2 for £26.00, perfect if you have two kids to keep happy.

Overall excellent cuddley toys of the highest quality and there's such a vast selection to choose from. Having the magnets in the paw and mouth gives a different element to play time as well with these bears and your child's imagination could run wild. Logan thought his bear was lovely but he's more into cars so didn't play with it all that often. Pricing can be expensive when you start to add accessories however for the normal bears pricing isn't too bad.

Mummies rating - 8/10
Logan's rating - 6.5/10

Please visit www.buildabear.co.uk for more products and information. You can also see what Build-A-Bear get up to on Facebook and Twitter so why not pop over and say hello! Remember to tell them The Breastest News sent you.

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